Protecting the South African Elite

In 2009 the South African Police Service spent R161, 5 million on private security. Police minister Nathi Mthethwa said that contracts with private security companies were for the provision of security services to perform guard duties on various SAP premises.

Apparently he attempted to claim that there were many advantages to hiring security to protecting the countries security. Furthermore he claims that the ‘administrative burden’ of arranging guard duties was no longer the responsibility of the SAPS’ – who’s job responsibility is the administration and implementation of protection. Why would those who’s job it is to protect need protection?

So other than pointing out the obvious, which is that the South African Government is abusing the tax payers money to create contracts with companies which either the government members themselves benefit from or which benefits their family members – Here we have a clear example of what happens when a government official is allowed to lie to the faces of the 49,991,300 people who live in this country. Question is how did we get to a point of wanting these corrupt officials to be in a management position? The transition period from Apartheid to the new ANC governments is the reason why people currently allow and will continue allowing corrupt officials in power. Due to the abuse of power, most South Africans now feel powerless, even those who voted for the ANC, realise that the government is only about protecting the new elite at the expense of all the people living in the country. The declarations made by the governments were lies- all of them lied to remain in power and have control over people – and this is not to be taken personally – it is what it is. The white governments did it to protect themselves and their money and now the ANC does the same thing. Unfortunately the shift of power, although corrupt is justified according to the past – therefore even though people can see clearly according to the news and statistics that the ANC government is corrupt – they will not insist for a change because repeating the past is also not an option. Now we are all trapped in the HERE of CONsciousness – which is the CON which has trapped all countries all over the world as seen in Egypt and other countries where ‘revolutions’ are taking place. The new phase of ‘Revolutions’ also does not make a difference – it allows the ‘people’ to vent for a moment and those who protect and move money are given new opportunities to shift global awareness under the banner of false change – which allows for money to be made and new political powers to develop – all the same thing – can you see that? So now the question is what new government, new world systems are required to stop and change the existing systems to such an extent that all corruption stops?

The Equal Money System is currently in its developmental phase with many people participating in Research and the studies required for individuals to be able to stand within the current system and push for a new world system. An Equal Money system has nothing to do with socialism, communism or any existing system – so please realise that to argue that the Equal Money system is ‘just like’ these systems – is to indicate that you have not researched what an Equal Money system will be and what goes together with an Equal Money System. Please ask questions to those who are currently placing Blogs and Vlogs on an Equal Money System – or read the research that has been done on the equal money web site.


Equal Money:

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