The Resonant Seed 4

Many years ago – it was in the eighties- I had an discussion with one of the Princes of the Royal House of Great Britain – its Royal Houses that lived many hundreds of years ago – through another Medium
and, that was the point, he called himself The Black Sheep of the Family because he wouldnt fall into the Predetermined Lines of the Royal Family
and he mentioned an interesting thing, he says, he said to me – and I was at that stage just into this that was 20 years ago – said to me:
Remember: Everyone Shit the Same Way
One wouldnt think that would be very important, but if you really look at-it, it is Really Very Important that shows that Everyone is the Same Seed,
Everyone Consist-out of Exactly the Same Composition – What was the Part that Fucked with us? Its whats going on as Consciousness In the Mind – thats an Machine
that Can be Manipulated but the Basic Genes of this Reality – even Monsanto is having Great Trouble, they dont want everybody to know, they try and cover-it up all the time as they Manipulate Seeds what happens?
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt – Mayor Crop Failures take place, where whole crops are lost,
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desteni faceworld desteniproductions bernardpoolman for universal equality for all life

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