The capitalistic pornographic profit system

This is a follow up blog on the following video:
Pornography on my Youtube channel: AndreaRosouw1

Currently in our capitalist system as I highlight in the video, the industry focus on simulating the hidden secret mind desires and fantasies existent within the mind of the individual. The Individual claim they participate in pornography and utilize pornography because they cannot help themselves and because it feels good – never doing the basic math’s and taking into consideration what we are creating as a society by accepting and allowing sex to become something that abuses the physical form as part of the ‘fantasy reality’. The rapist and sexual abuser uses the same fantasy construct in the mind, yet we judge that person for allowing themselves to indulge in the mind, yet every other human on this planet is allowed to participate in fantasy realities. Why is it that pornography has become accepted within our society? Why is it that we will allow people to ‘get off sexually’ on images that intentionally stimulate people according to the nasty, degrading and abusive undertone.

If you observe the modern westernized mind set you will notice one thing: most children today in our western societies grow up watching and in most cases getting addicted to pornography. This happens in our society and is seen as ‘normal’. The fact that people do not use basic math’s to see what happens within pornography and what is stimulating within the viewer, is blatant dishonesty. If they release a child abuser into a community, you will notice in most communities they will follow the offender, publish his name for others to take notice of and in some communities male like a living hell for that person. Yet, with pornography, we silently accept the entire make up of it, because everyone in some way or another is doing it. Interesting thing is that the westernized mind set judges and condemns someone who fantasizes about children, about rape, about animals, sodomy, etc however if all of that happen in pornography, then it is fine – and the justification of allowing such abuse is that the woman and men who star in pornography are not being forced. That makes it ok for us to sell images of self-abuse which creates mind sets of abuse based on secret mind fantasies.

In our society therefore we act as hypocrites. The westernized man, woman and child may engage their minds in pornography which consists of all the abusive imagery you would normally send people to jail for if they dare doing it in the physical. We call this normal and we raise a generation of children where it is now seen as a normal behavior for children to watch porn. It is seen as normal for children to go through this phase of being curious about sex and then crossing a line in which they learn about sex through the secret mind which is impulsed through pornography. Why does nobody want to stop pornography as the industry that it exist as now? Well within the capitalists system, people are making extensive amounts of money, so obviously the Elite are not going to stand up within this because their entire existence is based on making money.
The mothers and fathers of our society are not going to stand up within this because they fear anything that will change the system as it is. They fear that if they develop a voice within our world, then the system will rip your family apart and leave you abandoned and poor. Plus most mommies and daddies were at one stage either addicted to some form of sex or pornography – therefore they will allow it to continue. What is good for me must be good for my child? Is that the secret mind justification as legacy that we are passing onto our children? Observe it within yourself – why do you allow pornography within the word – why do you brush it aside – is it because you secretly think it is fun? Why do the people within our society who can see what pornography is doing, not stand up within the point and speak up? Because they themselves enjoy secret mind fantasies. If you speak to someone who says ‘oh well you know it is actually a natural phase for people and blah blah blah; – then what do you know – this person has secret mind desires towards some celebrity, a picture in a magazine, a person in their life or on tv, and therefore they know within themselves that if they had to stop pornography as it exist in society, then the self honesty within that would be having to stop your own secret mind fantasies – to find out what would be real physical self -expression.

So in an Equal Money system, no profit will be made from pornography therefore the porn industry will not have to use secret mind fantasies to impulse people into participating in porn. You will notice therefore in an Equal Money System that we will address the first problem, which is removing the profit industry. This will mean that people will be less inclined to generate any form of media or any products which no longer make you a massive profit. Will porn starts still exist? If you are already receiving an income within the Equal Money system, will you still pretend you care about putting yourself in the position (excuse the pun) of being a porn star? What will pornography be in an Equal Money system for example – sex education within exploring the physical will still be relevant to support people. If people within an Equal Money System still enjoy sex, then I suppose they can form groups and have their sex, but seriously if you are no longer being impulsed through money or pornography to have all kinds of weird and extreme types of sex and you realize that the sex you were having was you accessing the nasty of the secret mind, to have an orgasm based on an idea of yourself – would you still do it? Lets slow this previous sentence down: People who engage the mind during sex to stimulate themselves within the most degrading or nasty or extensive actions, are really not having more enjoyment physically. They are stimulating the physical through the mind which is accessing the secret mind which consists of the most nasty and abusive pictures. Through this the person is generating energy as the mind and it is this energy that gives the person the extensive experience. This is believed to be physical self expression, however it is not. It is energy possessed that you take yourself into based on secret desires. Therefore people who enjoy ‘rough sex’ or ‘kinky sex’ or any form of sex that is ‘extensive/forbidden/judged’ – realize that it is not the physical that you are participating with – you are possessing yourself into and as the secret mind, as the energy of that which you secretly desire. So if your enjoyment of sex is to be really ‘fucked’ – you can look at the symbology for yourself – really fucked comes from the experience of being dominated and ‘taken’ and ‘pleased’- this in itself exist within the secret mind as part of the rape fantasy in which one is dominated by another through complete desire and possession and through rough hard sex, forced to the point of orgasm. This becomes part of the desire to be desired within the person, which falls into the category of ‘self-esteem’. Wanting to validate your own existence through participating in a particular mind game.

Other examples of mind games would be flirtation, in which you seek attention from another through having them notice your body and giving you recognition. Other examples are promiscuity – in which one becomes a sexual personality – again this is done from the starting point of seeing self value through the persona of being available to a male for sex – therefore you have developed a self worth as being ‘fuckable’. Within this people will create an idea that seeking sexual attention is yet again normal – observe for yourself within the mind how you are seeking validation. It is not about sexual expression as an enjoyment of self-it always functions on a level of self-worth and self-acceptance. Parents teach their daughters to become this and the males are taught to dominate the female form, parallel to how the male ego dominates the capitalists system. The female form has become subject to and a prize for the male within the capitalist system.

Some argue that enjoying your sexuality through whatever means possible is yet again ‘natural.’ Observe the difference for yourself – sexual expression as an enjoyment of oneself is cool. However what I am referring to here is how people accept themselves and require acceptance from others through acting out a certain personality. That is why 99% of the time we are engaging in relationship and sexual interactions with others – as a game of seeking approval from others, in order to fulfill a role we believe we should fulfill, in order for us to accept ourselves. This is the dishonesty we have come to accept as being ‘normal human behavior’ and we teach this to our children. In society we only accept certain behaviors from people and others are condemned. Such behaviors would be to engage in the correct religion, to find (preferably) a partner of the opposite sex, get married have children and follow the normal behaviors of the rest of society. Some would say to me ‘yes well this is to ensure that society acts according to an acceptable norm’ Really? Then half of the actions that are supposedly ‘normal’ would contradict with your moral values such as promiscuity, lying, cheating, jealousy, comparison, abusing the physical form etc. How is it that we have one set of morality rules for religion, but what is lived in society is just the fun factor: drinking, drugging, sexing, lying to people to make money etc? This is the reality of our current society, but because everyone agrees to it, nobody objects. I mean observe how a vast amount of westernized people who are addicted to pornography or utilize pornography to stimulate themselves are Christian. How does that add up – you have your morals and values dictated to you in your bible, yet your children can use porn to stimulate themselves sexually? Your husbands can watch porn and the female form can be objectified in society through the pornographic fantasy? Look at how people in society objectify celebrities and the naked body. Fantasizing secretly as if no one knows that is what you are doing – yet everyone knows it because everyone is doing it. Everyone has agreed that we can desire celebrities, models and nudity – through the eyes of the secret mind – yet at the same time we claim to be Christians or whatever other religion How does that work? If Jesus was to come down on a cloud (lol) and walk next to you in your life for a year – what would you then participate in? Would you turn Jesus into a porn addict, who would buy ‘guy’ magazines at the local garage just to stare at some boobs? Here is a deep thought – would Jesus allow himself to be swayed by our earthy ways, or would he really stand as the living example of what it means to be Jesus. If you believe in Jesus do you think maybe he has given up and moved to a new universe? I mean if I kept setting an example for humanity of what is best for all, and yet generation after generation things just got worse and my name was used in vain – I would probably leave humanity to become one and equal to that which we accept and allow. Look around you – what do you see happening? Humanity either finds solutions to what we have accepted this far or we continue the way we are.

The solution: An equal money system to stop profit based abuse. Then you will see who will move themselves in the physical because they really enjoy something, or will the motivation which was triggered through energy and money, be gone? Then if there is no one motivating you and triggering your secret mind, will you still find ways to encourage your secret mind, or will people learn how to have effective sex in the physical and start building healthy relationships with each other? It is not about stopping all forms of sex or masturbation – the point here it find the effective physical self expression within masturbation or sex with yourself or a partner, in which you are moving yourself as the physical, enjoying what the physical actually enjoys – not what is generated through the secret mind as pictures and ideas.

For a long time I used pictures and fantasies to stimulate myself within sex. This left me feeling possessed in desire most of the time and drained afterwards because I was working with energy of the mind. I started working with enjoying myself just in my body moving, touching interacting with myself or another. Therefore I stopped using mind definitions of what sex should be, based on images that were stimulated within me through pornography. I focused on remaining here in the physical and being the physical – not trying to validate myself through some sexual image of myself within my secret mind. I worked with this for many month and if during sex I found myself wanting to go into a porn persona, I would stop and focus on simply enjoying my physical body. This meant that I was not longer trying to please the male by moving into and as some porn persona, but simply moved by body here in enjoyment of myself. To get to that point of comfort-ability, I practiced for about a year, while I was single, to just be comfortable with each part of my body while masturbating. I would observe reactions within myself of disgust or judgment or expectation. These judgments/expectations yet again, all come from pictures we believe we should look like, impulsed through the media to maintain the sex system, to generate money. This is not who we really are. Who we are is here in the physical form in all our shapes and sizes, therefore my suggestion is for each to focus either with your partner or alone on getting comfortable with yourself, by working through any and all reactions/expectations. Learn what it is tat is comfortable and enjoyable for the physical. You will find that once you stop the secret mind fantasies and pictures, that the physical does not particularly enjoy rough sex or to be gang raped or to be taken by 5 men or to be strung up and whipped/hurt. Only in the mind does that work. What we are stuck with now is a society that learns about fantasy sex, which does not bring enjoyment to the physical, because by nature ‘fantasy’ supersedes that of the physical. It is through allowing the mind to supersede the actuality of the physical, is where we end up abusing life in the physical. Because the physical expression is quite simple and to the point people want more and the ‘want more’ comes from the secret mind desires – which generated extensive mind-sex energy. What is not realized is that by going into fantasy and not sticking to the physical – we have come to accept all forms of abuse to one another simply so we can feed the never ending reality of the mind. Therefore if we take care of each other as the physical reality, we will start become aware of what allowances abuse and what expressions are effective. If you are stuck in your mind pleasing your fantasies, you will sit by and watch a society develop which allows abuse in all the forms you see in the world today.

When one works firstly with getting back to self-intimacy – it is then that you find yourself becoming comfortable while interacting with your partner, because then you don’t need anything from them and are not wanting to please their mind – you are simply two beings expressing together. That is real fun, to cross the barrier of doing it to please a picture or idea in the mind and for both to simply focus on mutual enjoyment of the physical.

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