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A Doomsday Activist – Life Review

ImageOriginal interview: http://eqafe.com/i/arosouw-life-review-a-doomsday-activist

What I saw within my own life experience listening to this Interdimensional being, was the point of participating and creating a life for myself in the safe space of my mind, when I could not create a safe world for myself in the external world. Leaving school I became aware that for most adults, life becomes about working 9-5, paying bills and simply learning to survive. I did not have this mind set as a desire for a life for myself. I could not see myself living the same religion, laws and life choices contently and thus firstly for many years simply allowed myself to sink into adult depression.

What I started noticing within myself was that in my mind, in my thoughts, in the secret space within my thinking I could change how I viewed myself and others, the world and our whole reason for exiting. This was my domain where nobody could tell me differently. So I started allowing thoughts to come up explaining to me concepts around who I am and that I am actually better than what was out there in the world. This became – one could say a polarity balancing act between the nasty thoughts that brought up panic and fear in relation to me not fitting into the world, where I would immediately have the self righteous, self serving thoughts start emerging that would justify why that person or world situation is wrong and I am right. In my mind, I noticed that one could create a reality for oneself where you are safe. At some point I also connected myself to spirituality whereby I could really fuel the ideas and beliefs that I am special, different and have a specific path to walk. Only years later, obviously through introspection into those thoughts patterns – did I realize that as a young child I did not originally have these mental planning and coping structures – this only developed as my ego developed – where I was reacting to my world and others. Each time I landed in more stressful life situations such as an abusive relationship or a stressful works scenario this mind system would adapt my thinking to allow for me to cope with what I was experiencing. In the end – similar to this doomsdayprophet in the interview – I had created a vaste network of ideas, religious concepts, ental system and rules according to which I would life in my mind and be a good, appreciated person – despite the physical and figurative ‘beating’ I took from the outside world.

Therefore looking back now – I see and realize that even though if one was to ask me ‘why do I belong to this specific religion’ I would give you a very deep, meaningful answer – however the thoughts that moved first as the reality of what I was experiencing was ‘because nobody else will accept me’ or ‘well how else will I be special?’

These were difficult aspects of myself to face – because eventually I looked at this mind protection system throughout all aspects of my life – how in relationships, friendships and work I would try and live out a fantasy based on the ideals that allowed me to feel good about myself. Everybody does this – this is why we create friendships with people that are similar to us or make us feel good, and seek professions/qualifications that boost our self worth – it all comes down to wanting to serve the mind-energy of feeling good -instead of realising the simplistically that myself and each one of us are already here in the physical, equal to the physical and do not have to ‘prove’ our existence to anything, especially not the physical reality. We only do this as part of a world that we have come to accept where we compete in our mind realities with each other as if they are real.

Day 25: International Crime Research – Child Pornography Part 9

Day 25: International Crime Research – Child Pornography Part 9.

Mind Possession: Mother Kills her children out of fear of losing them

Mind Possession: Mother Kills her children out of fear of losing them.

The ‘Feel Good’ times

The ‘Feel Good’ times.

5 year old boy loses his leg – who is responsible?

Next to a school, a tree is being cut down. The people cutting the tree do not take into consideration where the tree will fall, once it goes down. The tree falls onto the school next to which it is standing. The tree collapses on top of a class room, smashing through the roof and walls. Inside many children are injured and one boy aged 7 loses his leg.

The question is who is responsible for such accidents in our society? Did the people cutting down the tree have to rush the job to get to their next job because of money? Did they not have sufficient training to cut down a tree and due to lack of money, the community could not hire people who did have the know-how? Did the people who cut down the tree simply not care?

One of the crucial points of the Equal Money System will be that people who train themselves to do a specific job, will do so because they realize how it benefits humanity. We will train ourselves not for greed or prestige, but because we treasure life and contribute in developing a world that is best for all. Therefore people who for example in a community will take the responsibility of cutting down trees or tending to nature, will not rush the jobs because they don’t care or because they need to get to the next job. Such people will also be trained effectively because there is no financial reason such as companies hiring inexperienced people at lower wages. Therefore we take care of each other as you would want to be taken care of. Therefore in an Equal Money system the value is life for all equally and the accidents we see now due to human error will decrease significantly, as no one is doing what they do from the perspective of ‘lack of’ or disinterested.

This is the key in the first place to all acknowledging the value of an equal money system. It is in realizing the benefits of such a system. It is not just about ‘equal money from birth’ – it is everything associated with the change in values of humanity. The decision made by the majority of people, to change to an Equal Money system does not just happen on a ‘monetary’ level – it starts because within each we realize, as I have that we no longer want a world where things happen because of greed, because we have stopped caring and now only live to survive.

Currently we live in a world where no-one can be trusted and our children, nature and ourselves are paying the price – at any moment your life or ‘limb’ can be taken away due to the negligence of another. Imagine yourself in one moment having your life or body compromised simply because someone else for a moment acted from a starting point of negligence, simply because they could not care to see you safe? Imagine if the reason why you are injured or killed was because that person did not care because he was being directed by money? This is the world we have created, it is all around you – watch the news. Therefore to say these things happen because ‘someone else’ did not care – is also not valid – we as humanity have all agreed to the capitalist system, to greed, to profit. Therefore it is us who have decided that we will harm each other in the name of money. It is each one of us that is responsible for the pain and suffering caused in this world because everyone together has become lethargic as the human, has almost become ‘evil’. If a god existed I would sure as hell be ashamed because if he is watching what goes on inside each one – what he would see is the true nature of humanity. We are sure as hell not the image and likeness of anything more than what we are now. No-one can exclude themselves from this – because every human looks at what is going on in the name of money and within how the current world systems function and simply shrugs it of and ‘hopes’ it never happens to them or their family. Each person who read this article and all similar articles about the boy who lost his leg, will react for a moment and in your mind secretly think ‘I hope that never happens to ‘my child’ as a fear ripples through your stomach – not considering that the little boy is someone’s child.

This is the ultimate deception we have become as humanity.

Equality, Dreams about Fire, Equal Labour and 2012

My perspective on Equality:

For equality to exist – we have to look at what we accept and allow to exist within ourselves and our world that allows for separation e.g.: religion, beliefs, opinions, self interest, consumerism. It is at this point of stopping all separation on an individual level that we will all find practical ways to live here equal…

Equal money for all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tEpc8q7MX0

Dream about fire (taken from http://www.desteni.co.za/forum):

My perspective: I suggest look at the point of survival. You are facing your own survival within the system from the perspective of either being consumed by the fire or getting out and the actuality of walking through those points – this places most people in ‘survival mode’ which takes them into fear of the future, fear of self, self doubt, hopelessness etc.
A suggestion here is to look at where you are facing decisions with regards to who you are, what you participate in and what you allow within your world. Facing these points and walking them in self direction will assist in clearing the points of survival.

My perspective on: Hearsay and demons:

Hearsay is when you listen to what other people say about something and then without actually looking at the point for yourself until you are able to present the I-witness account – you go and present what you heard as if that is what happened. So with regards to demons- people have many beliefs and ideas about demons and present their beliefs as if it is fact – yet nobody has actually communicated with demons or developed any method of studying demons that is an actual representation of common sense points that support our development of understanding what is here. Each person views this world through their belief system instead of seeing what is here.

You don’t have to see dimensionally to start looking at the point of demons. Demon possession has existed in various forms for a long time. This has been documented and researched. However beyond that nobody uses basic common sense – in asking where is god, why do demons exist, why do we become possessed – this is dishonest as it indicates that we will allow such beings to exist for our own belief systems – that a god exists and we must fear god or we become possessed by demons. Basic common sense -humans have allowed the existence of demons be it as a metaphorical fear or realising the actuality of their existence – for one reason – to further allow for fear of self responsibility.

Even then – to present a case of demon possession as I-witness will still be subject to who you were when the possession occurred – because each person experience possession differently. For me it was a game that I was playing deliberately so that I did not have to face myself. For others it was their fear of god that allowed the possession. Some possess themselves through their minds because they seek attention. Thus even when presenting an I witness account of a possession – one should take a look at what you believe about what you experienced so that you can present the actuality of your experience within what happened.

My perspective on: Equal money equal labour:

Yes each city will design/have an infrastructure run by all people participating EQUALLY in the developing and maintenance of resources – because food is not going to grow itself and machines cannot do everything. So from cleaning toilets to birthing babies – labour will become about allocating individuals into roles necessary for the effective running of the city.

The one point humans will have to transcend is the ego (amongst other things) – because doctors will complain about receiving Equal rights to the guy who cleans. Each human will have to Sacrifice something to be able to – exist in a world of Equality. Thus to become a doctor where you study for 6-10 years will be a life decision within doing what is best to support all as yourself – because you realise that value of what you do and how it supports all. The person who decides to take on the role of cleaner – does so because of the realization that this point requires to be done. If labour is also distributed Equally then less time will be spent on doing the work for each human. If machines exist then the labour part for the human will be specific to that which a machine cannot do.

Hand in hand to this will of course go: Self-Honesty. We will have to purify ourselves to stop the way we exist which is based in Self-Interest otherwise -consumerism will still direct the way we live. So each human will face many years and life times of purification either HERE or in the Afterlife – so that we exist here in Oneness and Equality – not Me in Self-Interest. I suggest we start picking this new money system apart to see how such an Infrastructure will work. What points will be accepted and allowed within our expression here e.g.: will we still have televisions?

Youtube comment: that us saying 2012 is deception – is just our belief

My perspective: What we are suggesting is take responsibility for what you have created here – because to exist in your new age bubble is dishonest – while leaving the consequences of what you have created – for someone else to sort out. That is not a belief system – that is the Actuality of what exists. Common sense: stop self deception, stop hiding, stop projecting. You are here within the physical on this planet. Start taking responsibility for yourself here without hiding behind beliefs.

My perspective on: 2012: We were Lied to

That is what happens when we deliberately from childhood allow ourselves to be told by our parents and school and church that there is a big ghost in the sky that will take care of us. Then we grow up and start seeing for ourselves that we are here and responsible for our actions, words, allowances – because what exist within us is manifesting in the world. But instead of developing Self-Honesty and Common Sense -we Deliberately continue with the lie – because it is easier than SELF RESPONSIBILITY.
My perspective on ‘True Consciousness’ (youtube comment)

True Consciousness is you within your personality Design – Justifying your survival – instead of realising that Consciousness is a Pre-Programmed Design we all accepted and allowed to tell us who we are as Programs that cease to exist at Death. To stand up for Life is to question who you are and what you participate in as YOUR Beliefs, Opinions – they Support you as a Mind Consciousness system – which is what all humans are doing in Self-Interest – I suggest a self honest look at justification.
Some say the world will end some say we will ascend to higher consciousness:
If I make up a story that the End of the world is coming – it is either because I am bored and addicted to the energy I get from spreading stories and conspiracy theories. If I participate in stories that ‘we will all ascend to higher consciousness’ It will be because I have not taken responsibility for myself and what I have accepted and allowed in this world, and now I want to run and hide in the mind reality called Ascension – that allows me to be excused from actually practical change.

Youtube comment: Lets SK8 away from earth:

My perspective: If you Sk8 away from what you have created here and you continue to participate in your mind bubble in which you live in fantasies called religion, desire, enlightenment – then when you die you become your mind completely and you because the consequence of religion, desire, enlightenment – as it REALLY exist here – to walk through what you allowed – so in afterlife consequences are experienced as actual REAL experiences.

These Consequences in the Afterlife will place you within a physical body Here, that is experiencing that which you Allowed and Accepted And participated in – meaning you will be placed inside a being that is tortured, raped, killed, abused, depressed, starving – so you may walk through the OUTFLOWS and CONSEQUENCES of what happens if we all sit and wait for god to save us, or allow deception, self-interest, lust, enlightened mind realities etc….

Youtube comment: ‘fucking weirdo’s and Satanists probably’

My perspective: This illustrates that your comment is based on your own mind illusions in which you use words you think will impress us and present them according to your fears and opinions. You show that all you are doing is ranting your mouth of because you have said nothing that could possibly be taken in actual consideration. You want to be noticed, and are taking on a topic you have not properly researched or considered – but instead repeating what others have ranted in their deliberate ignorance and spitefulness.
Yes Beliefs are opinions that exists in the Mind of the Believer – a belief is not a physically manifested practical point – or else it would not be a belief. Common sense: one is able to see that to believe is dishonesty – you are allowing opinions within which you participate that are not physically supportive of all here. Belief exists because it allows you to access thoughts and hopes around your self-gratification. Believers – do not consider what is best for all.

Youtube question: We will continue after 2012:

My perspective: Yes what will exist beyond 2012: we will all continue with our current dishonesty and we will compound what we allow because humans will always seek more and more gratification – and as we are seeing now – the system is collapsing because it cannot support all our dishonesty. Only then once all collapses and we face destruction and families lose everything due to crime, war, disease, hatred, depression – will man finally consider actual solutions and look at the human psyche to find out who we are within the problem.