Psychosocial development of Children

I am currently studying psychology and in my Child Development and Maturity course we are learning about the Psychosocial Development Theory of Erik Erikson.

He refers to the developmental stages of children which require the balancing of a positive trait to that of a corresponding negative trait. He proceeds to theorize that even though the positive trait should be predominate within the child, to some degree the negative is required as well. Because he claims, during this critical stage of a child’s development the child learns about basic trust versus basic mistrust. Within this he is saying that the child will learn to trust people in the world but at the same time be aware of dangers.

Now this theory itself opens a door to yet again explore the context behind which the world system itself functions. Within the theorizing of these Psychologists, Behaviourists and Psycho Socialists – one things stands out the most: They are not referring to the child developing an understand of the physical reality according to its physical laws, whereby for example walking onto a road is not safe because there might be cars and being hit by a car is dangerous or life threatening – or that drinking Rat poison will be detrimental to the physical. Here one could continue presenting examples in relation to the physicality of ourselves within the physicality of this reality.
What the Psychologists are supporting is the nature of our system as we have come to accept it. The nature of this world as the systems of the world that we as humanity have come to accept and allow is that of abuse, suffering, ego, starvation, separation, segregation, hate, comparison, class – but to mention a few. Therefore our reference point within what we are dealing with here if we are to consider what Psycho socialists like Erik are referring to – is that scientists are endorsing the polarity of have/have not, rich/poor/ easy/difficult, beautiful/ugly, good/bad as it exists in its manifested forms within the world today. Through Money as the generator of all human experiences we have created, generated and accepted polarity within its place and structure as it is currently supporting the money system. So for example we will within the existence of the money system accept the polarity of fat/thin – as a point of like/dislike based on wanting to be accepted by others in this world. Therefore we have become accustomed to growing up and teaching our children that to be accepted in this world you have to have money, a nice personality, good friends, nice belongings, a pleasant demeanor etc – not considering that the value we teach our children is that of polarity – that for us to be accepted in the world a person has to balance between two opposite polarities. If you want to be acceptable, thus accepting yourself you have to balance yourself in the system between the extremes of for example rich/poor, beautiful/ugly, accepted/unacceptable.

Therefore when the scientist/philosophers/psychologists speak of ‘children and people having to balance themselves between positive and negative qualities as an accepted form of development’ – know one thing – they are preparing people to become functional within the world system through inner conflict based in polarities. Once you accept yourself as polarity and that you have to balance you in relation to the existent polarities and friction points within the world – then you are trapped in and as the money system. The money system functions on self-doubt and through people attempting to ‘balance’ their lives. Therefore the capitalist system exists – through which people are constantly wanting to buy their happiness and buy a ‘good life’ in comparison to a ‘bad life’, which we have come to accept should exists at the other end of the polarity – because we already see these polarities existent within the suffering of others. If suffering and abuse in others did not exist, then we as humanity would not get up, go to work and participate in the money system. Therefore the money system exists on and of abuse, supported by the mind set of man because we have already accepted that life is about ‘the good times’ and the ‘bad times’ and psychology for example exists to encourage and train psychologists to train their clients in accepting life as self-abuse in the form of polarity.

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