The Resonant Seed 1

Lets look at the Basic-Layout of the Grids. The Grids youll See Everywhere, its Always Based in a Cross. You have the Four Directions. You have it Within You above, below, in and out. You have it in the Four Seasons it forms a Grid; In your Astrological Charts: In and part of Time. Watch Mathematical Alignments Everything is on a Grid.
You can Plot Everything that happens, How it happens: on a Gridline, where the horizontal-Line is Time and the vertical-Line is Events according to-That you can plot or program Reality. So if You control Time and you Place the Events on the Time-Line, you Roll-it up into a Bundle what do you Have? A Seed isnt it?

What is a Seed but Compressed-Time, thats Pre-Programmed that will Unfold and so it-Grows. Now imagine this: have a Look at Nature. Nature consist out of what? Lots of Seeds, isnt it, that Repeats-itself. So the Seed becomes the Fruit which is the Seed = which is a Closed-Circle. And Each Seed Represents Time with Events Pre-Programmed, thats Rolled Into a Capsule = a Time-Capsule. We call it Life but is it Life? If you Really Look at it: It Seems very much like Something thats Repeatable, Always the Same, can be Trusted because its so, which means its Program its not Life. So, In the Seed that is Presenting-itself there is a Substance, a Life-Force.

Now the Question is: Is the Life-Force Trapped as this Events-in-Time Process? Is the Events In Time Itself the Life-Force? Because have a Look at your Life as a Human. You Are the Result of what?
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desteni faceworld desteniproductions bernardpoolman for universal equality for all life

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