The Resonant Seed 3

The Question that Each must Ask-Themselves is: at the very least if we continue with the Current-Existence in the Way that it is Unfolding within the Secret-Mind where Everything is happening in-Secret in Each Person individually = it is Predictable that Inevitably we Will Cause each-other Harm.
If we Decide that were going to Change-This, we obviously have a Problem: We have no-idea what Life-is; we Have, though, the idea What it Means to Program Realities into Consistency and Trustworthiness I mean we can see-it all around us where a Program Runs Effectively = it can be Trusted. So therefore if we would Program-Ourselves into Trustworthiness = well be able to Trust each-other; then we can start to Consider if Life Exist and if Life ever Should Exist. At the moment, I would Suggest that Life should not be a Consideration as-such because its Indeterminable What it will-Be, because one Cannot-yet Even Exist within a Programmed-Reality with Consistency.

First Step thus is to Exist in a Programmed Reality with Consistency which isto do with the Structural-Resonance Alignment; First the Alignment to Understand How youve Become What You Are, and then the Alignment with Programming-Yourself to a State of Stability where you can Be Trusted; Where you are Equal in Ability; Where your Life-Needs, the Basics that is Required by You in the Physical, is met so that you do-not have-to go-into a Condition called Fear. Fear Only-Exist either due to Lack which is Real or due to Deception and Lies which is Not-Real, which happens in the Secret-Mind. The Moment you know youre Lying, you start to Fear that youll be Caught-out and then you live in permanent Fear of That happening because you see it-Happens around-You.
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