The Education System of Inequality

Let us look at the Education System:

Why is it that people think the education system is so great and really prepares our children well? Let me give an example of my experience of the education system and how this did not effectively prepare me to enter the world, let alone teach me the necessary confidence skills to be able to develop myself further.

You spend up to 12 years in school and most children leave there either categorised as losers, hopeful, popular, intelligent or on the average side. You spend a majority of the time attempting to survive popularity contests and depending on how your parents raised you – you either buckled under the peer pressure or walked through the peer pressure fairly intact. Most children are not that lucky to not have the succumb to peer pressure. The decisions one makes after school is largely dependent on your self-view created for you by other children and teachers.
So the primary teaching done at school is where children are taught to either accept themselves in the eyes of others or not. Here you learn to conform yourself to the standards of society or you will become an outcast. Unfortunately this is the problem with schools especially ‘public schools’ – you send your child in there not knowing how the mind sets and intentions of the other children will affect your child. If your child is not effectively pre-educated at home about self-acceptance – then the chance exists that your child will become like the other children and your attempts will wane in comparison.

I don’t want to sound like a Pink Floyd song – but this is unfortunately where the system fails our children and they become just another sheep in the world. You hand your child over to people who have no clue how to best support themselves (as the educators), let alone direct situations that put pressure on your child to conform to the minds of the other children.

When I left school I had some knowledge about all the school subjects but found myself unprepared for the working world. I did not know how to open a bank account and what things like interest rates were. I did however spend a majority of my school years learning about endless historical events with no effective context for change and reading useless story books which were meant to assist me in gaining insight into the world. None of the books assisted me in knowing anything about tax, first aid or the multi faceted subjects available to study at a university. I could provide you will a list of the standard jobs one could study for – like becoming a doctor or a lawyer or a vet. My scope and knowledge of what goes on in the world and what career opportunities there are in the world were limited. How do they expect children to be able to make effective life decisions when they withhold all relevant information. Why are children bombarded with books and books of useless facts which leave the child green in the face of the system? The only skill a child is taught in the school system is to go get a job so you can make money. The Money System determined the level of education, which is lacking to say the least and due to the inequality taught and allowed in our schools, people slot themselves into the money system based on ‘who you have accepted yourself to be’.

Here is another obstacle which I could have overcome if I was assisted in school. As I mentioned earlier children are divided into those who are apparently ‘intelligent’, those who are of average intelligence and then you have those who are labelled ‘not so bright’. This is the undertone of the schooling system. If you are categorised in the ‘average’ to not so clever bracket then you will experience yourself differently to the other children and even adapt your self-worth to simply become that which the school has labelled you to become.

When I left school I had developed the idea that the really brainy kids went to universities and the not so brainy to stupid kids went and got jobs in the system working for the brainy ones. I had decided I wanted to study horses, primarily because I did not find any subject in school interesting – therefore was of the opinion that I had to pick a career outside the box and at least follow some kind of happiness which would not come from having sufficient money. So I studied horsemanship and ended up working as a horse farm manager for a minimum wage. In this career there is no way one can actually earn a decent salary – so you end up doing it because you simply ‘like what you do’. The rich get to have horses and pay their workers minimum wages for working under stressful, dangerous conditions because they know that there will always be some starry eyed middle class teenager who will want to work with horses no matter what the salary. The job market profits from and exists based on the inequality that is taught to children at school. If we continue accepted an education system where our children are categorised into boxes, accepting themselves according to peer pressure and the godly words of their teachers, then we are tacitly agreeing to people forcing each other to work for minimum wages because a standard has been set: those who are clever and bright get money and prestige – and those who are at the bottom of the food chain must serve those who do well. This inequality is taught in the schooling system already – and adults do not stand up for their children, because they have come to accept the current money system as it is.

Another example of my experience: I am currently studying my third semester of psychology. There is allot of information to take in and the workload is obviously somewhat extensive. However it is very doable for any person who learns how to process information, focus, remain dedicated and learn to read effectively. This skill I did not develop at school. I had to wait until the age of 31 after 5 years of using the tools of self-forgiveness and self honesty to get to the point where I was ready to disengage and de-program myself from my old programming as ‘the one with average intelligence’ so that I could actually study psychology. When I started studying a year and a half ago for example I found that I could not grasp what I was reading. I often had to read the same sentence up to 5 times to get what was being said. Eventually I developed the basic ability to understand what I am reading. This should be taught to children in school already – where numerous first year university subjects are taught to children from the perspective of reading and comprehension. I would say skip all the endless history lessons and English poems to prepare the child’s reading and comprehension skills to the point where children do not fear going to university and no child is left feeling like the outcast.

After I finished high school I was asked by a friend of mine to help him study for his first psychology subject. I remember as I was reading the information I could not follow from one word to the next let alone what the page was about. Now why are children not being effectively prepared in school already to be able to study any subject they wish to at university level? I am not talking here about seriously complex subjects – obviously one would pursue a subject based on what you feel you are able to do. Why did I have to walk a 5 year process of self forgiveness and self-support as realigning myself here as what is best for me – to be able to study at university? A few days ago I was having a conversation with someone in the car who is also studying psychology with me and she was telling me a similar story. When she left school and was given the option to study, she too thought about pursuing psychology. Then the thought came up ‘oh no you are not clever enough to study psychology’. She decided to study something else and admits now that her life would have been different had she not followed that thought and directed her life according to the subtle forms of manipulation and mind control used in the education system. She now finds most of the psychology subjects fairly easy and is usually the first one to walk out of the examination hall because the questions are easily answered. So again what changed for her to be able to study psychology without the stress and trauma caused by school programming? She too had been applying years of writing, self forgiveness and self application to take back her life from the programming of parents and teachers to get to a point where she directs herself according to what is actually physically possible – not what is being directed by a system of inequality.

Starting with an Equality Based World System:

Life Coaching:

3 responses to “The Education System of Inequality

  1. Interesting post Andrea, this makes me reflect on my own experience of education.
    My parents always supported me in studying what ‘I wanted to do’ – so I ended up going to Art School which was a lot of fun. Only afterwards did I find out that putting in your curriculum that you went to an Art School is an absolute turn off for employers — and most students who graduate will not find a job.
    So the System allows you ‘two options’: Do what you enjoy (like what you did with the horse point, and I with the art), but then do not expect to get supported by the system. Do what you do not enjoy and you will be “rewarded” with money… In an Equal Money System this type of Compromise would not exist.

  2. on the walkway around the corner from my house is a kinder and I have to go through there regularly and you can listen to the teachers give classes to children, the material provided to them is entirely directed to specific phrases that teach children the foundations of the system to be programmed, the other day was going and listening to a teacher telling children that thoughts were real and that dreams are real, literally was listening as they were programmed to be robot system

    • Hi

      Thanks for sharing – I suggest write about it in a blog – the more we lift the veil on the system – the more effective we will be at changing ourselves and assisting others to see reality as it exists.

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