Consumerism vs Common Sense

Consumerism by its own definition and in its essence means to consume things. It relies on a market which relies on people wanting and needing things. For people to want things the media has impulsed us op believe that what we require goes beyond physical necessity, to the unquenchable experience of ourselves to be more than this physical existence. Therefore consumerism aims at the energy body – meaning, that the media serve as the center through which humans are impulsed to seek gratification and fulfillment on an energy level. Because energy like an orgasm can never fully be quenched as a living consistent expression as the physical – because energy dissipates – the human like a junky will seek more and higher ways of getting their energy fix. That is how the media which are used by the corporations will impulse people through pictures which resonate at a symbolic level. That is why you will never be satisfied. You might buy your new flat screen tv today, but by next month, you have forgot about the initial energy rush you felt based on how the new TV made you feel. When you purchased the new tv you were accessing resonant designs within yourself such as self-worth, self-value and self acceptance. We are symbols (a picture presentation of our pre-programing) resonating according to what symbols as pictures we interact with in our world. According to our pre-programmed design as who we have become as our current personality we will interact with the resonant symbols of objects and people according to how our design responds to the symbolic design of the object/person. According to this for example you will like something or dislike something or get a specific ‘feeling’ from an object/person while getting a different feeling when around the next object/person. These feelings are created through our resonances as they resonate according to how our living symbology resonates to the symbology of the object. Just like cogs in a watch that slot into each other causing movement and functioning.

Your resonant symbol therefore could be a ‘lack of self worth’ and the symbol of the flat screen tv is ‘worth due to acquiring this big flashy symbol in society’. Now you are faced with buying the flat screen tv and you start feeling good at the idea of this new tv. What you are experiencing is your resonances, resonating to the symbolic picture as the ‘flat screen tv’ as you have already programmed its symbolic worth within the system. So as humans we are taught by our parents that to have worth you must gain and accomplish things through doing things and participating in this world. Because we have grown up accepting this as our resonant living symbols, we are now ‘receptive’ to the flat screen tv resonating its symbolic worth and impulsing us to resonantly change ourselves to the point of feeling good when thinking of buying it and having it in our lounge. So then you buy the tv and now you feel good. The media functions according to pictures and how pictures make people feel. So there you have the key to how and why pictures, colours and the feelings you get from it is used so extensively by the media.
That is why all humans strive for external verification of self-worth. That is why we have become energy beings completely disregarding the fact that firstly we exist in the physical by the grace of the physical. If planet earth stops providing for our basic needs we are screwed. If the physical body stops breathing we are dead. We abuse the animal and plant kingdom who are currently in a position of providing for us. We abuse the gods of the physical who truly are providing for the physical. God does not provide for me – the physical reality does. Currently the physical reality as nature, plants, and the animal kingdom does so because we have forced it upon these beings. They did not have a say. Now we have an opportunity to align ourselves here as the physical, to be able to say we are one and equal here as this physical reality. To do so – and this I realise for myself – I stop worrying about energy and feeling good and being some enlightened masters of what I read in a book. The physical reality does not require special knowledge only applicable to energy – meaning: If you read about something and your react energetically – then you know you are busy with knowledge and information which is useless to this physical reality. The physical already functions at a level that we are not comprehending because we are too busy feeding the mind with energy. To stand one and equal to this physical reality as ‘god’ which provides for us, we have to start developing common sense and self-honesty in considering what is required for all to exist in the physical.
Participating in Energy: It is through the ‘energy body’ that we as humanity seek to have certain experiences. You see the energy body only moves in relation to things which we have given value to as our resonant symbology which exists as ideas separate from ourselves. Therefore energy can only move within you if you have just ‘had an experience/resonated with something’ and having an experience is like saying ‘this thing which I experienced’ caused me to attach a value to it based on what my parents taught me. When having any particular experience the mind remembers that I have labeled such experiences as good and will now generate energy for me through the resonances which is categorised as ‘feeling good’. This is how we designate the value to a symbol according to what we were taught by our parents/society. We avoid the bad feelings to get the good feelings and by accepting the definition of good and bad from childhood we have trained the mind through perceptions of things to respond to our world by either giving us nice feelings or bad feelings. This we have already created. Look at it for yourself. The more we allow the concept of consumerism for example the more we create points within our world that can give us good feelings and bad feelings. So not only are we completely fucking our planet and ourselves through increased consumerism and product creation – but we are also duplicating objects globally that cause us to react energetically. Our world becomes a ping pong table. Eventually everything in our world will have an energy signature for us and we won’t be able to move from point A to B without connecting to an energy point.

It is like walking through a sweet shop. As you walk down the aisles your eye catches each delicious chocolate. Every second that your eye falls on a chocolate you experience a tinge of delight and want. Our reality has become a chocolate shop. And the more our addiction grows to stimulate the more we have to create products to fill the blank spots in the world. Eventually this planet will look like a chocolate shop – each space of what was once nature for example will be lined with malls with big glass windows displaying products. And the bigger our need for self value the bigger the energy reaction will have to be. So that which we create will have to stimulate us extensively. Look at how the world functions now for example according to the secret mind. Things like rape 30 years ago would have been your more basic rape where a man traps a woman and rapes her. Now rape consists of internet gangs, rape porn, anime, rape literature and clubs that people belong to where you play rape games and depending on which club you belong to and how much money you have can even kill someone. Even rape itself has because increasing disgusting and has branched out to the crudest forms of expression. Everything in this world is compounding more and more as our needs for the ultimate energy experience increases.

So let us observe for example advertisements on television and in magazines/newspapers. Have you noticed how the ads used today do not represent the product in its actual simplicity/capacity? Now advertisers use colours, body behaviours, seductive or emotionally enticing words, sexual context/promiscuity and even the promise of absolute happiness. Advertising 40 years ago would have said ‘to properly clean your clothes use this washing powder. Nowadays they will have a sparkly eyed housewife with all kinds of behavioural manipulations going on with the use of very specific colours and wordings – promising you that as a successful person/woman this product is part of your ticket to personal success. The focus in advertising has shifted immensely in the last 50 years to more extensively impulse people through our hidden desires and needs, to buy more and consume. So the question then comes up – is this why scientists and psychologists do not actually support people in being self-directive?. Is that why science is circling around the same knowledge and information not telling people that Self has always been at the center of everything, and is therefore the solution to all deception? Is that why the field of psychology for example will imply a vast amount of guessing and abdicating to our chemical structure instead of self-responsibility?

One response to “Consumerism vs Common Sense

  1. Very well written and concise, Andrea – Thanks . The answers to the “why” questions – It always comes back to where the money is.

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