Superman of the Streets

life-review-superman-of-the-streetsLife Review – Superman of the Streets.

In this Life Review a being from the Interdimensional existence (afterlife) shares with us the awareness of what somebody who lives their life on the streets, both on a mental and physical level has of their existence. We tend to distance ourselves from people who live on the streets, deciding as part of our own coping mechanisms that these people are perhaps ‘defected’, ‘like living on the streets’ or due to them not having lived the lives we have – ‘they dont know any better’.

However, one is faced with a specific experience as you listen to such a person describe their battle between not wanting to be trapped by the welfare system , that abused so many homeless people, while desperately knowing that they needed help. At the same time, this man could feel his physical body deteriorate and still he had to battle ‘street politics’ and the possibility of retribution from the same system that would not support such a being. He was born into the Life of Homelessness with no skills to find ways of creating a better life for himself, other than to continue surviving within daily fear.

He also indicates that he was aware of how the world system was not supportive and that his Life was fragile as he was simply living day to day, to prevent and postpone the certainty of death – a certainty which he was aware of as he felt his physical body age much faster than the people who walked past him on the street.

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