Demonology Forum Perspective: Get to the Core Issue

Demonology Forum Perspective: Get to the Core Issue

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When I faced the point of ‘deliberately sleep in so that I can reduce the amount of time I must be awake because when I am awake I must be with myself and face myself’ – I realized that unless i want to remain the same person for the rest of my life as this pattern I am allowing, I must make a definitive change by no longer accepting the ‘patterns’ which were living expressions of myself that were not serving me. Thus I had a choice which was to continue as I was, battling and fighting with myself for the next 30+ years or I bring the inevitability of change here now and stand up within the point NOW. Therefore within choice i realized… I had no choice.

So, the next question is does one want to change. Here I suggest go to the core point around which all these patterns ‘circle’. If you observe these words: “I don’t care” – you will notice that this is one of the primary comparison points within yourself. So observe why it is that you don’t care about yourself. Without addressing these ‘core’ points around which the other patterns circle as ‘outflows’ of the original allowance – you will find that ones SF and SCS will not stand the test of time, because you are still holding onto the point of I don’t care about myself.

I suggest for a moment to simply focus on this point in detail. Write it out within specificity, look at all the layers back in time to the age that this point first started and then follow the time line through your life, where through the years you participated in and ‘added’ layers to the original point. Show in your writings for example how the point of I don’t care ‘mutated from one simple reaction or an acceptance about self into what it is now. How did the point change, who was involved, what justifications throughout the years were used to ‘fuel’ this pattern to where it is now etc…

6 responses to “Demonology Forum Perspective: Get to the Core Issue

  1. Recently I faced a point/a pattern that I have created in regards to cleaning my place. I’ve became so much used to procrastinate homecleaning, that it is really hard for me just to stop it or rather don’t do it anymore. I noticed that every time I see that there is something to be fixed/cleaned up, I rather go and wash myself, my hair or brush my teeths. With your post a new perspective has opend, I didn’t clearly see the point why I act as I do, and it is indeed because ‘I don’t care’. I don’t care about myself, my inner-self nor my outer-self. Thank you for this article.

  2. Tracing back the first time I let myself go into I don-t care mode, ‘Startling’ for me to realize how I have, as you said, “‘added’ layers to the original point,” creating and then using multiple betrayals to justify, “‘fuel’,” as you said, continued betrayal.

    I will now attempt to locate that first time I said to myself “I don’t care”… and all the points ‘afterward’ in which I extended the self-betrayal.

    Thanks for the assistance, here, Andrea.

    • Very cool point to work with! I find it supportive, when accessing such points, to sit comfortably, and focus on letting the memory ‘surface’. You might have to practice this by sitting quietly for a few minutes, clearing your mind and just being comfortable to let any memory for your childhood/younger years come to you.

      • thanks. yeah, it’s hard to actually get myself to locate the first point.

        My mind keeps coming up with “I can’t remember” or “What’s it matter anyway.” It’s quite a good gaurd-dog.

        I still haven’t been able to locate that first point of committing to “I don’t care.” even after multiple attempts.

        Thanks for your support/advice.

        Enjoy the day.

      • Hi

        I suggest open a topic for yourself in the Demonology forum under ‘Share your Experience and Ask Questions’ and place what you have done so far and I will assist. please note that your first post will only appear to me and after I approve it you will see your posts and be able to continue posting.


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