‘A soul torn into pieces’ – Demonology Forum Perspective

Demonology perspective on: ‘a soul being torn into pieces and energies that affect me’

What I realised after having believed for a long time that I could harm others and others could harm me with energy and magic – was the following:

It was not that the other being had magic/magical abilities or some energy they could send to me to harm/heal me with – it was me in the totality as the belief of myself through which I accepted that people are able to harm/heal me – and it was through this resonance that i created within myself based on my ideas/hopes/beliefs – that i would ‘go into’ the experience similar to that of being magically attacked/healed/harmed’.

Thus the day I realised this for myself, I also stopped all addiction to energy based on the belief that I exist as energy -and a fascinating things started happening –

I stopped reacting energetically to words and people based on the value I had given who they were, what I thought  they were doing or what pictures I saw. When i stopped and did self forgiveness on the belief I had created, I was then able to stop my own reactions to the belief – which would take me into some form of reactive behavior as being cursed/blessed/healed etc.

From that point I continued working with self forgiveness to stop the addiction to energy and the addiction to my beliefs around what others and i could do with energy/magic. Then I worked with the basic principle of ‘I am here as the breath in the physical’ – therefore taking self responsibility for any reactions I was allowing in every moment based on ideas I developed about magic/energy.

As you are able to see from your own writings – you are reacting and creating reactions for yourself towards the idea of others and magic. I suggest go through your writings and you will see how you have designed your personality based on what you have accepted. You have a belief about magic and have resonantly created reactions as behaviors when you ‘belief’ someone is cursing you or hurting you with magic.

I suggest observe how people have already applied self forgiveness within this forum on their behaviours. When you are ready to stop this pattern based on your ‘self created reactions to magic’ – then I will assist you in taking each point on with self forgiveness. I suggest test this information for yourself – next time a thought comes up based on a feeling you are having that someone is casting spells on you’ -do the following- stop the thoughts and focus on your breath -stopping all physical reactions you would normally ‘go into’ once you have followed or allowed the thoughts as ‘someone is hurting me ‘or ‘I feel strange perhaps…’

Give us feedback once you have stopped these reactions in one moment.

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