Spitefulness in the South African Government

Here we have a news paper article about Julius Malema, who is the president of the African National Congress Youth League. According to the ANC Julius Malema only earns R20 000 per month – yet he has just demolished his R3,6 million house to have a new mansion built worth R10 million. Interesting symbolic presentation of the power that this kind of man has and can display in the face of his followers who just don’t get what him and the other Elite of South Africa are doing


Not only is Julius not earning a mere R20 00 per month which again indicates that he is stealing money or involved in fraud – but he is also playing a very symbolic game. Why do I say that? With so many beautiful mansions and large pieces of land for sale in South Africa, nobody demolished one expensive house to build themselves another very expensive house. This is a clear statement made by Julius to the millions of Elite and poor people of South Africa that he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. He could have sold the house and bought himself a mansion with his corrupt money somewhere else – but no – he specifically chose to ‘demolish’ the house – to send a message. He could also have bought a piece of land he likes and then have his mansion built from the corrupt millions – but no – he wanted to demolish his existing house so that those watching would ‘get what Julius is about’. That is what I refer to when I say symbolically: this man is doing everything to the extreme simply because he can and his message to the other Elite of South Africa is ‘look at how crazy I am with my money stolen from the poor people’, and to the poor people he is saying ‘fuck you’.


One could brainwash yourself as a follower of Julius and the ANC to say that he is simply doing what all rich people do and that he is being selective about what type of house he wants. Sure…. However don’t forget that this is a man who stands in a political position where he promised and vowed to better the lives of the Black South Africans of who the majority don’t even have adequate housing. Let us look at what the African National Congress Youth League of who Julius is president are all about:



The formation of the African National Congress Youth League is an answer and assurance to the critics of the national movement that African Youth will not allow the struggles and sacrifices of their fathers to have been in vain. Our fathers fought so that we, better equipped when our time came, should start and continue from where they stopped.

The formation of this League is an attempt on the part of Youth to impart to Congress a truly national character. It is also a protest against the lack of discipline and the absence of a clearly-defined goal in the movement as a whole.

The Congress Youth League must be the brains-trust and power-station of the spirit of African nationalism; the spirit of African self-determination; the spirit that is so discernible in the thinking of our Youth. It must be an organisation where young African men and women will meet and exchange ideas in an atmosphere pervaded by a common hatred of oppression.

At this power-station the league will be a co-ordinating agency for all youthful forces employed in rousing popular political consciousness and fighting oppression and reaction. It will educate the people politically by concentrating its energies on the African homefront to make all sections of our people Congress minded and nation-conscious.

But the Congress Youth League must not be allowed to detract Youth`s attention from the organisation of Congress. In this regard, it is the first step to ensure that African Youth has direct connections with the leadership of Congress.

Circumstances call upon African Youth to make the League specialise in championing the cause of Africa; and to serve this end best, the League will sponsor a Congress political bloc, the Congress Progressive Group within the national movement. This will be the wing of the Youth League entrusted with the duty of organising Youth . . .

The Congress Progressive Group will stand for certain clear-cut national ideals within Congress; it will stand for specialisation within the national movement, to reinforce the latter`s representative character and to consolidate the national unity front; it will keep a vigilant eye on all un-national tendencies on the national unity front and in Congress policies.

We must be honest enough to realise that neither Congress nor the African people can make progress as one amorphous mass. At a certain stage we must cultivate specialised political attitudes. Failure to recognise this will wreck Congress and encourage revolts from it until it ceases to be a force in national politics.

By recognising this fact, Youth does not confess sympathy with those who revolted against the national movement. These failed to realise that the formation of parties out of Congress was a serious weakening of the national unity front. They recognised the fact that Congress is a national liberation movement but were not sufficiently experienced politically to form their party within the national fold and to develop opposition from within, while strengthening the national unity front.

The result of their inexperience has been the creation of serious rifts and splits on the national unity front. For this, there can be no pardon because we cannot afford to cause any rift on the national unity front at this critical moment. By weakening the national unity front we invite more oppression for Africans after the war. By strengthening the national unity front, we are preparing a strong front against onslaughts that will be made on the real aims of the national struggle and on its significance and that will make the co-ordination of our political activities difficult, with the result that the African cannot take advantage of situations which, if intelligently exploited in time, may bring the African nearer full and free citizenship.

Congress is destined for a great purpose and mission, but shortsighted policies will cripple it and make it unable to rise to its destiny. To prevent this and therefore the setting back of the clock of African progress, African Youth must join the League in their numbers to strengthen the national movement in view of the fact that divisions just now are being sown among the people by sections of the so-called privileged few, while no convincing effort is made to narrow down and finally eliminate the gulfs that divide our people even by those who clamour loudest for national unity. Those who sow these divisions direct their activities against the national unity front in order to make the national movement incapable of expressing the wishes of the people effectively; they are the enemies of a free Africa.

The Congress is the symbol of the African people`s common hatred of all oppression and of their Will to fight it relentlessly as one compact group. Youth recognises the existence of specialised attitudes and, where these lead to differences of opinion, that must be strictly a domestic matter within the national liberation movement and must in no way be allowed to interfere with the national unity front.



  1. We believe in the divine destiny of nations.
  2. The goal of all our struggles is Africanism and our motto is `AFRICA`S CAUSE MUST TRIUMPH`.
  3. We believe that the national liberation of Africans will be achieved by Africans themselves. We reject foreign leadership of Africa.
  4. We may borrow useful ideologies from foreign ideologies, but we reject the wholesale importation of foreign ideologies into Africa.
  5. We believe that leadership must be the personification and symbol of popular aspirations and ideals.
  6. We believe that practical leadership must be given to capable men, whatever their status in society.
  7. We believe in the scientific approach to all African problems.
  8. We combat moral disintegration among Africans by maintaining and upholding high ethical standards ourselves.
  9. We believe in the unity of all Africans from the Mediterranean Sea in the North to the Indian and Atlantic oceans in the South – and that Africans must speak with one voice.


  1. Drafting and framing of the Constitution.
  2. Improving and consolidating our financial position.
  3. Establishing the Congress Progressive Group.
  4. To win over and persuade other Youth organisations to come over to the African National Congress Youth League, i.e. to create national unity and consolidate the national unity front.
  5. To win over and persuade other African Organisations to come over to and pool their resources in the African National Congress, i.e. to create national unity and consolidate the national unity front.
  6. To work out the theories of African urbanisation and the system of Land Tenure.
  7. To make a critical study of all those forces working for or against African progress.


(ANC Youth League Manifesto – 1944 from  AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS, retrieved 7 April 2011, from http://www.anc.org.za/show.php?id=4439)

What is indicated in this manifesto is that the white supremacy is over but that the same mentality as the white man used is now applicable to the ANC; ‘AFRICA`S CAUSE MUST TRIUMPH’. If you read the manifesto for yourself you will notice how firstly they use emotions and feelings laced with memories to present their cause. Then they subtly imply that even though the disempowerment of black people was terrible – the same methodologies of one race over another will be used to now empower the black nations. Already here one sees that the problem of the desire for greed overrides the actual desire to do ‘what is best for people’. Then it is implied that the methodologies of the white man are both liked and disliked – which basically means that they plan on using whatever means to get power but have the right to say the following: ‘We may borrow useful ideologies from foreign ideologies, but we reject the wholesale importation of foreign ideologies into Africa.’ So as long as a method brings the results of gaining power over another – it will be overlooked where and when it came from – handy methodology. I notice they like using the phrase ‘to win over’ – which as you observe the strategies used during election times means ‘ we will lie and steal and intimidate’.


Interesting how the youth league manifesto itself is full of indications that the new Elite of South Africa will manipulate everyone in its path to remain in power. Yet no one who reads this pays attention to the desperation and  manipulation use. Those who vote and keep voting for the ANC who see the corruption and spitefulness of the ANC to protect the new black Elite – ask  “but what happened to ‘combat moral disintegration among Africans by maintaining and upholding high ethical standards ourselves??” (see section h under ‘Our Creed’). No one compares this declaration to ‘protect the people’ with what is really going on in South Africa.


A government should be asked to implement such a deceleration to show and document what the plan of action is going to be. Then the public need to hold such a government accountable for all its deeds and allowances and if the actual living application of the government is found to not be in alignment with its own manifesto – then the government must be replaced with a group of people who will do what is written in their manifesto – this is simplistic in its own right as this would indicate the self-honesty of the people living in a country. Therefore if the people living in a country as is currently being allowed in South Africa, accepted and allow such a government to remain in power – then this indicates the Public themselves are self-dishonest. So no good blaming the governments – this has yet again proven that the governments exist because the people exist.  The starting point of the people is to accept and allow dishonesty and therefore Julius and other can symbolically do what they want because symbolically the people are already aligned one and equal to self-dishonesty.


And if the starting point of people is to actually accept and allow abuse and corruption then this manifesto for example in itself represents what people will say and do to allow their own abuse. I mean all of these words are very nice – but using simple mathematics one can see that the words themselves are being used by the black Elite to abuse the people of this country. So where the manifesto for example says ‘We believe that leadership must be the personification and symbol of popular aspirations and ideals’ then you know that the leaders will be allowed to abuse as ‘the personification and symbol of popular aspirations’.  When they say ‘We believe that practical leadership must be given to capable men, whatever their status in society’ – this means that people like Malema are allowed for example to show through leadership that you can demolish a perfectly good house while millions hardly have houses. This on a symbolic level is preparing the way for how people view what the leaders do – I mean if your starting point is in alignment with self-dishonesty – then whatever the politicians do on a symbolic level – the people as followers will accept in time. The people are dishonest, therefore the leaders are dishonest, therefore the people  are dishonest – follow the actual time line events within the evolution of man and you will see the actuality of the nature of mankind.


In an Equality based World System such as an Equal Money System – all people will have to align themselves to what it is that is actually valued and the self-honesty of each human will come into question. Many people who have a problem with the ‘Equal Money System’ proposal – do so from their own starting point of self-dishonesty – from not wanting everyone in the world to have an equal opportunity at a dignified life. This is what you see playing out in South Africa for example. For a very long time the white race told and imposed it upon the black race that they were ‘violent’, ‘stupid’ and ‘beneath the white race’. Now that the black government is in power there is an outflow of anger resulting in actions that are violent and actions such as in the case of the politicians abusing power – which one could describe as simply put – being stupid. The people don’t see it as stupid because if you have been told for long enough that your ways are violent and different to how the white man does it (stupid) – then you accept that as your self-definition. What the white race accused the black an of being just for the sake of oppression is now playing after many generations of brainwashing. It is the same mentality as all gay people get aids. What do the black Elite do to maintain this self acceptance amongst black people – they endorse culture – where the black man is encouraged to keep believing in the wrath of ancestors, bad luck/good luck  and magic. Similar to the western culture which continues to believe in a jesus and a god while the Elite rake in the money through the Capitalist System.


In South Africa now we have the Elite controlling the masses through promises and mind control based in fear and the hope that all will be well – which is done through the words and symbols used in culture and religion. Nowhere are people actually being taught effective life skills – only the skills which will allow them to go work in the system and allow the South African Elite to become richer. At the same time while hope is being impulsed through religion and culture, people are subjected to violence and political irresponsibility. This is how the governments control the masses  -on the one side show violence and ways to project blame onto the minority – on the other side show hope and the idea of something better to defuse hopelessness – and finally you have the leaders doing what they want under the banner of a manifesto which indicates what the new Elite actually plan on doing. This triangle I just explained is a general description of  a net of consciousness where man’s own feelings, emotions, and fears are used against us within the money system by those who have the power. This is done through various means such as politics, television, media, popularity – everything people ether fear or love.


Currently people all over the world are being trapped by fear and love. While trying to get away from our fears we will support the love. The ANC government will use the love of the country and the African nation to control the minds for example of people who fear what the governments are actually doing. One of the major themes for example that is being pushed in the South African Psychology courses and in the Government is Ubuntu (“I am what I am because of who we all are) – which works on the principle of community values and respecting each other. Is this the reason why South Africans are encourages to accept why the Elite are allowed to steal Money from the tax payers because in a way the movement of wealth indicates that the community is becoming stronger? That as long as some are filthy rich, those who live in squalor can be happy and are in fact ‘one with the rich?’ Yeah, sure – in this physical reality where starvation is the reality – such mind control only goes to show that the rich exist because everyone has allowed this level of dishonesty as humanity – globally. It is most certainly not exclusive to individual countries. Everyone has already accepted the polarity of rich/poor, have/ have not – and now everyone is playing their role within the polarity – even if it means our children have to starve.


Within an Equal Money System – manifestos wont be written to simply control people with hope – but will be the actual step by step guidelines all agree to. The manifesto of action will be directed according to an Equality Equation as ‘what is best for all’. The human factor will have to be aligned with what is best for all – so that both the management position of an Equal Money System and the people participating as and within the world system are speaking one language according to the Equality Equation. This again shows that for the world to change we have to change because we have become the dishonesty. That is why most people at this stage cannot even see why an Equal Money System is the answer because they are the dishonesty by design through self-acceptance. It has taken us generations to accept and finally become the living words as self-dishonesty – therefore it will take as long as it does to walk backwards through oru ‘self-creation’ and purify man in alignment with what is best for all.


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