‘Going to Church’ is consensual Demon Possession

This morning I drove past a church at the end of a service. People were streaming from the box shaped building back to their cars. The look I observed in their eyes could be perceived as that of spiritual contentment or even enlightenment. What the being had actually allowed while sitting in the church for two hours listening to the consistent drone of the minister – was consensual possession.

What you observe at first as you drive past the churchgoers is that they appear content, and that within the church they gained some form of insight, grounding, self-awareness. However if you look again at the persons eyes you will notice the following: their eyes are showing their level of information possession they just underwent within the church environment. To become religious and decide you want to belong to a religion in the first place indicates that one requires going to a place once a week where you will be told who you are and what you are here to do. You are informed of a higher purpose and a higher power watching over you, while your dark thoughts are explained away as being the cause of ‘worldly evil’. Throughout the sermon you have given permission to the institute of the church and the minister to fill your mind with information while you listen and allow yourself through a state of awareness as your belief to be possessed by and through this information. Going to church is a form of demon possession – where a religious person places themselves on a seat within a building where all the chairs are focused to the front of the building where the minister will speak from. The words are mostly empty and if one is self-honest you realise that the biblical stories of water being parted and men slaughtering each other means nothing to you. You cannot use it in your life and you most certainly are not able to change any of it. You are told from childhood to listen to these stories because apparently it is of great importance that you hear the words or else you will be condemned to hell.

Now during demon possession one will hear voices in your mind. These voices are often indicative of violent, malevolent ideas based in anger, self-content and hatred of others. To sit inside this ‘religious’ building where you are told stories of biblical history based on violence and war – is how one allows yourself to be filled with the thoughts of a demon called ‘the church’. There have been no actual improvements to man due to the church or any religion for that matter. If religion was valid it would no longer exist and man by now would have been a self honest, capable, self responsible being who considers the harm that is done to one another due to our collective actions and allowances in this world. If religion was valid it would have existed as a platform to educate people in how to stop any development of human nature (the spiritual nature of man) that is harmful. Instead you go to church and you listen to stories – thus invoking the voices of an old demon into your mind reminding you to conquer, separate, take what it yours and deny through the existence of class and religion all those who are not as fortunate as you.
The church exists as a training ground for the mind possessed where your perception of yourself and that of your family once you leave the church is that you have now done something really fantastic and that by listing to the words of the minister you have yet again for another week saved your soul from eternal damnation. The fact that you when you set your feet outside the church – back into the world where the money system causes immense suffering and contradicts the words of jesus as ‘do for others as you would do for yourself – is not considered. Ten steps from the church you return to the abuse, starvation, war, separation in the name of the ego of man.

So as you pass the church-goer on the street you see when you look into their eyes that they are now possessed with knowledge and information from the bible for another week. Most likely they will not live the words preached within the demonic training ground – they will remember most of it and when the opportunity presents itself they will tell others about how fantastic Christianity/religion is and repeat the words of the minister. This apparently makes for a strong spiritual person – one who is able to sit in the church-box for two hours, take in the words of the minister, go home and continue with their lives and at the most convenient times repeat to others what was said in the bible. So this is an example of mind possession as the church goer. You sit and stare at the minster while possessing yourself with his words because of your level of belief in the god which he represents.

Let us now compare the possession of a church goer to that of demonic possession by a supernatural being intent on taking over your mind and controlling your actions – as has been documented throughout history, and recognized by the church itself. When one becomes possessed by an actual demon you might at first start listening to the voice of the demon in your mind. He/she will explain things to you that make sense, things which you perceive to be common sense or even coming from within you or your guide/angel/god. In some cases the demon will then present your greatest fear to you while building a relationship of trust with you, convincing you that the voice itself will help you when your greatest fear arrives. Then the demon possesses the being’s mind because by now the being is listening to the voice while having their fears activated in the form of a physical possession. Now the being is thinking about their fears and usually these fears are coming from the subconscious and unconscious. The demon would simply amplify the emotions, thoughts, feeling and memories already existent within the being until the being believes the voice and is transfixed by the voice which speaks as the fear thus controlling the being. There is also a sense of trust within the person being possessed by a voice – because the person believes that their mind won’t lie to them.

Within the church the person listens to the minister as the voice that represents the all-knowing, while experiencing the fear contextualized from what the minister is saying. This the minister is impulsion through his words. You see religion and especially the church was well designed in its origin. At the start of Christianity and the church – The church wanted to control people into behaving specifically according to a code of conduct which would be at the center point of human development. The church became more powerful as it represented the only one who could:

1. communicate directly with the creator/god
2. absolve you from your evil deeds/sins
3. and ensure you a place in heaven – which is was proclaimed was where god as the creator lived.

No one knew what happened to you after death, therefore the number one question that came up within people was ‘what happens to me after death and how can I prevent my soul or that which remains of me to not be lost or dammed? Therefore the church was seen to be the steadfast governing body with regards to laying down the rules of human conduct. Philosophy and the belief in a god intertwined and man started seeking for reason and purpose through religion/belief/spirituality. In today’s time people still desire to be saved and feel like there is an answer to all their questions, while not pissing off the big guy in the sky. Therefore people will as intelligent as we claim to be –still sit in a church every Sunday starting at the minister allowing themselves to be possessed with knowledge and information. How does possession function generally in terms of the state of mind through which a being is controlled? Dimensional beings would actually exist within a person’s body however it was through the control of the mind that the demon was able to possess someone.

The church uses consensual possession to ensure that people remain trapped within hope. Therefore when you enter the church you allow yourself to be infused and inundated by ‘the holy spirit’. What is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is an energy created through belief based on an idea. It is your belief in the existence of a holy spirit which you possess yourself through before you sit down in the church. So when the church goer sits down they are already prepared mentally by feeling the energy called ‘the holy spirit’ which each person creates by themselves as a physical feeling generated by the mind.
That is why for most this varies – the religious ‘nut’ as some might call them – will completely allow this energy to fill them up as they generate the feeling to its fullest extent. One could call this the equivalent of allowing an orgasm to build up inside your body. The feeling of the holy spirit within you works on the same principle – you have an idea about your level of belief and where you are in your world which will allow you to go as deep into your religious belief as you are able to. For those who have to focus on work, activities or family care might not push this energy to its extreme. Those who proclaim themselves to be in love with god – will for example eat, breathe, live for god – and they will generate the feeling of his presence to the extent where their possession is extensive.

So continuing – the person in the church is now allowing for the religious information to evoke a sense of possession within them according to their religious conviction. Each one will allow the minister’s words to control and impress them to a certain degree. Some will take the minister’s words extremely seriously, analysing every word and arranging bible study groups just to dissect the bible. Some sitting in the church are merely there because this is all they know. They grew up being Christian and have come to accept that you don’t question your god or Christianity. They will utilise the words presented by the minister only as long as they don’t actually have to live it. Take for example a husband and wife sitting in the church. The husband likes watching porn while the wife experiences jealous thoughts towards any woman that looks at the husband.

None of the words spoken by the minister will make a difference to the actual living experience of the church goer. Some might even go as far as interpreting and filtering the word to fit into their life style. The husband that watches porn will tell you that god gave him his hormones and gave the porn star her beautiful breasts – therefore he gets to enjoy this. Surely the physical reality as it already exists is there for him to enjoy as god’s creation. The wife will explain that the sermon did cover some very valid points about not being jealous, however her husband is hers and therefore she gets to protect her marriage (which god gave to her) no matter what – which means she can kill other woman with mental daggers – and would expect the other woman to do the same in relation to her husband. It is human nature given to us by god. The contradiction between what really goes on inside people and what is professed through religion is not explained for what it is and therefore not real self honest solution can be presented and applied. No clever scientist or serious Christian – of which there are many – have been able to answer us as to why people accept and allow the exact opposite of what is written in the bible. All that is accepted at this stage is religious possession based on fear, hope, and desire for gods protection. The solution to demon-possession in any form – is self-honesty, self-forgiveness and self responsibility.

7 responses to “‘Going to Church’ is consensual Demon Possession

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  2. I had studied many religions, Christianity, Catholic church, Buddhism, Anicent Mayan religions, e.t.c. I am not a christian nuts, and I never been demon possessed all my life unless I must be careful with these demons because they tries to creep in my life. I knows about a man with near death experiance, he had died of cancer, when he had died he saw Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, ancient egyptian gods and many other gods and other beings. He went to buddhist heavens, native american heavens, a boring christian heaven and many other realms, and he also saw hells, but he don’t see satan and evil, but just dark places for very sad people. After all, when he meet someone that we call it “God”, he asked to “God” this question, he says ” which religion is the best religion? which one is right?”. And “God” says with great love and “God” says “I don’t care………………………….” In fact “God” does not care what religion you are, whatever you are a christian, a jew, a muslim, a buddhist, a hindu, a athiest, a scientist or whatever.

    • Even God is something you have been taught – you have no direct experience other than observation you have made which you have linked through a belief system – to a ‘God’. Therefore you have linked the idea of a god to what you want to believe. Seeing a god or Jesus in near death experiences is a design within the human Mind Consciousness System. In our Research into the Design and History of Mankind we found that all such ‘spiritual’ experiences were designed to keep humans believing in a higher power – which directly results in us not taking self responsibility for ourselves or this reality.

  3. Also I learn about the secret of demon possession, It does not matter whatever demons are real or not. It depends on who or what are demons? for example evil extraterrestrial scientists are “demons”. Our brains often have feedback loops to respose to what we believe, such as if I say demons are real beings and when I die I will see them. If I say they are not real, when I die I will not see them. For me demons often represented the demonic Strongholds of all negative thoughts, such as demonic stronghold of guilt and shame and so on. When I see all those demonic strongholds which are among me, I can learn how to resist them. The Catholic church cannot be safe from demons because of the scandal of pedophile catholic priests.

    • Yes – Mind Possession happens when the person becomes possessed through and within their own mind as their fears, desires, wants, beliefs, judgments etc – that one gives value to – to such an extent that you generate energy through which one becomes possessed. Therefore demons exist in the mind of the person who is possessed and most human are possessed – because the minute you go into some thought pattern that takes you into believing your own thoughts as if they are based on reality – you become possessed by your thoughts and will justify and validate your thoughts because they apparent seem ‘real’ – but only exist in the mind of the thinker. All humans have thoughts about themselves, each other and reality which run constantly in the mind – thus all exist in possession to some extent. Also the processes that happen which take one into an energetic experience of any kind is not understood. Most energy experiences are reactions to trigger points based on past moments and the valued we gave them eg good/bad – therefore even our responses to things are not authentic – therefore again we become possessed by past moments that influence us now = possession. Again all people are possession again by the past -because everyone is making decisions about how to act and be now – based on what happened to you in the past. Therefore Mind Possession itself is a vast subject and consist of many dimensions

  4. Thank you for your response, sometimes cancer and illness cannot destory me if I must watch my words, for example that man who had near death experience, to explain why he gets cancer. He had discovered the cause of his cancer, before he gets cancer, he had said all human beings are cancerous, then after he said that, he gets cancer!!! Nothing makes him get cancer but his word had effect on him! I agree that demons are in our minds esp the demonic strongholds that affects us. For example, If I to consider that sex is evil, unclean, a sin against God, and then when I have a child in my belly, suddenly I begin to feel guilty, to hate myself, to blame myself and so on, then next I become mentally ill , so I fall ill, and I end up taking illegal drugs and to commit suicide. This is the demonic stronghold of guilt, shame and all negative thoughts. So I must be careful with demons and the demonic strongholds and their effects on me. Also I should watch my words.

  5. For many people, Demon possession are very incomprehensible.

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