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A Doomsday Activist – Life Review

ImageOriginal interview:

What I saw within my own life experience listening to this Interdimensional being, was the point of participating and creating a life for myself in the safe space of my mind, when I could not create a safe world for myself in the external world. Leaving school I became aware that for most adults, life becomes about working 9-5, paying bills and simply learning to survive. I did not have this mind set as a desire for a life for myself. I could not see myself living the same religion, laws and life choices contently and thus firstly for many years simply allowed myself to sink into adult depression.

What I started noticing within myself was that in my mind, in my thoughts, in the secret space within my thinking I could change how I viewed myself and others, the world and our whole reason for exiting. This was my domain where nobody could tell me differently. So I started allowing thoughts to come up explaining to me concepts around who I am and that I am actually better than what was out there in the world. This became – one could say a polarity balancing act between the nasty thoughts that brought up panic and fear in relation to me not fitting into the world, where I would immediately have the self righteous, self serving thoughts start emerging that would justify why that person or world situation is wrong and I am right. In my mind, I noticed that one could create a reality for oneself where you are safe. At some point I also connected myself to spirituality whereby I could really fuel the ideas and beliefs that I am special, different and have a specific path to walk. Only years later, obviously through introspection into those thoughts patterns – did I realize that as a young child I did not originally have these mental planning and coping structures – this only developed as my ego developed – where I was reacting to my world and others. Each time I landed in more stressful life situations such as an abusive relationship or a stressful works scenario this mind system would adapt my thinking to allow for me to cope with what I was experiencing. In the end – similar to this doomsdayprophet in the interview – I had created a vaste network of ideas, religious concepts, ental system and rules according to which I would life in my mind and be a good, appreciated person – despite the physical and figurative ‘beating’ I took from the outside world.

Therefore looking back now – I see and realize that even though if one was to ask me ‘why do I belong to this specific religion’ I would give you a very deep, meaningful answer – however the thoughts that moved first as the reality of what I was experiencing was ‘because nobody else will accept me’ or ‘well how else will I be special?’

These were difficult aspects of myself to face – because eventually I looked at this mind protection system throughout all aspects of my life – how in relationships, friendships and work I would try and live out a fantasy based on the ideals that allowed me to feel good about myself. Everybody does this – this is why we create friendships with people that are similar to us or make us feel good, and seek professions/qualifications that boost our self worth – it all comes down to wanting to serve the mind-energy of feeling good -instead of realising the simplistically that myself and each one of us are already here in the physical, equal to the physical and do not have to ‘prove’ our existence to anything, especially not the physical reality. We only do this as part of a world that we have come to accept where we compete in our mind realities with each other as if they are real.

The crazy mother


This Interdimensional being explains how her Life started out pretty much going according to plan, even when she fell pregnant after a one night stand – the solutionand the way that her and her sexual partner decided to get married and build a life together – was simplistically ideal. Throughout her life she followed the guidance of her parents and always used the technique of planning and setting of guidelines to bring one to your ‘ideal’ goals.

Her and her partner developed an intimate relationship even though they had been ‘thrown together after a night of passion. Life seemed to be on track, until she was faced with the unpredictable, the uncertain. She was faced with a wall in her mind and in the end due to one specific mind set – and inability to change her views and outlook on how to approach Life and what to expect from oneself, she basically drove herself insane as her relationship with her children went from concern to an obsession.

What stands out about this interview is how only on her death bed could she listen and communicate, as she was letting go of her Life. Here she shares valuable insights for us, on practical things to consider for ones life, on practical considerations when dealing with ‘differences’ and to not allow set rules and beliefs about how life is to be lived, push oneself and ones family into fear.

2012 Internet Victimization and Rick Ross

a Criminology Paper 2012

Section A: Critically discuss the phenomenon of internet/virtual victimization and provide a case study or newspaper/internet article to substantiate your discussion of the topic

Table of Content

  1. Introduction.
  1. Definition of Key Concepts:

2.1.   Internet

2.2.   Victimization

  1.  Types of Internet Victimization:

3.1.   Flaming.

3.2.   Denigration or dissing.

3.3.   Bash Boarding.

3.4.   Defamation of Character.

3.5.   False Accusations.

3.6.   Rumor.

  1. An example of Internet Victimization: The Rick Ross Forum
  1. Conclusion.
  1.  Bibliography.

1. Introduction:

With the arrival and popularization of the internet, we are seeing a new form of Victimization developing, where online personas and hidden identities make it easy for a person or a group to victimize others, simply through the placement and misrepresentation of information, to target an individual or group.

As it is asked in the Study Guide (2004:25), the question is whether those who experience themselves as being victimized in the virtual or online realities, can be seen as victims according to our legal systems?

Recently I had such an experience where an online group focused their attention on myself and a group that I participate with on the Internet. The group that I participate with researches the nature and consciousness of humanity and has supportive tools for people to use, based on the research. The group in question did not agree with our findings and our methods and took it upon themselves to proceed with over 100 pages of internet bullying such as defamation, the creating of rumors, denigration and bash boarding. From there many of the members commenced the bullying on other forums and social network sites. The Consequence of their attacks, was the creation of a negative public image for the organization/group, which directly influences the effective establishment of the group on the Internet, as a support group, due to false allegations. This in turn influences not only the functioning of the group on the internet but their income as well.

In the Assignment I will be explaining terms such as Defamation, False Accusations, Rumor, Flaming, Denigration and Bash Boarding, which exist under the banner of ‘internet victimization’. I will then focus on the group that I have dealt with and why I say that they are creating Victims on the Internet – as an example of how Victimization occurs, together with Screen shots from the forum where the Abuse occurred. I will also briefly discuss how some countries have laws to prevent and prosecute Internet Victimization, while others do not – which in itself allows for individuals/groups to get away with and continue with Internet Victimization. At the end of the assignment I provide an additional case study or newspaper/internet article to substantiate my discussion of the topic (as per the requirements of the assignment).

2. Definition of Key Concepts:

2.1.   Internet: according to the Oxford English Dictionary (eleventh Edition) is described as:

“a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.”

For the purpose of this assignment I will describe the internet as:

An interconnected global network which provides and allows people with  information and communication services.

2.2.   Victimization: the definition of victimization that I will be using, I have drawn from the Study Guide, which is taken from The International Victimology Website (2008), which focuses on victims as defined by the UN Declaration (A/RES/40/34, General Assembly, 29 November 1985):

“persons who, individually or collectively, have suffered harm, including physical or mental injury, emotional suffering, economic loss or substantial impairment of their fundamental rights, through acts or omissions that are in violation of criminal laws, including those proscribing criminal abuse of power…” (Criminology and Security Science 2012:8)

3. Types of Internet Victimization:

According to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (New York State Division of Criminal, 2007) Cyber Bullying is committed when information, technology, emails, blogs, instant messages, chat rooms, gaming systems are used repeatedly to harass, threaten or intimidate others.  The problem exists in the fact that Internet bullies are often anonymous and can hide behind fake names and personas, which make it easier as the person/group never, have to face their victim.

According to the website, Cyber Bullying comes in various forms, such as:

3.1.    Flaming: which would be considered an online fight in which electronic messages are sent that are hostile, mean, angry, insulting or vulgar by nature with the intent of attacking another.

3.2.    Denigration or dissing happens when gossip, cruel rumors and unverified statements are published about someone.

3.3        Bash Boarding, are basically online bulletin boards or forums where people are allowed to publish anything, and these comments are usually hateful and malicious.

(New York State Division of Criminal Justice Service, 2007)

In my Research on Internet Victimization I also came across:

3.4.   Defamation of Character, which appear to be similar to Denigration above, which is ““the intentional and wrongful publication and communication of words or behavior to a third party which has the effect objectively viewed of injuring a person or entity’s reputation”, as stated by a SNA Associates, which is a South African Law Firm  (S.Niselow &Associates, 2012). According to them the internet is now becoming the most common medium for defamation due to its accessibility and the fact that anyone can publish any form of content on the internet, “especially on social network websites” (S.Niselow &Associates, 2012). They claim the following: “The relative ease with which defamatory postings can take place is disproportionate to the ongoing and extensive damage to reputation it causes. We specialize in securing permanent removal of unlawful postings and in obtaining compensation for our clients from the person or entity. responsible.” (S.Niselow &Associates, 2012).

Furthermore Defamation is used where a false statement as claim is made, in which the information is implied to be factual, which then gives the person, group, organization, government an undesirable image. This also includes any reproachful statement, which is published or communicated by one person about another. Such a person who harms the reputation of another may be referred to as a famacide, defamer or slanderer (Wikipedia, 2012).

3.5.   False Accusations:

A false accusation would be described as a statement about something or someone which cannot be substantiated and is therefore classified as ‘unsubstantiated’ or ‘unfounded’. Wikipedia provides three Categories of false accusations:

3.5.1.         Allegations that are completely incorrect/false in that the events that were claimed to have occurred never did.

3.5.2.         Allegations where events that did in fact occur are described, however the accused party mentioned, was not in fact the guilty party.

3.5.3.         Allegations where the facts are mixed with falsities – for example where events that did not occur are mentioned together with events that did occur.

Examples of False accusations would be:

False accusations of Rape, False accusations of  Cyber stalking, False accusations of  workplace bullying, False accusations of  stalking, narcissistic rage, psychological projection etc. (Wikipedia, 2012)

3.6.   Rumor: is classified asan unverified account or explanation of events circulating from person to person and pertaining to an object, event, or issue in public concern” Rumors are used in cases for example where one party wants information to be in their favor and to cause another person or group harm politically/personally/financially or to be disfavored in the public eye. (Wikipedia 2012)

4.        An example of Internet Victimization: The Rick Ross Forum

As I mentioned in the introductory section, I will be using my own experience of an Inter Victimization to illustrate an example of how Internet Victimization is allowed to happen on various internet platforms such as forums, web sites, social networks etc. The group responsible for Internet Victimization is situated in New Jersey, which is one of the states not covered by Criminal Defamation Laws. This allows such groups to continue victimizing people on the Internet as there are no consequences for their members. I provide screen shots of their Forum, indicating the various types of Internet Victimization as mentioned in .3 above.

(Taken from

“At the federal level, there are no criminal defamation or insult laws in the United States. However, on the state level, 17 states and 2 territories as of 2005 had criminal defamation laws on the books: Colorado (Colorado Revised Statutes, § 18-13-105), Florida (Florida Statutes, § 836.01-836.11), Idaho (Idaho Code, § 18-4801-18-4809), Kansas (Kansas Statute Annotated, §21-4004), Louisiana (Louisiana R.S., 14:47), Michigan (Michigan Compiled Laws, § 750.370), Minnesota (Minnesota Statutes. § 609.765), Montana (Montana Code Annotated, § 13-35-234), New Hampshire (New Hampshire Revised Statute Annotated, § 644:11), New Mexico (New Mexico Statute Annotated, §30-11-1), North Carolina (North Carolina General Statutes, § 14-47), North Dakota (North Dakota Century Code, § 12.1-15-01), Oklahoma (Oklahoma Statutes, tit. 27 §§ 771-781), Utah (Utah Code Annotated, § 76-9-404), Virginia (Virginia Code Annotated, § 18.2-417), Washington (Washington Revised Code, 9.58.010), Wisconsin (Wisconsin Statutes, § 942.01), Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Laws, tit. 33, §§ 4101-4104) and Virgin Islands (Virgin Islands Code, Title 14, § 1172).

The Rick Ross Forum is a ‘Cult Education Forum’, which was founded by Rick Ross, who is a self-proclaimed Cult Expert with no professional backing to what he does and allows on his forums. The Administration and members on the Rick Ross Forum are allowed to participate in Defamation, Slander, Flaming, Denigration, Bash Boarding, False Accusations, Rumor etc.

For background information on Rick Ross:

As a long standing member of the group being targeted, I know for a fact that this forum and its members have fabricated most of the information placed about the group in question and that they have falsified information, make up malicious content with the purpose of doing the group harm, spread rumors to place the group in a bad light, have taken actual events (true information) and transform it into falsities to suit their needs and made up stories about sexual abuse, child abuse etc.

There are currently no laws protecting those affected by the Internet Victimization in this case.  The intention of the Rick Ross forum for example – which would be similar to most cases of Internet Victimization, which is to damage the reputation of the group and as you will see from the follow comments I have taken from their website towards the group in mention, they are deliberate in their malicious words and intention.

The reason why I have included this example is to provide a real life situation in where an Internet Groups is targeting other groups as Internet Victimization.

(taken from – For the period: December 2008 until January 2012)

5.        Conclusion:

It is my perspective that Internet Victimization is a very real problem and that laws should be implemented in each country to protect the users of the internet. Many people conduct business on the Internet and therefore develop a Public Profile. For one group to tarnish your Public Profile through misrepresenting the truth, simply because they can is unacceptable, as it means that people suffer real consequences to their income and self-esteem and right to self-expression.

Internet Article to substantiate my discussion of the topic:

  • CPT’s Page on Foreign Libel, Slander and Defamation Cases – Hague consequences: 17 recent foreign defamation stories:

6.        Bibliography

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Section B: Discuss how victim precipitation, lifestyle and susceptibility play a role in internet victimization

Table of Content

1. Introduction                                                                                          

2. How do Victims and Victim experiences differ?                                     

3. How does victim precipitation, lifestyle and susceptibility play

a role in internet victimization?

3.1 Victim Precipitation:

3.2 Lifestyle    

3.3 Susceptibility                                                                               

3.4 Youth Internet Victimization                                                         

4. Victim precipitation, lifestyle and susceptibility examples

4.1 Victim Precipitation                                                                       

4.2 Lifestyle                                                                                           

4.3 Susceptibility                                                                                   

4.4 Youth Internet Victimization                                                    

5. Conclusion                                                                                                  

6. Bibliography                                                                                             

1. Introduction

Within this section of the assignment I will be discussing the difference in experience between Victims and their experiences, how victim precipitation, lifestyle and susceptibility play a role in internet victimization, as well as provide examples of victim precipitation, lifestyle and susceptibility within Internet Victimization

2. How do Victims and Victim experiences differ?

Victim precipitation, lifestyle and susceptibility with regards to Internet Victimization, refer to a potential that crime is not just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that a consideration could rather be that some crime victims are at a higher risk than others. Each Victim’s experience with both the crime, and criminal justice system differs, based on the victims personality type as well as the type of crime.

3. How do victim precipitation, lifestyle and susceptibility play a     

    role in internet victimization?

3.1  Victim Precipitation: this refers to whether the victim was an activate participant in the crime, in which the victim antagonized, angered or baited the perpetrator or Passive participation within which the victim through his/her personal characteristics, was unaware of the role that they were playing, but through hidden factors, caused the perpetrator to feel threatened or attacked. (Victimology, 2012: 31).

3.2  Lifestyle: refers to ones activities during the day, where you go, where you work, hobbies, leisure etc.  Potential victimizers monitor the lifestyle of a potential victim, through which they decide if the person will make a suitable target.

3.3  Susceptibility: Examples of characteristics that could make one person more susceptible to being a victim of crime would be the way they act, their behavior, or personal traits. Vulnerable groups, susceptible to crime can include the handicapped, the old, the young, people who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs etc.

3.4  Youth Internet Victimization: This links in with Part 1, where I spoke about Internet Victimization. Again here one is looking at the vast amount of information that is shared on the internet and the fact that the internet provides a platform for any person to place any information about another or a group. This opens the door for the youth to be targeted in chat rooms, social networks and forums where there is no or little censorship.  Examples of where youths are targeted: sexual solicitation, aggressive sexual solicitation, exposure to pictures of nudity and harassment.

Not only young children are at risk of being targeted on the Internet, but teenagers as well, which is a risk factor many adults/parents do not take into consideration, which in turn creates a “a false sense of security”. (Victimology, 2012: 32).

4. Victim precipitation, lifestyle and susceptibility Examples

4.1.   Victim Precipitation: according to the British Journal of Criminology (2012)

a study was conducted to reveal the characteristic of victims within pedophile cases. The study comprised of 64 pedophilia cases, out of which 31 (48-4 per cent) had the following characteristics: visits were made to the offender by the victim by the victims own incentive.  In the case of victim precipitation was the following was also found: The offenders had less of a criminal background, “especially in relation to offences against property.” (British Journal of Criminology 2012), had lower intellect than other pedophile offenders and their mental processes had declined due to chronic schizophrenia, different brain processes etc, the victim had often known the offender, offences were in most cases linked to bribery and the victim was found to be in similar situations more than once. (British Journal of Criminology 2012).

4.2.   Lifestyle: according to the “Criminal Justice and Behavior” website, a study was conducted to examine the effects of Social Vulnerability and Financial Impulsivity.  The study was conducted by Michael D. Reisig, Travis C. Pratt and Kristy Holtfreter. The study aimed to measure whether there was a link between Lifestyle and victims of online fraud. They used telephone surveys in the State of Florida and found through the data collected from a sample of adult internet users, that social groups vulnerable to Internet Fraud were: lower socioeconomic category consumers and financially impulsive respondents (when using their credit cards online). According to this study it was found that “Results from the negative binomial models show that consumers with higher risk scores spend significantly less time on the Internet and make fewer purchases from Web sites, yet financially impulsive respondents fail to engage in such risk-reduction strategies.” (Criminal Justice and Behavior 2009).

4.3.    Susceptibility: the “Internet Journal of Criminology” presents a paper done by Andrew Newton, University of Huddersfield & Kate Bowers, from the University College London, UK. The paper discussed the case of damage to bus shelters in a single case study in Merseyside (UK). The bus shelter damage was equated to the socio economic environments within which they were situated. Therefore it was found that the bus shelters that were attacked/damaged were found in neighborhoods with high levels of anti-social behavior and violence. Two elements within the bus shelter damage incidents seemed to be “lack of capable guardianship and the presence of youths.” (The Geography of Bus Shelter Damage: The Influence of Crime, Neighbourhood Characteristics and Land-Use, 2012). A correlation was also found between shelter damage and the existence of nearby off-licenses, pubs and clubs.

4.4.   Youth Internet Victimization: a survey was conducted for youths between the ages of 10 to 17 to highlight the relationship between youngsters who actively seek pornography and those who are subjected to such images. The following was found: “Twenty five percent of youth had unwanted exposure to sexual pictures on the Internet in the past year, challenging the prevalent assumption that the problem is primarily about young people motivated to actively seek out pornography. Most youth had no negative reactions to their unwanted exposure, but one quarter said they were very or extremely upset, suggesting a priority need for more research on and interventions directed toward such negative effects.” ( The exposure of youth to unwanted sexual material on the internet, 2003)

5. Bibliography

  1. Bowers K & Newton A, 2012. The Geography of Bus Shelter Damage: The Influence of Crime, Neighborhood Characteristics and Land-Use [online]. Available at [Accessed on 28 February 2012]
  1. Criminology and Security Sciences, the only Study Guide, 2012. Unisa, Pretoria.
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Randy's Journey to Life

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”   Helen Keller

This quote, attributed to Helen Keller, has been repeated over and over through the years.  When I’ve heard reference to this quote, frequently it’s been a ‘shortened version:  “when one door closes, another has been opened for us” or, something along those lines…  It’s oft repeated as a way of ‘thinking positive’ – to ‘look on the bright side’ or, ‘to find the silver lining…’ when something we interpret as bad, or negative, ‘happens’ to us.  Obviously, these ‘doors’ exist metaphorically.    

Most instances that I’ve heard these lines have come after someone has lost a job or, didn’t get a promotion they were hoping to get.  And, since most of us exist in survival mode, and…

View original post 428 more words

5 year old boy loses his leg – who is responsible?

Next to a school, a tree is being cut down. The people cutting the tree do not take into consideration where the tree will fall, once it goes down. The tree falls onto the school next to which it is standing. The tree collapses on top of a class room, smashing through the roof and walls. Inside many children are injured and one boy aged 7 loses his leg.

The question is who is responsible for such accidents in our society? Did the people cutting down the tree have to rush the job to get to their next job because of money? Did they not have sufficient training to cut down a tree and due to lack of money, the community could not hire people who did have the know-how? Did the people who cut down the tree simply not care?

One of the crucial points of the Equal Money System will be that people who train themselves to do a specific job, will do so because they realize how it benefits humanity. We will train ourselves not for greed or prestige, but because we treasure life and contribute in developing a world that is best for all. Therefore people who for example in a community will take the responsibility of cutting down trees or tending to nature, will not rush the jobs because they don’t care or because they need to get to the next job. Such people will also be trained effectively because there is no financial reason such as companies hiring inexperienced people at lower wages. Therefore we take care of each other as you would want to be taken care of. Therefore in an Equal Money system the value is life for all equally and the accidents we see now due to human error will decrease significantly, as no one is doing what they do from the perspective of ‘lack of’ or disinterested.

This is the key in the first place to all acknowledging the value of an equal money system. It is in realizing the benefits of such a system. It is not just about ‘equal money from birth’ – it is everything associated with the change in values of humanity. The decision made by the majority of people, to change to an Equal Money system does not just happen on a ‘monetary’ level – it starts because within each we realize, as I have that we no longer want a world where things happen because of greed, because we have stopped caring and now only live to survive.

Currently we live in a world where no-one can be trusted and our children, nature and ourselves are paying the price – at any moment your life or ‘limb’ can be taken away due to the negligence of another. Imagine yourself in one moment having your life or body compromised simply because someone else for a moment acted from a starting point of negligence, simply because they could not care to see you safe? Imagine if the reason why you are injured or killed was because that person did not care because he was being directed by money? This is the world we have created, it is all around you – watch the news. Therefore to say these things happen because ‘someone else’ did not care – is also not valid – we as humanity have all agreed to the capitalist system, to greed, to profit. Therefore it is us who have decided that we will harm each other in the name of money. It is each one of us that is responsible for the pain and suffering caused in this world because everyone together has become lethargic as the human, has almost become ‘evil’. If a god existed I would sure as hell be ashamed because if he is watching what goes on inside each one – what he would see is the true nature of humanity. We are sure as hell not the image and likeness of anything more than what we are now. No-one can exclude themselves from this – because every human looks at what is going on in the name of money and within how the current world systems function and simply shrugs it of and ‘hopes’ it never happens to them or their family. Each person who read this article and all similar articles about the boy who lost his leg, will react for a moment and in your mind secretly think ‘I hope that never happens to ‘my child’ as a fear ripples through your stomach – not considering that the little boy is someone’s child.

This is the ultimate deception we have become as humanity.

Will there be obesity in an Equal Money System?

I will start this article, by presenting the research on the Internet about the causes of Obesity. I will then include Desteni perspective on obesity and from there discuss how an Equal Money system will affect Obesity. I will place the internet perspectives in italics.

What Causes Overweight and Obesity?

Lack of Energy Balance
A lack of energy balance most often causes overweight and obesity. Energy balance means that your energy IN equals your energy OUT.
Energy IN is the amount of energy or calories you get from food and drinks. Energy OUT is the amount of energy your body uses for things like breathing, digesting, and being physically active.
To maintain a healthy weight, your energy IN and OUT don’t have to balance exactly every day. It’s the balance over time that helps you maintain a healthy weight.
• The same amount of energy IN and energy OUT over time = weight stays the same
• More energy IN than energy OUT over time = weight gain
• More energy OUT than energy IN over time = weight loss
Overweight and obesity happen over time when you take in more calories than you use.

Other Causes
An Inactive Lifestyle
Many Americans aren’t very physically active. One reason for this is that many people spend hours in front of TVs and computers doing work, schoolwork, and leisure activities. In fact, more than 2 hours a day of regular TV viewing time has been linked to overweight and obesity.
Other reasons for not being active include: relying on cars instead of walking, fewer physical demands at work or at home because of modern technology and conveniences, and lack of physical education classes in schools for children.
People who are inactive are more likely to gain weight because they don’t burn up the calories that they take in from food and drinks. An inactive lifestyle also raises your risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer, and other health problems.

Our environment doesn’t support healthy lifestyle habits; in fact, it encourages obesity. Some reasons include:
• Lack of neighborhood sidewalks and safe places for recreation. Not having area parks, trails, sidewalks, and affordable gyms makes it hard for people to be physically active.
• Work schedules. People often say that they don’t have time to be physically active because of long work hours and time spent commuting.
• Oversized food portions. Americans are surrounded by huge food portions in restaurants, fast food places, gas stations, movie theaters, supermarkets, and even home. Some of these meals and snacks can feed two or more people. Eating large portions means too much energy IN. Over time, this will cause weight gain if it isn’t balanced with physical activity.
• Lack of access to healthy foods. Some people don’t live in neighborhoods that have supermarkets that sell healthy foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Or, for some people, these healthy foods are too costly.
• Food advertising. Americans are surrounded by ads from food companies. Often children are the targets of advertising for high-calorie, high-fat snacks and sugary drinks. The goal of these ads is to sway people to buy these high-calorie foods, and often they do.

Genes and Family History
Studies of identical twins who have been raised apart show that genes have a strong influence on a person’s weight. Overweight and obesity tend to run in families. Your chances of being overweight are greater if one or both of your parents are overweight or obese.
Your genes also may affect the amount of fat you store in your body and where on your body you carry the extra fat. Because families also share food and physical activity habits, a link exists between genes and the environment.
Children adopt the habits of their parents. A child who has overweight parents who eat high-calorie foods and are inactive will likely become overweight too. However, if the family adopts healthy food and physical activity habits, the child’s chance of being overweight or obese is reduced.

Health Conditions
Some hormone problems may cause overweight and obesity, such as underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), Cushing’s syndrome, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).
Underactive thyroid is a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn’t make enough thyroid hormone. Lack of thyroid hormone will slow down your metabolism and cause weight gain. You’ll also feel tired and weak.
Cushing’s syndrome is a condition in which the body’s adrenal glands make too much of the hormone cortisol. Cushing’s syndrome also can develop if a person takes high doses of certain medicines, such as prednisone, for long periods.
People who have Cushing’s syndrome gain weight, have upper-body obesity, a rounded face, fat around the neck, and thin arms and legs.
PCOS is a condition that affects about 5–10 percent of women of childbearing age. Women who have PCOS often are obese, have excess hair growth, and have reproductive problems and other health issues due to high levels of hormones called androgens.

Certain medicines may cause you to gain weight. These medicines include some corticosteroids, antidepressants, and seizure medicines.
These medicines can slow the rate at which your body burns calories, increase your appetite, or cause your body to hold on to extra water. All of these factors can lead to weight gain.

Emotional Factors
Some people eat more than usual when they’re bored, angry, or stressed. Over time, overeating will lead to weight gain and may cause overweight or obesity.

Some people gain weight when they stop smoking. One reason is that food often tastes and smells better after quitting smoking.
Another reason is because nicotine raises the rate at which your body burns calories, so you burn fewer calories when you stop smoking. However, smoking is a serious health risk, and quitting is more important than possible weight gain.

As you get older, you tend to lose muscle, especially if you’re less active. Muscle loss can slow down the rate at which your body burns calories. If you don’t reduce your calorie intake as you get older, you may gain weight.
Midlife weight gain in women is mainly due to aging and lifestyle, but menopause also plays a role. Many women gain around 5 pounds during menopause and have more fat around the waist than they did before.

During pregnancy, women gain weight so that their babies get proper nourishment and develop normally. After giving birth, some women find it hard to lose the weight. This may lead to overweight or obesity, especially after a few pregnancies.

Lack of Sleep
Studies find that the less people sleep, the more likely they are to be overweight or obese. People who report sleeping 5 hours a night, for example, are much more likely to become obese compared with people who sleep 7–8 hours a night.
People who sleep fewer hours also seem to prefer eating foods that are higher in calories and carbohydrates, which can lead to overeating, weight gain, and obesity over time.
Hormones that are released during sleep control appetite and the body’s use of energy. For example, insulin controls the rise and fall of blood sugar levels during sleep. People who don’t get enough sleep have insulin and blood sugar levels that are similar to those in people who are likely to have diabetes.
Also, people who don’t get enough sleep regularly seem to have high levels of a hormone called ghrelin (which causes hunger) and low levels of a hormone called leptin (which normally helps curb hunger).


Practically, too little or too much food will result in a change in weight. This input-output formula is HOW a person gets thin or fat. The overweight person eats too much food and does too little exercise. (See identifying the obese or overfat person). The commercial and fitness industry has made a fortune out of people with a weight problem. If you, or someone you know, has a weight problem, please remember that the excess weight is a manifestation of deeper problems which are caused by psychological and/or historical factors. Psychological “causes”, refer to an individual’s personal dynamics which contribute to how s/he uses food. Historical causes refer to practical events in a person’s life, such as the loss of a parent, the birth of a sibling, changes in schools, sexual abuse, etc.

The overweight person has:

1. Learnt how to use food as a means of coping with psychological and practical problems.
2. Eats whenever they are emotionally upset.
3. Has a range of psychological problems.
4. Therapy is not always effective.

If you wish to understand how the psyche sets up a coping mechanism such as overeating, please click here before or after you have read the following.
The following general psychodynamic causes apply to all eating disorders.


1. A lack of coping skills: This means that there is an inability to manage life in a practical way. Often there is an inability or lack of skill to deal with an emotion, to process it, to work with it and to cope with it. Individuals with eating disorders only know how to deal with their problems through food and exercise. Most of us lack coping skills for at least some areas in our lives. I have indicated that they are stuck at a very primitive way of dealing with the world. We could call them orally fixated (Freud’s theory). That is, they are stuck at an oral point of coping with the world. This means that everything in terms of how they cope with the world is done around the mouth. Besides eating, other oral fixations include smoking and drinking. The other important concept that goes with this phase is “instant gratification”. This is the sense of time urgency of wanting everything now! There is an inability to wait. My clinical experience with this group of individuals confirms this concept.

2. They fail to recognize and respond adequately before it is too late because they do not have the appropriate skills. For example, in a stressful situation, the obese person reaches for and eats the doughnut before she even thinks about any other options. This brings us to the next point.

3. They cannot stop and think because the appropriate skill is often inhibited by fear, anxiety or deeper issues. Any emotion can prevent an individual from actually using a practical skill to deal with the situation. Emotions are trigger factors which can either get in the way or they can signal that an action is required. Let us look at the inverted U hypothesis.

Up to point X you have a positive experience and you are able to take action. Thereafter there is a decrease in your ability to take action. For example, if a student is studying for an exam, enough anxiety will motivate him/her to study but too much anxiety will prevent this. Any stress, emotion, experience, etc, can be a beneficial experience. However, too much of anything can overload your ability to cope. People stuck in the oral phase have a very low tolerance level which they deal with through instant gratification. Compare to the curve above, theirs would look like this. (Note the smaller curve indicating the lower tolerance level).

We all vary in terms of how our own curve would look and this can affect how well we function. Try and think about what your curve would look like for say anxiety, anger, pain, frustration, etc.

4. Poor self-esteem: The entire sense of self is invested in how the individual looks and how much she weighs. She cannot give herself credit if she has lost a kilogram of weight because she is still 15 kgs overweight. Her mood will depend on how she looks or feels that day. A slight increase or decrease in weight as reflected on a scale, can change her whole outlook despite how she may have felt just prior to weighing. These are all manifestations of a poor self-esteem.

5. They lack confidence but this is often body specific. These individuals can be quite high functioning in other areas of their lives but they are not confident about their bodies. They feel particularly threatened in situations which require that they look physically good e.g. going out to a function.

6. There is a poor body image and the body mage itself is often distorted. A distorted body image is a very specific phenomenon. It means that you look in the mirror and when you weigh 45kgs you believe that you weigh 65kgs. It is a distortion, not a slight maladjustment. When these individuals look in the mirror they do not see the reality. The fat person seldom realizes how big s/he is, while the anorexic always thinks she is overweight.

7. There is an obsession with weight/food and the approach to this is often extreme or all-or-nothing. They constantly think about food. Being obsessive as well as being all-or-nothing are both defense mechanisms. All-or-nothing behaviour can be assessed by the “diet mind-set”. E.g. “I am either on diet or off diet”, “I will be 100% compliant when I’m on the diet, but will eat as much as possible when I am not on diet”. This all-or-nothing thinking is also applied to other areas of the person’s life.
The negative effects of dieting and the media play a prevalent role in poor self-esteem, the lack of confidence, a poor and/or distored body image, as well as obsessions with food. On is constantly bombarded with new fad diets or emaciated looking models. The average woman tries to model herself on this and loses touch with how she wants to look and what is realistic for her size and shape.

8. They feel isolated. There is a lack of understanding from friends, family and society. They are quite often rejected by spouse, family, friends and society, which results in feelings of loneliness and isolation. Even some professionals do not understand the phenomenon. There are ardent attempts to change the symptom and a tendency to ignore the deeper dynamics. There is often employment discrimination and they are labelled as lazy, sloppy, out of control, self-destructive. Unfortunately, these indiviudals also tend to internalize these labels and then live up to the label.

9. Emotions. This is a bit of a chicken and an egg situation. Is the emotion that is being expressed a result of the problem, or the cause of the problem? What comes first, the cause or the effect? Was this person anxious, frustrated, bored, etc before they started having an eating disorder or has the emotion been exacerbated by the eating disorder?
All emotions may contribute to, or be the result of the eating disoder. Depression, anger, boredom, emptiness, loneliness, feeling devalued, helpless, inadequate, stressed, frightened etc. These emotions need to be controlled and because the person with an eating disorder does not have the coping skills (point 1) s/he resorts to the eating disorder pattern. Emotions that are not dealt with are shut off, but do not go away. They come back when you least want them or expect them to. Food or purging or exercise is merely a comforter which restores the equilibrium. Food is also a tool for expressing emotions or feelings as a reward or punishment. For people with an eating disorder, food does not equal food. Food is not eaten for sustenance. Food is a comforter, a friend or a dummy. In summary, their relationship with food is quite abnormal.

10. There is denial of and poor communication with regards to feelings and needs. Poor communication often causes other problems in relationships and issues are not dealt with as they happen.

11. There is an inability to trust in themselves, their needs, their wants, their feelings and in others.

12. Boundaries. They cannot say no to themselves or to anyone else.

13. There is an inability to make choices. The ability to make choices is something we learn from a young age. Someone who is functioning at a very primitive level (point 1), cannot make choices in general, let alone about food.

14. Personality Disorder: It is enevitable that some people will have found different ways of coping with their personal issues, even to the point of developing a personality disorder. Personality disorders are difficult to treat as they become fixed, ingrained patterns of coping. The assessment of a personality disorder can only be made by a psychologist or a psychiatrist.


The Design of Obesity

2 October 2007

Hi. This is the Obesity System Demon—System Design—excuse me. (System demons are the more ‘compacted’ manifestations in the individual human beings, whereas the Obesity System Design—as myself—is of the entirety of this existence.)

So, why does obesity exist? Again, a balancing act, a balancing equation within this existence.

Obese human beings can’t help themselves; they can’t help their thoughts, they can’t help their eating habits. Though, if they have a really, extensively strong will, they are able to break through their part of and in this balancing act and equation within this existence. What do I mean with that? ‘Obese human beings’ has got actually nothing to do with the food they eat, or even the amount they eat (that plays a part, yes, but not all of it).

The reason obesity exists is because of the following:

Now, with the mind consciousness systems developing within human beings, the mind consciousness systems—interdimensionally—literally feed off the human physical body nutrients to exist interdimensionally. Now, what do I mean by ‘it feeds off the nutrients’? [laughs] Have a look. (Human beings, you know, it’s necessary to open your eyes to this world that you’re existing in, because nothing is what it seems.) So, interdimensionally, your human physical body is of life, is of this Earth, is the expression of life that is of the Earth, within and as oneness and equality. Now, the mind consciousness system placements within and as your human physical body interdimensionally, literally feeds off of the life essence—the life force essence within your human physical body—to sustain its existence and, as it feeds off that life force essence of that which the human physical body consists of, interdimensionally, it manifests as the nutrients and sustenance of your human physical body in this reality; and thus, through a period of “time” (time-space continuum in this reality), mind consciousness system upgrades have been extensive, extreme, where the mind consciousness system manifestations within human beings have gotten so extensive that human beings’ life force essence started depleting at such a rate that human beings have become a complete, full-fledged mind consciousness system at the age of about eighteen years old (instead of twenty-eight years old) – even to the extent where babies were born with complete, full mind consciousness systems already intact within and as them, no chance of actually experiencing themselves as who they really are as the expression of life, of oneness and equality with their human physical body.

So, what happened is the mind consciousness system placements within human beings required extra sustenance and nutrients from human physical bodies. Because of the extensive amount of the infusion and the manifestation and the integration of the mind consciousness system, human beings’ physical bodies literally started depleting, very quickly. In other words, the extraction of the nutrients from the human physical body by the mind consciousness system. Now, the nutrients is as the life force essence within and as you as your human physical body. Human beings started dying quicker, and started becoming older much faster, and the mind consciousness system couldn’t stay “functioning” within the human physical body.

So, obesity—and the existence of obesity—is for the following reason: Human beings that are obese, actually, an extensive amount of fatty acids, which are—and actually very much other specific nutrients—within and as their human physical body, which come in vast amounts. So, in other words, they were another manifestation of a power source and power charge for all the other human beings within this world. In other words, their unconscious mind (of their entire mind consciousness system) was designed in such a way to transfer life force essence nutrients—from their human physical body—to the rest of humanity, so that the mind consciousness systems within human beings could continue participating and be “alive” in and of this world, so that human beings can continue with their—the rest of humanity—can continue with their lives “normally” (as mind consciousness systems) because the mind consciousness systems are fed the necessary nutrients through the unconscious mind of the human beings who are obese.

So, therefore, weight, et cetera, has got nothing to do with food, nothing. Especially not obesity. Really. It’s just that, when they eat, what happens with their mind consciousness system is that their systems are set up in such a way that, if they eat the food, the food is multiplied and quantified three times within their human physical body; and that’s why they become obese. So, in other words, their system has been quantified to three times more extensive in the amount of food they actually eat. In other words—let’s say they eat a hamburger and fries and a cold drink—what happens is that amount of food they eat, within their human physical body, quantifies to four times the amount. In other words, actually they ate four hamburgers, four fries, and four cold…three cold drinks…sorry, THREE times, quantified THREE times in their human physical body. They actually had three hamburgers, three fries, and three cold drinks. That happens EVERY TIME they eat; and as their systems quantify, their mind consciousness system—with their specialized unconscious mind—then extracts the necessary nutrients as the life force essence within them, extracts the necessary nutrients and then sends it (through the unconscious mind) to the rest of humanity so that the mind consciousness system is able to have the necessary nutrients to be able to exist within and as human beings.

So, human beings, the solution to this situation would just be to stop your mind—stop the mind through forgiveness, self-honesty in every moment—because this must stop (it’s really, really unnecessary); and to those human beings who are obese in the world, we have sorted the situation out. Now, all you have to do is also just stop your mind, and don’t believe that it’s actually the food that is causing your obesity. It’s actually the mind consciousness system within you; nothing else. Food is harmless.

Article taken from the Desteni Forum Archives


Now that I have quoted the research done by various sources on the internet, including that of Desteni – I will place the following perspective:

Will obesity still exist in an Equal Money System?

By using the various factors that cause obesity mentioned by the internet research groups – I will take each ‘cause’ of obesity and show how the factor itself will change in and because of the changes that occur within people, once we are in an Equal Money System.

Let look at the first point:

1. Lack of Energy Balance

What has happened in our society today, is that we have become addicted to consuming – either in the form of the perceived energy we get from being around our friends, partners or family or through consuming goods such as food, entertainment, products. Every time one experiences an energetic jolt within oneself that drives one to buy or do things, which you don’t really require, it is always based on fulfilling a energetic void within oneself. That is why the media are able t to impulse people to buy things not because of practicality but simply because of the desire within each to have a specific feeling, to quench a thirst in one’s life. Through ‘experiences’ we think and believe we can enjoy ourselves, and through the generations we have trained our children to rely on the outer world to fulfill a gap inside self, which should be fulfilled simply by ‘Self’ accepting oneself as ‘I am here’. The people who design products understand the psychology/thinking of man, therefore corporations make use of ‘human psychology’ to design products and use media and advertising to sell the product by playing on people’s needs, desires and pre-programming. Pre-programming is a vast subject, for now I will mention that pre-programming is each persons design within consciousness as various systems dependent on energy, generated through the action of thinking, feelings, emotions, fear, reactions. This is the make up of consciousness as it exist currently as the human – it is not a pretty picture – and the problem is that humans have come to accept ‘human nature’ as ‘normal’ not realizing how we are directed as the mind, and how corporations and those with money use our own ‘weaknesses’ as our ‘design’ to direct us every day into participating in the current system. If we did not exist in the mind, dependent on the mind as energy – then corporations would not be able to direct us through how the mind works. Currently we believe we are the mind and every experience we have as who we are as our ‘personality designs’ must be valid – because hey ‘it is who I am!’. What is not taken into consideration is how the mind as the system works, how it acts on our behalf to keep the human as a system functioning.

Therefore food as with any other action done from the starting point of overindulgence is done from the staring point of filling oneself to the brim through ‘experiences’. In an Equal Money System, we will change how we live as humanity. Our values will change from what I have described above – because our values currently have been designed through the principles of the capitalist system. Nothing that we do currently is based on ‘what is best for all’, but instead is designed around impulsing the human to participate in the money system, which is based on greed of those who direct the capitalist system. So lets look at obesity for example:

In an Equal Money System we will no longer impulse people to buy – so from that side you will not have people being directed through ‘feelings’ and ‘experiences’ to buy things. Secondly because our value systems change people will start becoming aware themselves and will seek assistance through experiences which before they either did not know about, or the issues were not advertised because the problem itself as the human psyche supports the capitalists system or because the person could not afford assistance.

Let us look at the experience of ‘filling the gap’ – which is the predominate reason why people overindulgence and consume more than what they require. Again in an Equal Money System we will all be able to experience everything equally. All resources will be equally available for all people to express ourselves within, therefore you will no longer have the generational problems we have now which was caused through the gap between rich and poor resulting in people becoming ‘bored’ within their lives – and desiring new, fresh experiences. Such experiences are then replaced by sex, food, drugs etc. In an Equal Money system boredom will not exist as the failure to be able to study and pursue a certain career/life experience. Therefore the total human experience will change from what is it now, where each are trapped by their socio-economic status to a life where we explore all facets of our world and human abilities.

2. An Inactive Lifestyle

This was covered in the previous point.

3. Environment

In an Equal Money System corruption, theft and fraud will no longer be possible or necessary – therefore people will be able to go where they need to go to get exercise and money will no longer be the reason why people are not able to go for exercise or to a health care professional. Work schedules will change as we will no longer work long hours or overtime, as that exists in the current system simply so that corporations can make more money. Therefore people will have sufficient time to exercise/do activities/enjoy themselves. Food advertisements will obviously also change from encouraging overindulgence to common-sensical eating – because the food industry will no longer be about greed – but about supporting the physical body.

4. Medicines

Firstly in a Equal Money System, we will actually fund the proper research necessary to find out what methods or medication is required to effectively support the person. The deception that exists today is that the medical industry profits off sick people – therefore – the scientists are not being paid to find solutions for illness – they are being paid to keep people sick within an ever lasting cycle. Medication costs a lot of money and only alleviates some symptoms. In an Equal Money system because our values change to that of supporting life, we will develop and maintain support modalities like the Desteni I Process that works with the person to bring them to the core of their illness by understanding what the illness represents about the persons pre-programming and total design. Therefore to stop illness, we go to the core and work from the inside out. If an illness has become a genetic trait, then again we work through the layers of information that has become the water of the person, to self purify ourselves, so that what was in the past is cleared so that we do not have to live out the future, paying for ‘the sins of the fathers’.

5. Genes and Family History

Everything that has been written above, applies here as well. Whatever ‘trait’ gets passed down through the generations is simply our dishonesty we have come to accept as ourselves as ‘human nature’. Human nature is based currently on surviving in this world, therefore nobody actually lives, but simply adapts as our personalities to survive in the current world systems. The current world systems are designed around Money. So while people believe they are living ‘quality lives’ – they are actually justifying the capitalist system, in which you can buy your comfort and your survival. If you cannot buy it like a majority of families in the world, then sorry for you. And in this case ‘sorry for you’ will usually be followed by ‘it is karma’ or ‘god made you this way’.

So – hand in hand with an Equal Money System – which is the foundation system which allows all an equal opportunity at a dignified life, as your birth right on this planet – together with it as I mentioned above – goes the changing of ourselves as the nature of humanity we have come to accept. Now we accept struggle, comparison, survival, self-interest, greed. In an Equal Money System – when people are taken our of the need to survive and the need to compete -because you have all your basic needs taken care of and all resources are yours to utilize equally within self responsibility. Together here we have a new way of living, a self purification of the human from what we accept to be human nature now – to living what is best for all, as yourself – equal to everyone else. This equality based living includes, working through any ‘issues’ one might have which means that you are not able to live a fully functional, effective life. So in the current system, we have come to accept that as part of this ‘life’, people get stuck in survival, fear, pain, depression, anger, comparison, etc. In an equality based system – while the Equal Money System provides you will your living requirements, you have an equal opportunity to address all your ‘problems’ – which you are being burdened with, within the current world system. The Desteni I Process, is such a modality, where one walks through your entire life design, to delve into the patterns of self acceptance we have become that do not serve us. The Desteni I Process for example is a structured modality/course which covers the layers of the mind, through which we are able to go into the patterns we exist as, find their cause, find out why we use these patterns, and let go of the pattern through specific tools and the key application of self forgiveness, self honesty and self responsibility. In an Equal Money System, these courses and all other modalities that assist in self support, will be available to all – because again – they key emphasis here is that in an Equal Money System – it is about restoring the human to our fullest potential, whereas in the current system if we were to restore the human to our fullest potential the capitalistic system would not be able to survive.

If we clear ourselves as the layers of family history that we have manifested as, within our total design – then we are ensuring that the future generations do not have to live out ‘the sins of the fathers’ – as we are currently experiencing. All assistance will be made available for people to be able to support themselves to an actual solution – not to merely keep going in circles.

6. Smoking

In an Equal Money System, the main focus as I mentioned above will be on self-purification. This means that a person will walk through available self assistance modalities and together with that utilize other therapies or methods which assist effectively (in an equal money system most current therapies/services will be applicable according to what support the physical requires). With regards to smoking – this falls under the same banner as ‘self support’ if it is used as a means of aligning oneself back here effectively into and as a fully functional being. Therefore while walking through programs/courses that assist in peeling the layers of your self design – if one finds smoking to assist, then that could be valid. If however just like anything else, it becomes a life line that you are not able to eventually let go of where it replaces self honesty and self correction – then again – this would form part of the evaluation process one would walk through, where one consider all your patterns and through that find out – is this supporting me or am I using this to not have to apply self forgiveness and let go of my addictions? Therefore in the case of smoking causing weight gain because nicotine raises the rate at which your body burns calories, one would look at how to move yourself physically and improve your breathing to align the physical so that it supports itself effectively with regards to food assimilation – instead of relying on an outside source. Again because there would be no restriction on what resources you would be able to utilize, people will not have the excuse of not being able to physically apply themselves due to time or money restrictions. All aspects will be noted down as part of your self assistance – and if any ‘problems’ come up, one can assess it in self honesty, without denying anything, based on money.

7. Emotional Factors

Again this point of boredom, suppression, denial, anxiety etc that could be the cause of overeating – was covered above. Again if money is not the issues then who will become bored? Currently people place themselves in life and work situations where they are not happy, but they have to be there because of money. Take Money out of the equation – and what different life decisions would you make, when you are not dependent on another and have access to equal opportunities to everyone else?

8. Age

Here again one can address factors like menopause etc, by effective research into the human design. If research is no longer about money, then, we can get on with effective research into the human design, such as how consciousness really functions and what the body really requires. From there we can focus on effective solutions for health care problems we have come to accept as ‘normal’. Also refer to the article above taken from the Desteni Forum archives called: ‘The Design of Obesity’. You will see that the research points towards the survival of the human which over time evolved the mind consciousness system to adapt the physical to be able to support the mind of the individual, which has to function in the current system. Change the system and how it requires of each to survive and not live, and there you will find the key in redesigning the human so that we no longer exists as reservoirs for the mind, but instead the physical becomes fully functional as life as you.

9. Pregnancy

Weight gain during and after pregnancy has also been designed within the mind consciousness system to prepare the baby to become a fully functional system. Again please refer if you have not to the article called ‘The Design of Obesity’ to get a clearer understanding of how the mind adapts the physical body to become an energy resource for the mind. Therefore taking into consideration what has been mentioned previously, change how we live and why we live, as the values of what it means to be human, and many ‘health issues’ that are currently accepted like ‘excessive weight gain in the mother’ will be effectively addressed and will change because of who the mother has become as life. This will affect her total design as she will support herself and the child – not to design a complete system that runs off energy to survive. Again proper research into how to assist the mother during and after birth, will allow mothers to support themselves through the necessary means, which will not be hampered by ‘lack of money/lack of time’. The mother will also be able to have assistance from others which in the current system is only possible if you have money or family that are available. In an Equal Money System mothers and pregnancy will be something we will support effectively because we value life and therefore value the mother’s body and that of the new born child – whom we want to come into this world with the best chances at living a full life.

10. Lack of Sleep

Again here one would ask the question -why does the person not sleep well? What is the core issue that requires to be addressed? Mostly we find that people have difficulty sleeping because they experience anxiety over money and survival. Therefore in an Equal Money System anxiety over survival will not exist and if a person finds themselves anxious over any particular point – they will have the tools such what is presented in the Desteni I Process to see the pattern and stop the pattern through writing, self honesty, self forgiveness and self responsibility. Hormones are chemical messenger within the body that transports a signal from one cell to another. The function of the hormone is therefore to transports a signal which then instruct changes within the body. So again – of one says ‘I have a hormone imbalance’ – one would look into why over time this message has become more prevalent and has thus created a ‘imbalance within the hormones.’ Through the generations – the physical adapts itself to those who have gone before us, according to their personality designs and how they programmed themselves to survive in the world. Therefore ‘genetic hormonal imbalances’ are yet again showing us that we inherit from our parents that which they programmed themselves as. In these designs you can see how the person lived, according to what they believed, feared, thoughts, their emotions, feelings, likes, dislikes, All of this eventually becomes your water and gets programmed into your physical – as ‘who you are’. Then you have a child and into the child gets programmed a combination of the traits from mother and father, which also consist of traits combined from their mothers and fathers and those who went before them. So somewhere in your family lineage, an imbalance was created for example in certain hormones because of what those hormones functioned according to. In an Equal Money System, we wont just ‘treat the hormones’ as a form of suppressing the core design of the being, but instead we will look at why the person’s body functions the way it does.

I suggest take a look through the section called:


Again what does one notice here – survival. In most cases we are looking at financial concerns as well as the persons believe structure about themselves. What we have focused on in the Desteni I Process for example is to stop all self definitions as they separate us from who we are as a physical body into a projected image we hold in our minds, which comes from what others have taught us, we should be. Therefore, self-image for example comes from growing up and being subjected to the image others tell you is acceptable. Then one starts believing this is normal because everyone is society is subjecting themselves to an idea of whom we are based on pictures and pleasuring each other. This in turn causes people to develop ‘self esteem issues.’ In an Equal Money system Money does not direct people’s decisions because there will be no corporations impulsing you to believe the lie which is that you must be a certain someone to be ‘acceptable.’ That ‘certain someone’ is a personality and picture design manifested from layers and layers of lies designed by the capitalistic drive. Therefore to make money people have to sell ideas. The greatest lie that has ever been developed has been the idea that we are dependent on becoming something more than what we are here as the physical body. This is how capitalism functions. Have you noticed how many billions of ads there are for useless products trying to tell you that you are needing their product to make yourself better? This is all based on the deception we have come to accept about ourselves. Again in an Equal Money System, as I previously mentioned, we will change our values, because we will realize that what we value now as beauty and sex, is in fact harming us to the extent where millions of people, animals and nature of being abused. We abuse not only animals and the environment, but each other in the name of beauty/ugly. Such frivolous ideas, that cause much suffering. We teach our children from young that it is acceptable to want to fit into a certain image of yourself. Again this is based on Money. Woman allow themselves to fit a suitable image, so that they will find a good mate that will provide for them. In this is also the subliminal factor of finding a suitable mate that will ensure a strong offspring – again here we are looking at survival of the human. Survival of the human has become about who is the best, instead of living here equally within the physical reality. Being the best is again an idea that is sold to people through the media, and is the driving force of the capitalist system for you to wake up in the morning and go earn money – so that you can be better than the next person. Unfortunately people do not see how they are allowing themselves to be sold a lie about who and what we are. We see it as harmless and almost ‘fun’ if you have the money to participate in the rat race of humanity. It is not fun for those who suffer within the capitalist system due to the greed that is cultivated from what we as humanity accept. Each time, we give permission to a new trend – then we are giving permission to the corporations to lie and cheat to your face to sell you the product. In that they will use all human ‘weaknesses’ to impulse you to buy things – so that on a subconscious and unconscious level – we will feel complete.

More on the Desteni I Process:

In the psychology of the design of personality, the human will make a life decision of personality trait in less than a minute between the ages of 8 and 18, such a trait will then be a lifelong pattern of self-sabotage. In the Desteni I Process we capture this/such moment(s) in detail to assist with self-correction and life change, as we work with personal history in self-honesty to understand the relationship dynamics and accepted patterns that have come to define our life/experience. Self-creation as life entails transcending the definitions we wear in this world as if it were make-up; letting go of fake values and delusions of grandeur and seeing the actual truth of ourselves and this world.

The value of life is life. Who are we as life? Can we value ourselves and each-other as life? Can we let go of the mental boundaries and move beyond the limitations of the world consciousness that makes us believe we can only survive through war, separation, secrecy, abuse… Can we stop our fear of ourselves and each-other and self-realize life? Who will we/will each one be?

The daily self Task to place yourself in writing in a structured way will in time be your proven sanity, trust , honesty and consistency that transcend all ego. All the structure must show is your dedication to what is best for all life and the confirmation through cross-referenced feedback that you are in fact living this commitment breath by breath into being as you as life. This will support you effectively when you get to the point of no return called death and you are measured to see if you are in fact life and worthy to be recognized as life. At Desteni our interest is life and the living. Join us in this journey of creating the way to life to stand the test of time. Desteni I Process is available to all regardless of affordability.

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Double life of a ‘Good man’

Yes – every single human is always a ‘good person’, even though this does not match up to what is reported in the media as the actual nature of humanity. All over the world humans are giving into the mind as that which possesses each. For some it is taken as far as becoming a rapist or a murderer. For some it is to beat your wife or hit your child. For others it is to gossip or cheat or steal, or to have harmful judgmental thoughts about yourself or another. Every single human at some point or another gives into their secret mind. We have come to accept that humans are ‘flawed’ and that we are allowed to give into our emotions, feelings and ideas about ourselves and others, because that is simply’ human nature’. We know that within ourselves exist dark nasty thoughts and desires, yet we support ourselves and each other in justifying it – by collectively as society giving permission to things like pornography, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, the lies that go with selling products in the capitalist system, fighting, competing, gossiping, hating, wanting, desiring, denying, taking, comparing, lying, – and the list of ‘human traits’ go on.

We observe each other and ourselves and we justify our actions by not looking at ways to purify humanity as ourselves, but instead we find ways to sell the weakness of man so that everyone can get rich. Of course nobody wants to admit that this is what humanity is all about and have become as the basic functioning and value of ourselves.

As you are able to see if you observe ‘human nature’, is that humans exist within ‘layers’ within society – and all of these layers we have come to accept as ‘normal’, ‘acceptable’ and that there is nothing we can do about. An example of such layers would be the escalation of the mind as personality starting with your average person who exists trapped in patterns and behaviors based on emotions and feelings and fears. This is every single human currently – a personality robot defined and structured according to our addiction to thinking, feeling, emotions and to survive as our ‘personalities’. Each human fights for and competes with others to protect their personalities – believing it is real and believing it is what is best for them. The next layer from there is the person who takes the secret mind thoughts and lives them. Here you have most of society participating in aggression, competition, hate, anger, jealousy, lust, relationships, addictions, entertainment, sport etc. Each thought and inner experience is taken into expression, and then you have a society that we have now – and still it borders on acceptable – because no-one is willing to become self honest and see that what we accept as the inner and outer reality of ‘the human’ is in fact not what is best for all – and is irresponsible. But because the majority accept it – everyone accepts it. That is how it has always been – call it the universal mind as consciousness.

The next layer consist of those in society who take the secret mind thoughts that even the previous level that I mentioned are not willing to express, and they go and live out those thoughts. Such people would be your murders, rapists, religious fanatics, arsonists, fraudsters, gangsters, crime boss’ etc – these are merely a handful of examples – just scan through the internet for ‘world news’ and you will find millions of such people living out their thoughts and inner battles, daily.

What we have done at Desteni since 2007 is show within our research that all of these ‘layers’ as I have simplistically represented them here – all come from one human mind design and functions according to the base programming of all minds as consciousness. Therefore we realized that from the ‘average person’ allowing themselves to have secret mind thoughts about themselves or another to the serial rapist existent within the next layer who takes his secret thoughts into expression – we have one human mind as layers of itself existent within various expressions as various beings – and that even when we accept one aspect of the mind as ‘abusive’ within the ‘average’ person to be lived as your inner reality – but don’t allow the next person to take that abuse into expression – then we have the society that exists now – where we condemn a minority of people but allow the rest to ‘carry on’ . We all claim that it is fine to exists in the mind as our thoughts, feelings, reactions, emotions and hidden desires – but it is wrong for the next person in society to take that into expression and rape, hurt, steal, maim, kill, destroy…

This indicates to me a society that wants to be able to live out its darkest urges and will justify the existence of such expression as normal – but wont allow others to live out their urges. I means let’s be really self honest here. We want to be able to drink, party, fuck, fantasize, abuse, consume, impress, compete, compare, judge, condemn – as a society – but as long as you don’t take it to the extreme measure and kill or rape people. The fact that murder and rape and all forms of abuse exists in our society and the fact that we allow such actions inside ourselves towards ourselves and others – does not even bother people. As long as I can pay someone to fuck them and I can rape a woman in my mind – who can complain? Secretly having sex with another in your mind – as long as it only happens in the mind and -then it is acceptable. But the rapist who expresses what the average male has in his mind and does not give the woman money – he is a bad person and must be locked up.

Reality of it – these are merely layers of the same human behaviors and we have all come to accept it because we are participating in it.

I will now be using a newspaper article to illustrate how society is trapped in the same cycles of bulshit and how we use words to keep ourselves trapped in the acceptance of these layers.

People who read any newspaper or magazine does so from only one starting point – sensationalism which generates energy within the reader as reaction to what you are reading. Society – as I mentioned earlier is addicted to energy which comes from participating in the mind. So lets take a look through this article and identify how the human exist as double standards – some layers of human behavior are acceptable while others are not.

I will place the newspaper article directly (in italics) and within that place my perspective:


“The man – who has been arrested in connection with her murder – has allegedly admitted to police to having kidnapped the 17-year-old while on her way to school in Roodepoort, west of Johannesburg, on Wednesday morning, telling them he did so because he “liked the way she looked”.

In our Society today – Pornography has become an acceptance. The justification I have found used by people who watch porn is

1. ‘god made me this way’

2. ‘it is natural for us to want to have sex’

3. ‘the porn stars want me to watch them, nobody is forcing them to be porn stars’

4. ‘what harm does it do if I watch pornography, its not like I am raping anyone’ And the list goes on.

However no-one considers that to say god made me this way implies that your god is sick/dysfunctional , or you are implying that your god made you with a weakness – an addiction to abusing the physical form so that you may have a nice feeling, and he/she/it did not give you the common sense to realize what you are doing and that maybe you are being ‘tested’ by yourself to reveal whether you are able to stand up to your addictions or are you merely directed by your addictions as an abuser of life on this planet? I have asked many people what they would do if the god or deity or higher force they believed in was to exist as part of the society they have created where you sit and watch porn – would you still accept pornography? No one has been able to answer me on that one.

The second statement ‘it is our nature’ – also directly implies that we know weare being directed by our addictions and that we are no more than that and don’t want to be more than that because quite frankly we don’t want to change. Unless of course a rapist molests our daughter – than it is wrong to participate in the groping and abuse and dishonoring of a female form. Until then we will allow the dishonoring of the female form by adoring celebrities that personify the absolute separation between the existence of beauty versus ugly – to the point where we will abuse people in thought, word and deed for being ugly – while fantasizing about ‘beautiful’ woman to the point of pornography, addiction to masturbating while fantasizing to pictures to of course; the mind that wants to rape a woman because of the specific fantasy it consists of.

The third statement: considering how the capitalist system functions where a majority of youngsters enter the job market just to realize their dreams of having a good life with never ever happen and that they will have to join the rest of the lower middle class society who work at Walmart or MacDonald’s – is it really so surprising that people become Porn Stars, Drug peddlers, fraudsters? If a porn star was to openly admit that the only reason why she does this is for the money and that she really hates it – men would not find her sexy – they want her to be pleasant about the whole thing and the picture she portrays must be that of ‘I love sex’ and ‘I love to please men’ – so obviously the reality of why woman and men go into porn, is never mentioned – because of the picture that is presented as part of the fantasy of porn. Men really believe that all those woman secretly desire the man watching them and want him to molest them with his eyes. That is the reality of the mind that watches porn and the lie that exists behind why and how pornography exists. No-one wants a nagging porn star – she will not last a day. The rest of them who say ‘I do it not for the money, but because I looove sex’ – yes in our society where girls are taught and brainwashed from young that they are in a beauty system where their self validation is dependent on what approval they get from others and how much others give them value – obviously you will have some woman brainwashed enough to desire approval through their ‘beauty’ so much that they will step over the line and through becoming the most desired image for men – find orgasmic pleasure . If you really observed the symbolic that happen during sex – you will find that the ultimate pleasure experienced during sex combined with the desire to be desired by another – leads to ‘the most intense orgasms’. Again this is what pornography symbolically stimulates in people – if a woman is really fucked by a man, she must be absolutely desirable and the man must be the king – this is the symbolic on which the fantasy is built and is the reason why men and woman watch porn and also why someone would become a porn star.

So getting back to the young woman who would want to become a porn star – Again here we can use the concept of the ‘layers’ in our society, which ultimately represent the layers of the mind as what each person becomes as their ‘personality’. All woman are trained and subjected to the idea of appearances, beauty, self value through the eyes of men from a very young age. How many of us only take that to the ‘first layer’ where we put on make up and wear nice clothes to get approval from others? How many take it to the next level and go for weekly hair appointments, manicures, pedicures, wear only the latest trends and only socialize in groups of ‘beautiful people’? How many then take it to the next level and seek careers where they are acknowledged and paid for their appearances – models, porn stars, celebrities? So again we have layers of acceptance in our society. A lot of people for example will judge the porn star but within ourselves we allow the existence of a porn star who will sell ourselves to males and other females just to experience good feelings from watching them us as ‘beautiful’. So wearing makeup, programming your behavior, wearing specific clothes to get a reaction from people – is that really so different than becoming a porn star? Observe the actual layers that this construct creates within – which then becomes our societal preferences – based on what it is that we really accept.

We then go on to lie about what we accept to save our arses in front of a god – while the real secret mind stuff exists which everyone in society gives permission to and actually allows within ourselves. The funny thing about what really goes on inside of people is that a majority of people beLIEve in a god, or some spiritual force that watched over them – yet they actually believe that their god cannot see into their minds and does not see the secret things we do? I mean is your god all knowing or selective and dumb? And while realizing obviously -using basic common sense that your god sees everything you do in your mind and in action – do you reeeally think that he/she/it allows you to do and think what you do because he/she/it loves you and wants you to have good time/free will? I mean do we not for a minute contemplate that perhaps our god(s) do nothing because he/she/it wants us to do something and become the image and likeness of god as being and living what is best for all? What else would be the point of a god/deity/higher force if all it does is sit and watch while humans allow abuse in their minds and in their world? Usually the response from religious people to this is – in the afterlife I will be saved…..

No – I do not accept the afterlife excuse. That is the excuse used by people who don’t want to take self responsibility for what is HERE, for what we are creating now in this physical reality. To speak of an afterlife you have never even confirmed for yourself to be able to abdicate self responsibility is according to our own society equal to the actions of a madman, yet again here we double standards – society calls some people ‘crazy’ yet it is ok for everyone to carry on within themselves participating in secret thoughts and secret lives – because an invisible god is watching over us, will forgive us and once in the ‘afterlife’ you will be forgiven and free from – and here we have the catch 22 situation – free from this abusive planet????. So while on this planet all get to contribute to and allow the abuse while waiting for the afterlife where we are free from this pesky abusive world? The human mind is most schizophrenic at times.

“A shocked neighbour described the blond Afrikaans-speaking man, who is employed at an industrial company in Roodepoort, as “normal” and “such a good person”. “He was always friendly, I can’t believe it. Nobody can believe it. He didn’t drink, he didn’t smoke,” the neighbour said. “He was always friendly and always neat. He was such a good person. That’s why it’s such a shock.”

So what people are saying here is that people who are good and who a neat and friendly should not have secrets and participate in secret thoughts that harm themselves and the rest of society? If you observe your inner reality, the inner reality of those around you and that which we allow as our society – you will see that being neatly dressed, friendly and a ‘good person’, means nothing – and is in fact the mask that is worn by society so that we can live out our desires without being bothered. On the point of drinking and smoking – do the people who said this even realize the double standards they are using? They are implying that bad people would be the ones who smoke and drink – but in our society the majority of people consume alcohol, recreational dugs and smoke??? In fact when I tell people I don’t drink – the reactions I get are that of -‘your such a stiff man’, implying that I am weird and ‘different’ for not wanting to drink, because drinking is ‘fun’. Drinking alcohol allows the mind to let go of its inhibitions – again proving that humanity are directed by secret mind desires and fear of being self responsible – or else we would not need alcohol to relax now would we? In this article the information of the rapist not drinking and smoking is used to stimulating an emotional reaction in the reader, because obviously it does not come from people realizing that substance abuse exists to cover up or enhance self-dishonesty.

“But this is the same man whom police suspect to be the “Sunday Rapist” linked to the brutal rape of 10 teenage girls in Gauteng and North West over the past three years. What his neighbours also do not know is that the suspect is a convicted sex offender who did four hours of community service every Sunday – his only punishment after a court found him guilty of sexual assault in 2007. He was slapped with a three-year suspended sentence and ordered to do an unspecified number of community service hours. Yesterday, Detective Peet du Toit told how he managed to persuade the suspect to hand himself over to police less than 24 hours after De Waal was kidnapped on her way to school, allegedly raped, strangled and her body set alight on a Magaliesberg farm. The suspect was already “a person of interest” to the detective, who had been on the trail of the Sunday Rapist since October last year. He said he called the man’s brother and asked him to convince his sibling to call him urgently. “I asked his brother to convince him [the suspect] to phone me before it was too late,” said Du Toit. The suspect eventually called him at 4am yesterday. “It took me a lot of convincing and negotiating to get him to drive to a police station,” said Du Toit. The experienced investigator, who is attached to the Krugersdorp Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences unit, told the man on the phone: “Think of the community and your family . It is in your best interest to hand yourself over.” He finally handed himself over at the Margate police station on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, 726km from home, at 5am yesterday. He was brought back to Gauteng under heavy police guard and will remain in custody until he appears in the Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court on Monday on charges including two counts of murder and “various charges of kidnapping, rape and sexual assault”, said Du Toit. He said there were still other charges that needed to be finalised. At a press conference yesterday, Gauteng’s acting police commissioner, Major-General Nobesuthu Masiye, said the suspect had confessed that “he had indeed kidnapped the girl [De Waal]”. The Sunday Rapist is also wanted in connection with the murder of Lazanne Farmer, a 14-year-old Pretoria West girl whose mother, Anna, said yesterday she hoped police had finally caught her daughter’s killer. She said she desperately wished to come face to face with him “so that I can I ask him why he killed my daughter, and whether she had said or done something nasty to him to deserve to be killed”. The section head of the South African Police Service’s investigative psychology unit, Dr Gérard Labuschagne, said the case that shocked the country this week was just the tip of the iceberg. “We have hundreds of serial rapists running around the country,” he said, adding that if co-ordinated police task teams were formed to hunt them down, they would “catch them within a couple of weeks”. It is believed the Sunday Rapist has been on the prowl in Pretoria, Rustenburg, Potchefstroom, Vanderbijlpark, Carletonville and Krugersdorp since 2008. Labuschagne said it was “very rare” for serial rapists to hand themselves over. There was a sombre mood outside Hoërskool Die Burger, where De Waal was a Grade 11 pupil, yesterday. Two bouquets of flowers placed on the premises in her memory told the whole story. Her schoolmates were not taking it well, according to a school counsellor, who declined to be named.The girls, especially, feel really bad,” she said.”

The schoolgirls are all people who participate daily in the beauty system, comparison, jealousy, the doting of celebrities – so again if we were to consider and educate ourselves and our children in the actuality of the layers of society which exist as the layers of the mind of the individual – we would see that to be shocked at the actions of a rapist who physically acted on his desires – is not taking self responsibility for the system which they themselves give permission to each day – which is the abuse of the female form as a picture to be used for self gratification.

Stop the abuse of life within self and then we stop the abuse in society – because only then do we even begin to see that everything currently exists based on the staring point of the human as the mind. It all ‘to place it in basic terms’ comes from and exists in the human mind firstly. It all exist around and from the basic foundation points that all have come to accept as ‘human nature’ and ‘thought’ and ‘consciousness’.’So – what we accept within ourselves already now exists in it most extreme versions within the world. Everyone sees it – however most claim they are not able to do the basic math’s and see that everything inside self also exists in another – in some form and according to some intensity of itself, according to whom that person accepts themselves to be through the acceptance of ‘my mind’.

“Parent Annelize Thomson, whose daughter is also in Grade 11, said she feared for her child’s safety. Thomson said her child also walks to school and that she would never allow her to walk the 1.5km distance again. ”Whatever it takes, we’re going to come and fetch her,” she said.”

Again, only once something happens to those close to us, do humans wake up for a moment and acknowledge that something is wrong – but only if it affects those born from the same family as you and your closest friends. Every day millions of beings starve and are abused in various forms within the existing capitalist system. We see it all around us, in the news, on the internet, even in our own cities – yet we don’t equate that the society we have – is and has always been created by ourselves – and no devil or god is to blame. Nobody is doing this to us. We are creating layers of abuse, individually and together, because all agreed to the accepted nature of man and to the secret hidden realities within each one’s mind.

I have used the example of sex/porn and masturbation to illustrate the comparison between sexual abuse and accepted sexual abuse in society. Obviously this example I used as ‘layers’ of accepted behavior exist in all forms of society, not just with regards to the rapist, pornographer, sex addict.

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I feel Physically uncomfortable – Demonology forum perspective

I feel Physically uncomfortable

Original Topic:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to exist in a paralyzed state in which I kept waking up feeling physically not right.

Yes – when i started working on the physical point I created, in which i felt physically uncomfortable – I realized that my physical uncomfortably that I had created, came from my uncomfortably with myself as the idea within my mind that I had created as my personality – that there was something wrong with me. Initially i equated this to me being spiritual and that i was uncomfortable because of all the ‘evil’ in the world LOL

Then when i started working with self honesty – I realized that this ‘story’ I created which i could live with was to cover the real story which was that i hated myself and could not take self responsibility for me, something i considered to be ‘not worthy’, not good enough’. Where did this come from – again i traced this (with the assistance of the Desteni tools/people) to my childhood – a perception that was formed from when I was young simply because of issues that had developed between me and my father.


So – i suggest stick to what IS here, and work backwards in time through your life as memories of past events – and find what triggered you into symbolically programming yourself into what you are now – layered in metaphysical and spiritual pictures and values – so that each do not have to face the reality of our past as we programmed ourselves to get away from the real experiences.


Has the Demonic Mind been projected into the Human Psyche – Demonology Forum Perspective

Has the demonic Mind been projected into the Human Psyche?

Original Post:

What we found in our research into the afterlife through the Portal was ‘as above so below’ meaning that heaven existed of the energy that was generated through consciousness. Therefore humans were designed as mined consciousness systems to through the process of thinking, feelings and emotions – generate energy within and as the systems which both triggered, directed and acted as transference systems to the interdimensional existence, as heaven. Therefore heaven could exist as the energy generated through the mind, through and as ‘consciousness’. Demons were beings trapped within and as the secret mind experience of the human, which was experienced by themselves before death as they were faced by their own thought creations. Therefore in the afterlife beings were literally trapped into and as their own thoughts, either because of who they were before they died or because of a traumatic death – either way the demonic mind shows the secret mind of what the human really exists as when it is in full demonic application! Therefore the demonic nature did not get projected into the human psyche, but rather existed parallel to the human existence here on earth. Demons could possess humans and humans also posses other life forms for the energy that is experienced by the person within the point of interaction. What we are seeing is the acceptance that people use that demons are responsible for their own secret mind thoughts and behaviors, which has been manifested by each human through continual participation in thinking, emotions, feelings and the addition to energy, through which humans will ‘possess’ themselves.

Is it necessary for me to know about the mechanics of my Mind Consciousness System Designs to be able to Direct Myself – Demonology Forum Perspective

Is it necessary for me to know about the mechanics of my Mind Consciousness System Designs to be able to Direct Myself?

Original Post:

I would be interested to know more about the

SunetteSpies wrote: mechanical systematic design

of the MCS.

I would also be interested to know how the MCS(s) were first “downloaded” into humans and also how they relate to DNA in terms of being passed on generationally (if they, in fact, were/are). If the systems are somehow downloaded from each parent to the child, what are the mechanics behind their combination in terms of the system the child (unborn fetus?) comes to inherit? Also, are we each doomed to the physical reality of being copies of our parents in terms of there is a limit to the extent to which we can “differentiate” ourselves from them in terms of tastes, mannerisms, etc.? I guess what I’m getting at is: does anyone know how far I can take it in becoming a unique expression of my DNA from a starting point of what’s best for all (rather than the starting point of an inherited MCS)? If I could perhaps understand the mechanics of the system I would know “what I’m up against,” so to speak, in terms of what “programs” are in place and if/how their existence within me has effects (unconscious, subtle, etc.) or limits my process

Please note that we do not go into the specific system and pre-programmed designs for each human or each person participating in the Desteni material – as this would take hours. We have done some system perspectives/interviews, however we decided to rather focus on making it possible for each person to learn how to work within and with their own pre-programming as that which you have already accepted and allowed yourself to become. Therefore it is not necessary to give the ‘behind the scenes’ perspectives for each person, but rather to make it possible for you to work with your own self accepted personality designs.

Therefore on this forum and the Introduction to Desteni forum we focus on assisting each person in effective writing – in which you take apart your own system designs which manifested as your personality and your thoughts/backchat. Then one is able to see how you have designed yourself, how you live it, how you abdicate self responsibility, how you justify it and the observable patterns within which you exist. We have designed the Desteni I Process courses as a structured layout for each person to learn the tools to work through the conscious, subconscious and unconscious designs. For those who are not able to take the courses, we support on the forums, by taking points and walking them step by step, through to self responsibility and self change.

Therefore you don’t need to see the ‘unseen’ designs, because you are already living and behaving as the manifested system design. It is all there for you to write about, apply self forgiveness and self corrective statements.

I have also experienced pressure on the top of my head and a sort of feeling of energy flowing through my body recently: I would like to know is there a diagram related to the structure of the MCS as manifested within the body? Are there points throughout the body and if so do they relate to the chakra system or perhaps the chinese medicine meridian system?

I suggest go through the articles section, where you will find Venos’ documents on the Mind System, structural resonance etc. The Chakras were plug points, designed by the creators, within the soul construct and have therefore no other purpose that what it existed as within the transference of energy, which was then used by the demons. Again the only practical point to consider here is the following:

When you start experiencing this energy movement from your head – what ‘thoughts’ did you participate in before the sensation/energy movement started? Your behaviour, personality and thought participation will indicate to you why the energy as sensation is happening. You are accessing thought constructs in that moment which according to your pre-programming would have resulted in specific energy movement. For example – by focusing on the existence of energy as a specific experience – you are already giving permission to yourself through the physical – to have specific energetic responses. It is the same as energetically allowing the experience of ‘sorrow’ to overcome oneself. You have already connected a feeling as a physical reaction to the thought about energy movement. Therefore your physical body is responding to the thoughts. This does not mean anything unless you continue allowing yourself to respond to the energy movement which happens in the first place because you have directed it so. Therefore we focus on stopping the definitions of chakra, energy, etc through writing and self forgiveness – so that we are no longer directed by any pre-programmed designs.

Also, and sorry for all the questions, but I would also be interested in learning more about demon posession as it related to chakra-sucking. Specifically, I am under the impression that I may have invited possession as I still feel very physically not-balanced (unstable) in terms of I have difficulty walking around like I literally stumble around like a crazy person. I mean I am pretty used to it- I have not felt right for what I feel like was at least 4 years of being influenced by entities (still not really sure what the fuck happened.). Here is a link to a document that most closely describes my experience. “Soul loss” also comes to mind in describing my experience for the past few years. I have often felt literally like my feet aren’t touching the ground and even now I have considerable difficulty being conscious in terms of directing my body comfortably in physical reality. I often stumble. I feel like I can actually feel where my body grew wrong where there were entities sucking on my chakras. I’m pretty sure I have bending-of-the-spine and I know my knees have not taken this instability well (Again, I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground for years).

I suggest watch the History of Desteni and Demons series on the demonology web site (or read the transcription), in which an explanation is given that demons were assisted years ago interdimensionally and therefore there are no more demons. Any movement of energy is now happening on an individual level, where you have programmed your physical body to ‘run out of energy’. This again could be based on the idea you have about demons or for most people it has become an acceptance of ‘running out of energy’. Therefore again through writing I suggest explore how and why you allow yourself to feel tired, feel drained, allow the physical to slump. This could be a pattern beginning from when you were younger – which you in a specific moment attributed to demonic/entity activities – instead of taking self responsibility.

When I worked with patterns of depression and tiredness, I looked at when I created this for myself, physically, and what it was that I was running away from within my world, that caused me to rather say I am tired’ or ‘I have been sapped of my energy’ than to live.

If I knew more about the constructs (soul, chakras, universal unconscious) I might be able to direct my body back to finding balance. I literally always clench my jaw, stumble around, etc: It’s really fucked. I haven’t always been like this. Is entity possession possible now? If not, when did it stop being possible? What happened to the demons? The same with the other dimensional beings: in what ‘form’, so to speak, do they exist now?

I have felt a sort of flow like the MCS is flowing inside me as this system of energy: I would like to know is there an actual entity within me that could properly be called a MCS? How does one remove/eradicate the system? Or is it a matter of strategically breaking it down through walking through points that are released through SF through Self-Honesty?

Anyways, that’s all for now, if I think of any other weird experiences to share, I will. Would appreciate any links to videos if anyone has a perspective on any of the above.

No entities or demons, the movement inside of you is you as the mind creating experiences. I suggest observe your starting point within your question about demons, as it is based on the idea that you read somewhere about entities/demons being responsible for how people experience themselves.

So… I feel like I may have invited possession and if I knew more about the “physics” behind it and the exact date the demon was removed from me, I might be able to help myself more effectively, here, in the physical. I would also like to know, if possible, the mechanics behind what I have seen called “cords of attachment” i.e. cords between peoples so-called energetic bodies that connect their chakras and allow one person to “suck” energy from one person to themselves: Was this phenomena real in the time before the removal of the chakras?

‘I feel’ – yes you will notice that your interest in the white light/soul construct is based on the desire for accumulation of knowledge and information – for the purpose of participating in the mystery which surrounds your physical self created experiences. I suggest let us get started with identifying the name of your demon. Let us identify at what age you started experiencing fluctuating energies. What does your demon look like inside and with you that saps your energy, leaves you tired and causes you to focus on energetic movements instead of breathing, taking self responsibility and writing yourself to freedom?

With regards to your back – I suggest to support yourself physically, while working with self forgiveness, by going to a Chiropractor, Kinesiologist or someone who works with physical alignments.