Shave your Hair for Equal Money

Shave your Hair for Equal Money
With Equal Money How do you Recognize at what, in What State You are? If you cannot Find-it Within you to Allow Equality for All, What do you Know? Youre Existing as Self Interest and as a System. The System Always Exist in Fear because the System is Defined According to Particular Parameters that You are Existing-as within an Action/Response Pattern that youre Programmed as – so, you cannot See your Existence beyond the Action/Response Program because the System Cant, the System Only See itself. So when youre Responding from the Perspective of saying: Oh Equal Money cant Work and That is Socialism, or That is Communism or you give it some Name to place into a Category, so that you can Justify Why you do not have to Consider what Equality In-Fact, in Action would Mean – and then youre still Just a System and You will Not Take Action because you have Certain Rules, youre Not Willing to Give-up, that are System Rules – its the Same Point that were Facing with Shaving Hair, I mean Shaving Hair is simply an Action One Take, which will Indicate whether One will for Instance be Able to Stand within the Equal Money-System or Not – because, Are You Willing to Give-up Your Self Definition which is Systematic to Stand within a Reality where All is Equally Supported? Or Do you Regard your Own Self Definition as so Important that you Demand your Free Choice? Which means: You Demand to Remain the System that You are and is Unwilling to Realize that its going to take Steps within which You have to Challenge Yourself – which is gonna be Difficult, I mean, youre going to have Resistance to the Change, thats what the System is going to do because the System Fear to Die. As long as you have that Fear of Death of that Definition of Yourself = Youre Still Fearing Death, You are Not Free from Death. Once You are Free from Death and Birth as Life whether youre Existing in one form or another -meaning it Physical or Metaphysical then it doesnt matter, but in All Realities of Your Existence, You will Always Do Whats Best for All and therefore You can be Trusted with Life. If you cant do that in One Reality = You Cant Do it in the Next, You cant be Trusted with Life, Your Self Definition is More Important than Anything-else, I mean: There is No Point to even Argue with You because: Youve already Decided youre Not Going to Support Life – and when the Real nitty gritty cracks come to bear, youll be Unable to Stand. So All Actions Taken is simply a Preparation to take One to the Point of Facing Equality in its Absolute Form where Youre going to have to Trust Each-Other in All Ways Worth to Consider it.
desteni desteniproductions faceworld bernardpoolman for equal money for all

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