Has the Demonic Mind been projected into the Human Psyche – Demonology Forum Perspective

Has the demonic Mind been projected into the Human Psyche?

Original Post: http://demonology.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=726&p=1343#p1343

What we found in our research into the afterlife through the Portal was ‘as above so below’ meaning that heaven existed of the energy that was generated through consciousness. Therefore humans were designed as mined consciousness systems to through the process of thinking, feelings and emotions – generate energy within and as the systems which both triggered, directed and acted as transference systems to the interdimensional existence, as heaven. Therefore heaven could exist as the energy generated through the mind, through and as ‘consciousness’. Demons were beings trapped within and as the secret mind experience of the human, which was experienced by themselves before death as they were faced by their own thought creations. Therefore in the afterlife beings were literally trapped into and as their own thoughts, either because of who they were before they died or because of a traumatic death – either way the demonic mind shows the secret mind of what the human really exists as when it is in full demonic application! Therefore the demonic nature did not get projected into the human psyche, but rather existed parallel to the human existence here on earth. Demons could possess humans and humans also posses other life forms for the energy that is experienced by the person within the point of interaction. What we are seeing is the acceptance that people use that demons are responsible for their own secret mind thoughts and behaviors, which has been manifested by each human through continual participation in thinking, emotions, feelings and the addition to energy, through which humans will ‘possess’ themselves.

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