2012 Why I could hear the Desteni message

When I met Bernard and Sunette I was completely bowled over firstly by their ability to communicate with the afterlife and investigate the dimensional existence for themselves. No-one and no ‘new age group’ could do this and for the first time in my life I realized that I was facing a truth about our reality which finally could be voiced – the truth that we are responsible for this mess we have created and individually we are responsible for what exists inside of us.

This message has been received differently by different people – depending on your starting point. If you still want someone else sitting in the sky to watch over you and tell you what to do and save your but for you on rapture day – then no the Desteni message does not go down well. If you are the kind of person like myself and other Destonians who have had enough of the idea of gods, religions, spirituality, hope and living in fear of ourselves then the Desteni message is like a breath of relief. Not meaning that it is a n easy path to walk – many of us have had to end relationships with friends and family, simply because of the fact that we stand for the end of all abuse on this planet, while most people are quite content turning a blind eye. When someone speaks of how to change the world, not just ‘we need to change the world’ and you touch on the individual choices of people – then you are bound to make enemies. But it does not matter – as Destonians we are not in it to please people – we are in it to make a change happen for all the billions of beings who suffer each day within our current world system.

So when I firstly listened to Bernard speak about what was happening inside of me I was relieved to finally get direction with regards to what I had to self forgive and face with regards to my depression and self abuse tendencies in life. It was not easy – because one you have become that personality, it is difficult to stop the personality. But I realized that I could not carry on the way I was, and therefore I stuck to the tools of writing, introspection and self forgiveness – suggested to me. Then It was a matter of changing myself physically as what I allowed, what I spoke and how I moved myself to no longer accept old patterns of self -abuse in all their subtle and not so subtle forms.

It took many discussions of many hours with Sunette and Bernard to see and realize the extent to which I had created my own Mind and how I was sabotaging myself to not live fully. So, each step of the way as the information was shown to me I could look inside of myself and actually see for myself how I had created me, therefore as the information was shown to me, it was never a matter of me not understanding what was being said. Each step of the way I could see and understand how I had designed me, what Bernard and Sunette did were merely facilitate the process of pointing out to me that which I could not yet see or refused to see or could see but had never paid any attention to. Slowly but surely one and equal I started seeing what they were seeing simply through being self honest and of course by checking where and how in my life I had designed the patterns they were pointing out to me. The key is always self honesty – one is always able to look inside yourself and see who you are and what you live – so with Desteni one is always the directive principle based on your self honesty. So – my journey with Desteni was that finally things were being shown to me which would allow me once and for all to change me – to let go of my pre-programmed design of ‘the depressed Goth chick’ and actually just live here in my physical body.

To add to that, I also knew that something was wrong with the world. So – once it was shown to me how the world systems actually functions and how to stop abuse in this world – I could see for myself that the solutions to the world are there if only we are willing to change ourselves as the cause of the problem and then the world systems through which the abuse is implemented.

Desteni for me has since the beginning been a clear directive journey in realizing simplistically who I had become and what I needed to self forgive and let go to not longer be that. If it was necessary for me to walk the time line of how I created a point – then I would do so – but basically my entire life was there as my memories for me to go and work with – nothing was mystical or hidden and beyond my understanding. Next point was the world – Desteni presented common sense in relation to the world because yet again nothing was mystified and frilled up. Simplistically I was shown mathematically how abuse is created and how we are participate in the abuse and what mathematical system is required for all abuse to stop – simplistic. That in itself in the key to Desteni – work with the actuality of reality and sort reality out according to what would be best for all.

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