Blame and Self-Responsibility

Blame and Self-Responsibility.

When reading the blog of myself or another and you react in anger – I suggest the following. Observe within yourself what it is that you reacted to. Did you react to me speaking about your religion or about a political factor? What was your reaction – did you react to what I wrote in anger, frustration, or did you feel an energy rise up from within your gut and up your spine which consumes you, resulting in angry thoughts towards me including swear words or death threats?
Here you have identified a mind possession based in wanting to protect yourself as your opinions. You will find that you are for example not even reading what I am saying, because your mind immediately went to your opinion on the matter and compared what I was saying to what you believe. Now you miss for example the context within which I am communicated which would be to question our reality to find solutions that are according to what is best for all. You now attack a word or a sentence within my blog because you are protecting your opinion.

This will often be the context within which I address world systems – to reveal and discuss the actuality of what we as humanity accept and allow. You do not actually require any specific ability, only self-honesty to ask the relevant questions, common sense to embrace what you realise and the self-will to be able to change you as the solution to the world problems. So when I am writing a blog I am sharing the simplistic equation of how this world functions. You and I are able to sit around a table and discuss how the world really functions and you will find that behind your opinions are the actual facts. In my Blogs I communicate about the actual actions and allowances of humanity as the direct causes, not something metaphysical which I am guessing at based on what I want it to be – based on my knowledge I accepted through what ‘society’ has accepted.
A suggestion for people who react to my blogs or to the blogs of someone who writes about the world and how we are responsible for everything we as humanity have always accepted and allowed – if you find yourself reaction – I suggest firstly note in relation to what you reacted. This indicates what it is that you hold onto as a point of self-value. Now ask yourself why your opinion has never changed the world and cannot stand as a practical solution for all to live? Why and how do we know that no opinion has ever served what is best for all? Because if that were the case – and your opinions deserved justification and recognition – then the world would not be in this situation. Your opinion would not be a thought which moved within your mind connected to energetic reactions as emotions and feelings and would in fact be a liveable practical solution which can be lived by all equally. Liveable solutions which consider what is best for all for example will not:
1. Support further designs of enslavement and illusion as religion, culture, class, polarity, division, ego, personality etc
2. Does not create separation in the being as the mind based on individualism and ‘freedom of choice’ which means ‘I want to be able to have this/do this’ – I am not worried about anyone else or the consequences of what I have globally.
3. Does not become a belief which is not a physically manifested point but rather something in the mind of the believer.
4. And is not dependent on your survival and contribution to the capitalist system.
You will find that many of your opinions you are firstly able to recognise are part of your personality through which you have learnt to survive in the world based on the requirement and movement of money.
So considering what is best for all, is to read someone’s writings from within the only context which is valid – stop deception and find liveable solutions for all to Live as the Physical as ‘what is best for all’. In my Blogs I will focus on writing about the world systems and how they are created and what they are there for. This is actually quite simplistic because all you require to do is be self-honest about why something is there, why people use it and what the consequences are for others, nature and the planet and what the outflows will be for the future of mankind.
Let us share insight into the current world systems, while observing our reactions to Fear of Loss of the world Systems.

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