In an Equal Money System – No more BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini

Cars, expensive cars. Currently expensive cars are built to show of who has more money than the rest. You could say these cars are built for the enjoyment of speed, but if one really look inside the person who drives a fast expensive car, they do it because fast and powerful means money, and money means better than the rest. Therefore even the enjoyment of a car that goes fast or is well designed actually comes down to the energetic addiction experienced by the owner – it has very little to do with self-expression. If every person could drive a BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, would anybody still feel special. Would people still desire the cars? If everyone could own a car that was well designed, could drive fast and was reliable, would such features still be considered special? No – probably not, because once you remove the energetic connection to something then that thing loses its original value.

In an Equal Money System for example we will focus on the production of reliable, sturdy efficient products such as cars. We will get to the core of what we require, not what feeds separation in this world, which in turn feeds the money system through human desire and fear and comparison. No more products built, as they currently are within our capitalist System to break or fail within a certain time period. We will build cars to last, cars that serve their purpose, which is not for greed but to make our lives comfortable within our time here. Proper research will be done into what materials would make the car safe and effective. What materials to use to make the parts of so that they don’t get worn out so easily. So will these super special modern technology cars still be so special if everybody’s cars were made of the most effective, durable material? No. Everyone would have to let go of the ego, which consists of pretty pictures and fancy ideas, made up in the mind to please the mind.

Some might ask well what is the point then of having a car. Yes – some people own things only to fuel the ego, not for its functionality. Too long have we fueled the ego within what we do and through this allowed the current capitalist system where some have while others don’t. The have’s and the have not’s. We have allowed this in the name of ego and it has been a waste. Look around you at how many people are battle daily because they cannot even arrange transport to get from point A to B. Why is basic transportation for each not an option in life? Why do we have cities and governments and societies if the way we exist excludes those who are not fortunate enough to have money? I drive past many people every day who have to hitch hike for hours just to get to their jobs or to their families. Who wants to live like that? Where your life is spent working long hours and the rest of the time you have to find a means to get home. What is the point of us living in a world where the main focus is on entertaining the rich with expensive cars while a majority in the world don’t even have transportation, food or the basic necessities?

One response to “In an Equal Money System – No more BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini

  1. This is a great post Andrea, something most can relate to and understand!

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