10 Abuse Triggers Response Video Matti

Hi this is Matti, and I’m talking about Anna and my discussion with our Resonances called: Resonant Abuse Triggers.
Um, so the primary point that our Resonances basically, described to me as being the point with which I can assist myself and Anna the most, is Gentleness. Because, and I’ve already experienced, in, applying Gentleness, or – basically just being Gentle, is that I’m diffusing both my tendency towards being aggressive and forcing a point of directing a situation, um, and I’m diffusing as well, for instance if Anna is – if I see Anna is in a – some kind of resistance experience or self-judgment experience where she’s having thoughts of self-judgement, comparison – basically the thoughts that the Resonances described as being the origin point of how Anna basically sends herself into this cycle of experiencing herself as being abused within relationships.
Um, my tendency has been to be, again, aggressive and kind of, ‘forceful’ and ‘dominant’ within relationships, and what I’ve experienced is that Anna, the kind of her tendencies and patterns, are like the polarity opposite of my tendencies and patterns, where she then tends towards being submissive, and inviting abuse or feeling abused, judging herself.
Um, so where Iwhat I’ve beenthe way I’ve been changing my approach, you could say, is that, instead of, then becoming fed-up from a certain perspective and judging
full discussion at http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewtopic….
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