The Resonant Seed 2

What does it Prove, what does Mathematics Prove? All the Relationships within the Gridline thats Already Here isnt it; What does your Science do, what is Science?
Science is a Combination of Mathematics and Language, Symbols, Words, and the Studythe Observation of the Relationship within the Gridline. To what extent can one Actually Manipulate the Gridline? The Only place where you can manipulate the Gridline in its Manifested-Form, is in The Way Everyone Interact which means, it is In the Systems.

What is Not-Predetermined Within this Reality? The Education-System is Not-Predetermined, the Government-System is Not-Predetermined, the Money-System is Not-Predetermined, the Cultural-System is Not-Predetermined; The Way we Co-Exist is Not-Predetermined but What We Consist-Of = is Pre-determined.

So if we take What we Consist-Of and we start to have a Look at it, we also Notice that: Even our Language is Not-Predetermined, but Weve Made-it Predetermined. The Meanings of our Words are Not Really Predetermined weve Made-them so. Our Physical-Reality of our Physical Fleshthe Fact that we are Teachable, that means that we can Take Symbols and Do Something With-It, and Create Civilizations and Interactive Co-Existence; But if we take it Back to The Physical-Itself What do we know about The Physical: There is Certain Things thats Pre-determined: You have to Eat, you have to Breathe, you have to Shit, you have to Piss. Do you have to Have Sex? Is That Pre-determined? It Is. You will Not Stop-That.
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