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How will life be without competition? If we’re not going to compete, what will we do for fun?

Competition – the addiction to the energetic reaction to the idea that you are beating or could beat another person within a specific activity or sport. This is the basic principle behind why people compete – to experience what you believe is your victory over another. Also in competition one creates energetic reactions (good feelings), in response to how you perceive others view you while you are beating or about to beat another in a competition.

Observe for yourself, when you are competing, it exists only within yourself and within the other person, the experience of competition. There is no universal recognition or some cosmic force that is looking down at either one, bestowing you with greatness, blessing your genes and ego with gratification. It is within you, in your mind, your ego that fuels, generates and responds to your competition to another. The other person does exactly the same thing and yet in our world, our society of ‘competing’ we have come to believe that competition actually means something. What could it possibly mean – better intelligence, more physical strength? What does that actually mean? The only function of any such idea that competition allows us to see who is genetically superior – is sex. People want to marry someone who they believe will give them better offspring. The better off spring, is yet again to ensure the survival of the mind as the ability to think yourself better, faster and cleverer than everyone else. This in the end makes us think that we are great human beings and that other humans also believe this about us. Everybody is busy judging others according to how they think they are being judged. In response to this game that is played between people as the battle of the ego’s the believers energetically react through his/her egos to this grand scheme of things as an idea only existent in the mind. So yet again we have shown that competition breeds competition as a human energy addiction.

So what happens if we don’t have to compete anymore? Well we will still do exactly what we have been doing, only by removing the energetic reactions and addictions to competing, you are now participating in activities because you enjoy yourself, you enjoy moving in your body and you enjoy the other people you participate with. Removing competition means that we will no longer limit ourselves to the activities that gave us sufficient ground for competing. We will no longer follow sports and activities which fuel the ego, instead we will all try things we have never done before, simply because we can and because it is enjoyable. Now we will really have fun, because we will no longer be directed by the mind, telling us which sports and activities to follow. What people will find most surprising is that once they break through the initial ‘desire’ to only do and participate in certain activities, which we could call breaking through the pre-programming – we will all find new activities fun and enjoyable, without judging them and without judging ourselves within how we participate. There will be no more judgment of self because there is no right or wrong. You participate, and you decide how you push yourself to learn and develop your abilities. All done from the starting point of self-enjoyment and self-movement. No longer with competition be the deciding factor and driving force behind what we do. Why do that to yourself? Why trap yourself in your mind in cycles in which you are actually competing with you, judging you and abusing you through thoughts? Why not fully express ourselves here in the physical reality, unconditionally and within this allow and support each other to do the same, so that there is no harm done in thought or deed towards ourselves and others.

‘Anonymous’- What Do They Actually Support? Who Are They Really Working For?

‘Anonymous’- What Do They Actually Support? Who Are They Really Working For?.

resistance as fear as solution

resistance as fear as solution.

A Sinking Ship without a Lifeboat: The Greece Bailout

A Sinking Ship without a Lifeboat: The Greece Bailout.

5 year old boy loses his leg – who is responsible?

Next to a school, a tree is being cut down. The people cutting the tree do not take into consideration where the tree will fall, once it goes down. The tree falls onto the school next to which it is standing. The tree collapses on top of a class room, smashing through the roof and walls. Inside many children are injured and one boy aged 7 loses his leg.

The question is who is responsible for such accidents in our society? Did the people cutting down the tree have to rush the job to get to their next job because of money? Did they not have sufficient training to cut down a tree and due to lack of money, the community could not hire people who did have the know-how? Did the people who cut down the tree simply not care?

One of the crucial points of the Equal Money System will be that people who train themselves to do a specific job, will do so because they realize how it benefits humanity. We will train ourselves not for greed or prestige, but because we treasure life and contribute in developing a world that is best for all. Therefore people who for example in a community will take the responsibility of cutting down trees or tending to nature, will not rush the jobs because they don’t care or because they need to get to the next job. Such people will also be trained effectively because there is no financial reason such as companies hiring inexperienced people at lower wages. Therefore we take care of each other as you would want to be taken care of. Therefore in an Equal Money system the value is life for all equally and the accidents we see now due to human error will decrease significantly, as no one is doing what they do from the perspective of ‘lack of’ or disinterested.

This is the key in the first place to all acknowledging the value of an equal money system. It is in realizing the benefits of such a system. It is not just about ‘equal money from birth’ – it is everything associated with the change in values of humanity. The decision made by the majority of people, to change to an Equal Money system does not just happen on a ‘monetary’ level – it starts because within each we realize, as I have that we no longer want a world where things happen because of greed, because we have stopped caring and now only live to survive.

Currently we live in a world where no-one can be trusted and our children, nature and ourselves are paying the price – at any moment your life or ‘limb’ can be taken away due to the negligence of another. Imagine yourself in one moment having your life or body compromised simply because someone else for a moment acted from a starting point of negligence, simply because they could not care to see you safe? Imagine if the reason why you are injured or killed was because that person did not care because he was being directed by money? This is the world we have created, it is all around you – watch the news. Therefore to say these things happen because ‘someone else’ did not care – is also not valid – we as humanity have all agreed to the capitalist system, to greed, to profit. Therefore it is us who have decided that we will harm each other in the name of money. It is each one of us that is responsible for the pain and suffering caused in this world because everyone together has become lethargic as the human, has almost become ‘evil’. If a god existed I would sure as hell be ashamed because if he is watching what goes on inside each one – what he would see is the true nature of humanity. We are sure as hell not the image and likeness of anything more than what we are now. No-one can exclude themselves from this – because every human looks at what is going on in the name of money and within how the current world systems function and simply shrugs it of and ‘hopes’ it never happens to them or their family. Each person who read this article and all similar articles about the boy who lost his leg, will react for a moment and in your mind secretly think ‘I hope that never happens to ‘my child’ as a fear ripples through your stomach – not considering that the little boy is someone’s child.

This is the ultimate deception we have become as humanity.