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I feel Physically uncomfortable – Demonology forum perspective

I feel Physically uncomfortable

Original Topic:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to exist in a paralyzed state in which I kept waking up feeling physically not right.

Yes – when i started working on the physical point I created, in which i felt physically uncomfortable – I realized that my physical uncomfortably that I had created, came from my uncomfortably with myself as the idea within my mind that I had created as my personality – that there was something wrong with me. Initially i equated this to me being spiritual and that i was uncomfortable because of all the ‘evil’ in the world LOL

Then when i started working with self honesty – I realized that this ‘story’ I created which i could live with was to cover the real story which was that i hated myself and could not take self responsibility for me, something i considered to be ‘not worthy’, not good enough’. Where did this come from – again i traced this (with the assistance of the Desteni tools/people) to my childhood – a perception that was formed from when I was young simply because of issues that had developed between me and my father.


So – i suggest stick to what IS here, and work backwards in time through your life as memories of past events – and find what triggered you into symbolically programming yourself into what you are now – layered in metaphysical and spiritual pictures and values – so that each do not have to face the reality of our past as we programmed ourselves to get away from the real experiences.


Has the Demonic Mind been projected into the Human Psyche – Demonology Forum Perspective

Has the demonic Mind been projected into the Human Psyche?

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What we found in our research into the afterlife through the Portal was ‘as above so below’ meaning that heaven existed of the energy that was generated through consciousness. Therefore humans were designed as mined consciousness systems to through the process of thinking, feelings and emotions – generate energy within and as the systems which both triggered, directed and acted as transference systems to the interdimensional existence, as heaven. Therefore heaven could exist as the energy generated through the mind, through and as ‘consciousness’. Demons were beings trapped within and as the secret mind experience of the human, which was experienced by themselves before death as they were faced by their own thought creations. Therefore in the afterlife beings were literally trapped into and as their own thoughts, either because of who they were before they died or because of a traumatic death – either way the demonic mind shows the secret mind of what the human really exists as when it is in full demonic application! Therefore the demonic nature did not get projected into the human psyche, but rather existed parallel to the human existence here on earth. Demons could possess humans and humans also posses other life forms for the energy that is experienced by the person within the point of interaction. What we are seeing is the acceptance that people use that demons are responsible for their own secret mind thoughts and behaviors, which has been manifested by each human through continual participation in thinking, emotions, feelings and the addition to energy, through which humans will ‘possess’ themselves.

Is it necessary for me to know about the mechanics of my Mind Consciousness System Designs to be able to Direct Myself – Demonology Forum Perspective

Is it necessary for me to know about the mechanics of my Mind Consciousness System Designs to be able to Direct Myself?

Original Post:

I would be interested to know more about the

SunetteSpies wrote: mechanical systematic design

of the MCS.

I would also be interested to know how the MCS(s) were first “downloaded” into humans and also how they relate to DNA in terms of being passed on generationally (if they, in fact, were/are). If the systems are somehow downloaded from each parent to the child, what are the mechanics behind their combination in terms of the system the child (unborn fetus?) comes to inherit? Also, are we each doomed to the physical reality of being copies of our parents in terms of there is a limit to the extent to which we can “differentiate” ourselves from them in terms of tastes, mannerisms, etc.? I guess what I’m getting at is: does anyone know how far I can take it in becoming a unique expression of my DNA from a starting point of what’s best for all (rather than the starting point of an inherited MCS)? If I could perhaps understand the mechanics of the system I would know “what I’m up against,” so to speak, in terms of what “programs” are in place and if/how their existence within me has effects (unconscious, subtle, etc.) or limits my process

Please note that we do not go into the specific system and pre-programmed designs for each human or each person participating in the Desteni material – as this would take hours. We have done some system perspectives/interviews, however we decided to rather focus on making it possible for each person to learn how to work within and with their own pre-programming as that which you have already accepted and allowed yourself to become. Therefore it is not necessary to give the ‘behind the scenes’ perspectives for each person, but rather to make it possible for you to work with your own self accepted personality designs.

Therefore on this forum and the Introduction to Desteni forum we focus on assisting each person in effective writing – in which you take apart your own system designs which manifested as your personality and your thoughts/backchat. Then one is able to see how you have designed yourself, how you live it, how you abdicate self responsibility, how you justify it and the observable patterns within which you exist. We have designed the Desteni I Process courses as a structured layout for each person to learn the tools to work through the conscious, subconscious and unconscious designs. For those who are not able to take the courses, we support on the forums, by taking points and walking them step by step, through to self responsibility and self change.

Therefore you don’t need to see the ‘unseen’ designs, because you are already living and behaving as the manifested system design. It is all there for you to write about, apply self forgiveness and self corrective statements.

I have also experienced pressure on the top of my head and a sort of feeling of energy flowing through my body recently: I would like to know is there a diagram related to the structure of the MCS as manifested within the body? Are there points throughout the body and if so do they relate to the chakra system or perhaps the chinese medicine meridian system?

I suggest go through the articles section, where you will find Venos’ documents on the Mind System, structural resonance etc. The Chakras were plug points, designed by the creators, within the soul construct and have therefore no other purpose that what it existed as within the transference of energy, which was then used by the demons. Again the only practical point to consider here is the following:

When you start experiencing this energy movement from your head – what ‘thoughts’ did you participate in before the sensation/energy movement started? Your behaviour, personality and thought participation will indicate to you why the energy as sensation is happening. You are accessing thought constructs in that moment which according to your pre-programming would have resulted in specific energy movement. For example – by focusing on the existence of energy as a specific experience – you are already giving permission to yourself through the physical – to have specific energetic responses. It is the same as energetically allowing the experience of ‘sorrow’ to overcome oneself. You have already connected a feeling as a physical reaction to the thought about energy movement. Therefore your physical body is responding to the thoughts. This does not mean anything unless you continue allowing yourself to respond to the energy movement which happens in the first place because you have directed it so. Therefore we focus on stopping the definitions of chakra, energy, etc through writing and self forgiveness – so that we are no longer directed by any pre-programmed designs.

Also, and sorry for all the questions, but I would also be interested in learning more about demon posession as it related to chakra-sucking. Specifically, I am under the impression that I may have invited possession as I still feel very physically not-balanced (unstable) in terms of I have difficulty walking around like I literally stumble around like a crazy person. I mean I am pretty used to it- I have not felt right for what I feel like was at least 4 years of being influenced by entities (still not really sure what the fuck happened.). Here is a link to a document that most closely describes my experience. “Soul loss” also comes to mind in describing my experience for the past few years. I have often felt literally like my feet aren’t touching the ground and even now I have considerable difficulty being conscious in terms of directing my body comfortably in physical reality. I often stumble. I feel like I can actually feel where my body grew wrong where there were entities sucking on my chakras. I’m pretty sure I have bending-of-the-spine and I know my knees have not taken this instability well (Again, I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground for years).

I suggest watch the History of Desteni and Demons series on the demonology web site (or read the transcription), in which an explanation is given that demons were assisted years ago interdimensionally and therefore there are no more demons. Any movement of energy is now happening on an individual level, where you have programmed your physical body to ‘run out of energy’. This again could be based on the idea you have about demons or for most people it has become an acceptance of ‘running out of energy’. Therefore again through writing I suggest explore how and why you allow yourself to feel tired, feel drained, allow the physical to slump. This could be a pattern beginning from when you were younger – which you in a specific moment attributed to demonic/entity activities – instead of taking self responsibility.

When I worked with patterns of depression and tiredness, I looked at when I created this for myself, physically, and what it was that I was running away from within my world, that caused me to rather say I am tired’ or ‘I have been sapped of my energy’ than to live.

If I knew more about the constructs (soul, chakras, universal unconscious) I might be able to direct my body back to finding balance. I literally always clench my jaw, stumble around, etc: It’s really fucked. I haven’t always been like this. Is entity possession possible now? If not, when did it stop being possible? What happened to the demons? The same with the other dimensional beings: in what ‘form’, so to speak, do they exist now?

I have felt a sort of flow like the MCS is flowing inside me as this system of energy: I would like to know is there an actual entity within me that could properly be called a MCS? How does one remove/eradicate the system? Or is it a matter of strategically breaking it down through walking through points that are released through SF through Self-Honesty?

Anyways, that’s all for now, if I think of any other weird experiences to share, I will. Would appreciate any links to videos if anyone has a perspective on any of the above.

No entities or demons, the movement inside of you is you as the mind creating experiences. I suggest observe your starting point within your question about demons, as it is based on the idea that you read somewhere about entities/demons being responsible for how people experience themselves.

So… I feel like I may have invited possession and if I knew more about the “physics” behind it and the exact date the demon was removed from me, I might be able to help myself more effectively, here, in the physical. I would also like to know, if possible, the mechanics behind what I have seen called “cords of attachment” i.e. cords between peoples so-called energetic bodies that connect their chakras and allow one person to “suck” energy from one person to themselves: Was this phenomena real in the time before the removal of the chakras?

‘I feel’ – yes you will notice that your interest in the white light/soul construct is based on the desire for accumulation of knowledge and information – for the purpose of participating in the mystery which surrounds your physical self created experiences. I suggest let us get started with identifying the name of your demon. Let us identify at what age you started experiencing fluctuating energies. What does your demon look like inside and with you that saps your energy, leaves you tired and causes you to focus on energetic movements instead of breathing, taking self responsibility and writing yourself to freedom?

With regards to your back – I suggest to support yourself physically, while working with self forgiveness, by going to a Chiropractor, Kinesiologist or someone who works with physical alignments.

The Cult of the Deprogrammer: Rick Ross

The Cult of the Deprogrammer: Rick Ross.

Demonology Forum Perspective: Get to the Core Issue

Demonology Forum Perspective: Get to the Core Issue

Original Post:

When I faced the point of ‘deliberately sleep in so that I can reduce the amount of time I must be awake because when I am awake I must be with myself and face myself’ – I realized that unless i want to remain the same person for the rest of my life as this pattern I am allowing, I must make a definitive change by no longer accepting the ‘patterns’ which were living expressions of myself that were not serving me. Thus I had a choice which was to continue as I was, battling and fighting with myself for the next 30+ years or I bring the inevitability of change here now and stand up within the point NOW. Therefore within choice i realized… I had no choice.

So, the next question is does one want to change. Here I suggest go to the core point around which all these patterns ‘circle’. If you observe these words: “I don’t care” – you will notice that this is one of the primary comparison points within yourself. So observe why it is that you don’t care about yourself. Without addressing these ‘core’ points around which the other patterns circle as ‘outflows’ of the original allowance – you will find that ones SF and SCS will not stand the test of time, because you are still holding onto the point of I don’t care about myself.

I suggest for a moment to simply focus on this point in detail. Write it out within specificity, look at all the layers back in time to the age that this point first started and then follow the time line through your life, where through the years you participated in and ‘added’ layers to the original point. Show in your writings for example how the point of I don’t care ‘mutated from one simple reaction or an acceptance about self into what it is now. How did the point change, who was involved, what justifications throughout the years were used to ‘fuel’ this pattern to where it is now etc…

Bernard Poolman Censored by YouTube for Talking Equality!

Bernard Poolman Censored by YouTube for Talking Equality!.

Demonology Forum Support: Trapping Myself

Original post:

I suggest also start keeping a backchat diary – which you post here. This will allow you to write out your daily patterns within backchat – which will allow you to directly see where and how to ‘fine tune your self corrective actions’ or where your self forgiveness was not specific enough.

An example of an effective backchat diary:

day 1: 26 August 2011

I was getting redy to sit down at the computer to start with project A. A thought comes up – why dont you rather let someone else do it because you dont have enough experience. I looked at this point – and realised that two days ago I had already done self forgiveness on ‘giving up’.

What happened next was that I felt this sinking experience in my stomach, that I was lying to myself and others by participating – and that even though I had applied SF on giving up – the reality is that I have not applied the tools that is covered in the material within project A – therefore I should rather back off and let someone ‘reliable do it.

I then decided to not complete the project based on this principle – therefore had decided my SF was not valid.

This is an example of how one identifies a backchat pattern, applies SF – but again allows a new pattern of backchat to direct one into not applying the original Self forgiveness and self-corrective statements.

Now one writes a – one could say ‘report’ on the above backchat pattern:

Instead of following through on the SF and SCS already applied by walking the self correction of ‘starting and completing project A’ I allowed myself to stop and I allowed myself to manipulate me with new backchat into the original point of giving up.

Therefore today’s focus is on applying SF on the allowances, as well as following through on the new pattern instead of the self correction. then I apply the self correction on this pattern by ‘starting and completing project A.

1. Therefore one has identified the new pattern (which is the old pattern slightly changed)

2. The justifications used.

3. When during the Self correction did you stop and what did you change to be able to go 4. into the new pattern- this would be a new thought that could either be the justification, a promise, a threat, a delay, a discomfort etc.

4. What Self Forgiveness Statements were not effective – here you go through the SF written out the first time and you observe how your decisions this time indicate which statements did not yet support the actuality of what you were doing. For example let us say that the first time you write SF such as:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to compare myself to other people who I am participating in within project A

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to compare myself to other people who I am participating in within project A, because I believe that they understand the material better.

When you are in the pattern again and the ‘new thought’ that comes up is ‘but you know someone who works on project A should also be able to fluently explain the material.

This is now a ‘new’ version of the backchat – used by the mind (as yourself) in an attempt to stop you from participating. Therefore you would identify that the self forgiveness above was not specific enough because you also believe that people should understand the material but also fluently explain the words.  You will now write down what SF was not specific enough according to the new events.

Now you identify in the same way what self corrective statements were not effective enough. For example if the first time you applied SF and SCS you wrote:

‘when I want to walk away from a project, I stop, I breath, I stop any and all thoughts – and I continue focusing on the project by remaining where I am and continuing with the practical steps to complete the project.

Now in this report you have realized that you did not follow through on the self-corrective statements because you did in fact find a reason, get up, walk away and not start and complete project A. So, now you will write down that sentence under: self corrective statements that were not effective.  As you did above for the Self Forgiveness you will now write out new self corrective statements for the new self forgiveness additions as well as reconfirming the self forgiveness statements not walked the first time.

Remember this is not a punishment – but instead a direct, clear way of aligning oneself to the actual points that require your participation to change.

By writing out the entire event, the decisions made, the justifications/excuses, the SF and self corrective statements not lived and the new SF/SCS/self correction to be walked  – one is clearly mapping the way and not allowing any confusion about what it is that one allows or what is to be applied within Self-Correction.