I feel Physically uncomfortable – Demonology forum perspective

I feel Physically uncomfortable

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I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to exist in a paralyzed state in which I kept waking up feeling physically not right.

Yes – when i started working on the physical point I created, in which i felt physically uncomfortable – I realized that my physical uncomfortably that I had created, came from my uncomfortably with myself as the idea within my mind that I had created as my personality – that there was something wrong with me. Initially i equated this to me being spiritual and that i was uncomfortable because of all the ‘evil’ in the world LOL

Then when i started working with self honesty – I realized that this ‘story’ I created which i could live with was to cover the real story which was that i hated myself and could not take self responsibility for me, something i considered to be ‘not worthy’, not good enough’. Where did this come from – again i traced this (with the assistance of the Desteni tools/people) to my childhood – a perception that was formed from when I was young simply because of issues that had developed between me and my father.


So – i suggest stick to what IS here, and work backwards in time through your life as memories of past events – and find what triggered you into symbolically programming yourself into what you are now – layered in metaphysical and spiritual pictures and values – so that each do not have to face the reality of our past as we programmed ourselves to get away from the real experiences.


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