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Fewer Religious people in South Africa – proof that Money is God?

“Johannesburg – The number of people in South Africa who consider themselves religious has dropped by 19%, an international survey revealed on Friday.
According to the latest polls released by the Win-Gallup International Religiosity and Atheism Index, which measures global self-perceptions on belief, religious South Africans dropped from 83% in 2005 to 64% in 2012.
The survey, conducted during November 2011 and January 2012, was based on interviews with 52 000 men and women from 57 countries in five continents.

South Africa was fifth behind Vietnam which dropped by 23%, Ireland, 22%, Switzerland, 21%, and France 21%.

According to the survey, 28% of South Africans do not consider themselves religious, 4% were convinced they were atheists, and 5% did not respond to questions.

The survey also indicated that globally the number of people claiming to be religious dropped by 9%, while atheism rose by 3%.

Ghana was the most religious country in the world with 96%, followed by Nigeria with 93%.

China had 47% of citizens claiming to be atheists, followed by Japan with 31% and the Czech Republic with 30%.

The survey further indicated that worldwide people in the bottom income groups were 17% more religious than those in the top income groups.

The low income group accounted for 66% of religious people and the high income groups accounted for 49%.”
From the above newspaper article and from the growing global changes within the world – towards and in relation to religion, we are starting to see that people are in fact realizing for themselves slowly but surely that whether we belong to a religion or not you still die, get hurt/ill, are dependent on money and are subject to the same laws, problems and concerns as the rest of the human population. It has taken a while, but here according to these statistics – we are starting to see a change. People are starting to use basic common sense to look beyond their fears of a god, or fear of some wrath being bestowed upon them for asking the questions – and they are actually daring to ask the questions and make the statements that all humans have feared making since the dawn of religion – questions such as ‘why do I belong to a religion, what difference does it make,’ ‘if there is a god, why does he really allow suffering and why would I believe in a god who has excuses for the suffering that people and animals have to endure on this planet?’ These were some of the questions that I asked many years ago, as I started questioning why I would continue to devote my life, time and energy into a god or religion, if my world around me proved to me, that no matter what theories, philosophies or even knowledge from books I could summon up in any given moment to justify WHY I could believe in a God – it just did not make any more sense than believing in the tooth fairy.

Somewhere along the line – a man walked the earth, which by his own design and programming could do amazing things. He represented the POTENTIAL future of mankind –an example if you may, of what is possible not if we worship outside of ourselves and use books as knowledge to convince others of our righteousness, but if we actually walk the talk – of self-perfection of man. Jesus said many wise things -none of which is lived and practiced by mankind today – YET what happened was the church used the coming of Jesus and the unanswered questions, to create religion. Which since then has been the limitation of mankind – even though it is proclaimed by the religious to be the answer to the human within our existence. All that we have seen since the dawn of religion – is the fact that people wrote books in the names of beings like jesus, and from these books conveniently we have seen the advent of the multi million dollar industry called religion. Not one human has actually lived the words of people like Jesus, and we know this is true because of the state of the world. So – we have the original words spoken by jesus, changed into the words we read in the bible – which once read – manifests the reader into an apathetic, nonplussed, consuming human consisting of a consciousness which is only concerned with its own well being, survival, and happiness. So somewhere along the line – we as humans have become what we are now – as that which we see in the world as the actions of man – which is the outflow of what exists within the minds of man. ALL humans exist like this – so before your mind goes ‘not me surely – I am a christian’ – stop for a moment and look into your own thoughts which just like your neighbor is about jealousy, comparison, fear, greed, addiction, to mention but a few of the millions of energetic moments that come up as thoughts that drive all humans all day into living action. And I am not saying that we as humans are necessarily in all ways ‘to blame’ for all our experiences – as we struggle to survive in the system. What I am saying is that not only have we accepted the world systems as they are – because they give us what we want and need – but we have also become dependent on them for our basic survival and thus are subject to the system. For example – we have already accepted capitalism as it is and the value systems from which it functions -and now we are stuck with capitalism no matter how much we hate having to go to our jobs each day or in how much fear we are every day whether we will be able to survive and provide for our children. So – fascinatingly enough you will notice that the current younger generations are more and more giving into things such as depression, emo-ism and substance abuse – as the current generations see that it is frivolous to also, like our parents have to graduate from high school and go and work in the system for the rest of your life, earning a basic income from all your sweat and tears, just to wait to die – just like the generations before us. We see the outflow of the children realizing they do not want to have to deal with what our parents did – so more and more we are seeing children trying to rebel and resist the inevitability of what they will have to do to live in this world. We are also seeing the evolution of the mind as ‘Crystal children’ and ‘Indigo Children’ as the newer generations are ‘mentally’ preparing themselves to resists the system, but in complete separation by becoming Ligtworkers/positive thinkerswho have NO practical insight to stop and change the systems that are herebut are programmed and designed as systems that talk a lot about world change and who are walking, talking feeling systems – they will love everything and radiate goodness – just don’t expect them to drop the act and change the world.

So – in essence we are seeing many new forms of resistance, adaptation and ways in which people are trying to escape from what is here. As I mentioned above some with manifest themselves into balls of light and love –to not have to stand knee deep in the shit and have to really see, realize and understand the extent to which we have manifested this world and the suffering that is experienced by a majority within the system. Some will become Emo and again – the opposite polarity will be presented of the dark, misunderstood beings who resists everything like hell, wear dark clothing, listening to dark music etc, etc – all attempts to train their own mind to ignore the real problem and to make sure others don’t ask of them to assist in taking responsibility for what we have already created. Then you have your alcohol and drug use on the rise and things like entertainment, are becoming more extreme and mind numbing – all ways we as humans design to keep us distracted from this painful ‘reality’ we have created.

BUT – no one is standing up to walk the journey that is required of all of us together – to change what is here. Changing what is here will require practical changes within the consideration of what is best for all – and this must be directly managed, decided and lived by all of humanity – or else we will always see this chaotic back and forth scenarios of a handful of human trying to change the world, while the rest only try and survive. If we all prepare the way for change together, and we all implement the change together – then there will be change as long as we change ourselves – so that the past as what we were when we allowed this mess – is not the determining factor – of what will recreate the future. If you watch documentaries like ‘The Trap’, ‘The Century of the Self‘ and Psywar‘, you will get an understanding of how revolutions have always played out the same way, for example – where power was only shifted from one group to the next by using the humans who want to see a change but are not really willing to be the change, and expect governments to change the people for the people – while the governments use the revolutions to gain power. So no-body can blame the governments as they exist, because the human has not yet taken full self responsibility for ourselves.

This brings me back to my original point above – where the point that is not understood by any person claiming to want to change the world – is the point of SELF within it all. Change wants to be seen by those who claim to ‘want change’ as again making the individual happy. Therefore – for example – if one addresses the issue of the current money system and one highlights the abuse that is allowed so that the money system as the value within which it exists can function – then even your ‘good-hearted’ spiritualist and new age workers and activists will fall down on the floor and have a fit. You do not dare touch people’s money, you do not dare to ask people to consider what would be self responsibility – because if one has a secret life you want to live, which essentially consists of harming others – then of course one would not be up for stopping participation in anything abusive and the re-evaluation of our world systems and how they function. For example, one would ask yourself the question – ‘does it really bother me to see all these millions of beings starving and being abused daily in the name of money and entertainment – or does it only bother me as much as you wont dare take a way what I like and want in life? If it means giving up what ‘I want’ then sorry the suffering of millions may continue.’ This is where people confused the idea of an existence of a god – with ‘man can do anything’.
So back to my original point about people stopping the participation in religion. Yes –we are seeing more and more people ask the question of why they should belong to a religion. This we are seeing more and more as people realize that it is not God who decides who eats and who starved – it is man. It is not God who decides who will or will not be abused by another – it is in fact the relationships and actions and decisions existent within and between humans – and it is humanity who decides on a day to day basis who we will become, what we will do and within that what we accept and allow. So people are realizing that just like the tooth fairy, God does not actually exist and that perhaps there is more to our existence here on earth, than what has been written in books by corrupt power hungry people thousands of years ago.

Within Humanity we tend to laugh at how gullible humanity is. We tend to scoff at the thousands of stories we hear in our lifetime, at the way in which humans deceive each other. Usually we are the ones in the story being deceived. We never stop though to question why we would actually continue giving permission to any world system in which it has become customary to lie, cheat and deceive. We note to others and ourselves how it pains us that we lie, cheat and deceive others – yet if asked ‘don’t you want to change this so it does not ever have to happen again’ – people respond with the question ‘ does that mean I have to change so that I don’t lie, cheat or deceive’ and when the answer is ‘yes’ – then people choose to keep everything the same, while still wanting, hoping and praying that other people by their own violation will stop ‘lying, cheating and deceiving’ – interesting dichotomy isn’t it?

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Has the Demonic Mind been projected into the Human Psyche – Demonology Forum Perspective

Has the demonic Mind been projected into the Human Psyche?

Original Post: http://demonology.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=726&p=1343#p1343

What we found in our research into the afterlife through the Portal was ‘as above so below’ meaning that heaven existed of the energy that was generated through consciousness. Therefore humans were designed as mined consciousness systems to through the process of thinking, feelings and emotions – generate energy within and as the systems which both triggered, directed and acted as transference systems to the interdimensional existence, as heaven. Therefore heaven could exist as the energy generated through the mind, through and as ‘consciousness’. Demons were beings trapped within and as the secret mind experience of the human, which was experienced by themselves before death as they were faced by their own thought creations. Therefore in the afterlife beings were literally trapped into and as their own thoughts, either because of who they were before they died or because of a traumatic death – either way the demonic mind shows the secret mind of what the human really exists as when it is in full demonic application! Therefore the demonic nature did not get projected into the human psyche, but rather existed parallel to the human existence here on earth. Demons could possess humans and humans also posses other life forms for the energy that is experienced by the person within the point of interaction. What we are seeing is the acceptance that people use that demons are responsible for their own secret mind thoughts and behaviors, which has been manifested by each human through continual participation in thinking, emotions, feelings and the addition to energy, through which humans will ‘possess’ themselves.

Is it necessary for me to know about the mechanics of my Mind Consciousness System Designs to be able to Direct Myself – Demonology Forum Perspective

Is it necessary for me to know about the mechanics of my Mind Consciousness System Designs to be able to Direct Myself?

Original Post: http://demonology.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=722

I would be interested to know more about the

SunetteSpies wrote: mechanical systematic design

of the MCS.

I would also be interested to know how the MCS(s) were first “downloaded” into humans and also how they relate to DNA in terms of being passed on generationally (if they, in fact, were/are). If the systems are somehow downloaded from each parent to the child, what are the mechanics behind their combination in terms of the system the child (unborn fetus?) comes to inherit? Also, are we each doomed to the physical reality of being copies of our parents in terms of there is a limit to the extent to which we can “differentiate” ourselves from them in terms of tastes, mannerisms, etc.? I guess what I’m getting at is: does anyone know how far I can take it in becoming a unique expression of my DNA from a starting point of what’s best for all (rather than the starting point of an inherited MCS)? If I could perhaps understand the mechanics of the system I would know “what I’m up against,” so to speak, in terms of what “programs” are in place and if/how their existence within me has effects (unconscious, subtle, etc.) or limits my process

Please note that we do not go into the specific system and pre-programmed designs for each human or each person participating in the Desteni material – as this would take hours. We have done some system perspectives/interviews, however we decided to rather focus on making it possible for each person to learn how to work within and with their own pre-programming as that which you have already accepted and allowed yourself to become. Therefore it is not necessary to give the ‘behind the scenes’ perspectives for each person, but rather to make it possible for you to work with your own self accepted personality designs.

Therefore on this forum and the Introduction to Desteni forum we focus on assisting each person in effective writing – in which you take apart your own system designs which manifested as your personality and your thoughts/backchat. Then one is able to see how you have designed yourself, how you live it, how you abdicate self responsibility, how you justify it and the observable patterns within which you exist. We have designed the Desteni I Process courses as a structured layout for each person to learn the tools to work through the conscious, subconscious and unconscious designs. For those who are not able to take the courses, we support on the forums, by taking points and walking them step by step, through to self responsibility and self change.

Therefore you don’t need to see the ‘unseen’ designs, because you are already living and behaving as the manifested system design. It is all there for you to write about, apply self forgiveness and self corrective statements.

I have also experienced pressure on the top of my head and a sort of feeling of energy flowing through my body recently: I would like to know is there a diagram related to the structure of the MCS as manifested within the body? Are there points throughout the body and if so do they relate to the chakra system or perhaps the chinese medicine meridian system?

I suggest go through the articles section, where you will find Venos’ documents on the Mind System, structural resonance etc. The Chakras were plug points, designed by the creators, within the soul construct and have therefore no other purpose that what it existed as within the transference of energy, which was then used by the demons. Again the only practical point to consider here is the following:

When you start experiencing this energy movement from your head – what ‘thoughts’ did you participate in before the sensation/energy movement started? Your behaviour, personality and thought participation will indicate to you why the energy as sensation is happening. You are accessing thought constructs in that moment which according to your pre-programming would have resulted in specific energy movement. For example – by focusing on the existence of energy as a specific experience – you are already giving permission to yourself through the physical – to have specific energetic responses. It is the same as energetically allowing the experience of ‘sorrow’ to overcome oneself. You have already connected a feeling as a physical reaction to the thought about energy movement. Therefore your physical body is responding to the thoughts. This does not mean anything unless you continue allowing yourself to respond to the energy movement which happens in the first place because you have directed it so. Therefore we focus on stopping the definitions of chakra, energy, etc through writing and self forgiveness – so that we are no longer directed by any pre-programmed designs.

Also, and sorry for all the questions, but I would also be interested in learning more about demon posession as it related to chakra-sucking. Specifically, I am under the impression that I may have invited possession as I still feel very physically not-balanced (unstable) in terms of I have difficulty walking around like I literally stumble around like a crazy person. I mean I am pretty used to it- I have not felt right for what I feel like was at least 4 years of being influenced by entities (still not really sure what the fuck happened.). Here is a link to a document that most closely describes my experience. “Soul loss” also comes to mind in describing my experience for the past few years. I have often felt literally like my feet aren’t touching the ground and even now I have considerable difficulty being conscious in terms of directing my body comfortably in physical reality. I often stumble. I feel like I can actually feel where my body grew wrong where there were entities sucking on my chakras. I’m pretty sure I have bending-of-the-spine and I know my knees have not taken this instability well (Again, I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground for years).

I suggest watch the History of Desteni and Demons series on the demonology web site (or read the transcription), in which an explanation is given that demons were assisted years ago interdimensionally and therefore there are no more demons. Any movement of energy is now happening on an individual level, where you have programmed your physical body to ‘run out of energy’. This again could be based on the idea you have about demons or for most people it has become an acceptance of ‘running out of energy’. Therefore again through writing I suggest explore how and why you allow yourself to feel tired, feel drained, allow the physical to slump. This could be a pattern beginning from when you were younger – which you in a specific moment attributed to demonic/entity activities – instead of taking self responsibility.

When I worked with patterns of depression and tiredness, I looked at when I created this for myself, physically, and what it was that I was running away from within my world, that caused me to rather say I am tired’ or ‘I have been sapped of my energy’ than to live.

If I knew more about the constructs (soul, chakras, universal unconscious) I might be able to direct my body back to finding balance. I literally always clench my jaw, stumble around, etc: It’s really fucked. I haven’t always been like this. Is entity possession possible now? If not, when did it stop being possible? What happened to the demons? The same with the other dimensional beings: in what ‘form’, so to speak, do they exist now?

I have felt a sort of flow like the MCS is flowing inside me as this system of energy: I would like to know is there an actual entity within me that could properly be called a MCS? How does one remove/eradicate the system? Or is it a matter of strategically breaking it down through walking through points that are released through SF through Self-Honesty?

Anyways, that’s all for now, if I think of any other weird experiences to share, I will. Would appreciate any links to videos if anyone has a perspective on any of the above.

No entities or demons, the movement inside of you is you as the mind creating experiences. I suggest observe your starting point within your question about demons, as it is based on the idea that you read somewhere about entities/demons being responsible for how people experience themselves.

So… I feel like I may have invited possession and if I knew more about the “physics” behind it and the exact date the demon was removed from me, I might be able to help myself more effectively, here, in the physical. I would also like to know, if possible, the mechanics behind what I have seen called “cords of attachment” i.e. cords between peoples so-called energetic bodies that connect their chakras and allow one person to “suck” energy from one person to themselves: Was this phenomena real in the time before the removal of the chakras?

‘I feel’ – yes you will notice that your interest in the white light/soul construct is based on the desire for accumulation of knowledge and information – for the purpose of participating in the mystery which surrounds your physical self created experiences. I suggest let us get started with identifying the name of your demon. Let us identify at what age you started experiencing fluctuating energies. What does your demon look like inside and with you that saps your energy, leaves you tired and causes you to focus on energetic movements instead of breathing, taking self responsibility and writing yourself to freedom?

With regards to your back – I suggest to support yourself physically, while working with self forgiveness, by going to a Chiropractor, Kinesiologist or someone who works with physical alignments.

Spiritual attacks – Demonology forum perspective

Forum perspective on the following thread:


It is at this point of self realization within how one has given value to states of energy possession as being real and special – that one is able to stop and apply self forgiveness for placing oneself into and as ‘energy experiences’ as the Mind interacts with itself as energy – to stop and get back into this physical reality.


To each person, and this I have experienced myself – their specific addiction is apparently unique to them – be it how they participate in relationship-love, their specific religion or the energy from an experience such as anger/resentment. It all comes from and exist as an energy entity you create and participate in as an energy entity that exists eventually around you, which beings interpret as ‘another being’.


I have walked through all of these experiences – demon possession and entity creations. I have also created entities after I for myself realised that demons no longer existed:  One night when i was sick I felt a friend of mine who is the DesteniProductions Portal – SunetteSpies – come to me and sit on my bed and talk to me. I was very sick and had been to hospital earlier that evening due to an infection that spread into my kidneys. I felt the bed sink where she sat and was sure that she had left her body and come to me. A few days later I asked her if she came to me, to cross-reference the experience and she says no – she looks at the moment and explains that I had created this moment with my mind – even down to me physically feeling that someone was sitting on the bed next to me. This I created with my mind because I feared dying and wanted someone to comfort me.


So to explain this physical experience in more detail: Have you had an experience while coming out of a dream where you feel like you are falling off a cliff or are falling of your bed? You physically experience yourself falling – and for a moment as you are being pulled out of sleep into wakefulness – fear rips through you – as you are convinced that you are falling – just to realise as you open your eyes that you are actually doing so in a  state of dreaming. These experiences feel physically real – and I am sure if one observes your life experiences you will see many such points where the mind shifts you into a dimension of itself in which you have ‘experiences’. These experiences  we give value to as having some paranormal or spiritual meaning. Before the demon dimensions were supported about 4 years ago, many such experiences were demons interacting with humans or pre-programmed events within the Unified Field. To understand what I have just explained I suggest watching the History of Mankind Series. I will add the link to the series at the end of this document.  This will assist you in having a background reference point with regards to the design of consciousness and the unified field.


Dimensional/Mind Shifts:


Within our pre-programmed design, we as who and what we have been pre-designed to be within this life time within ‘consciousness’ are combined factors from our design within the soul construct, together with the parental/DNA programming. These factors determine who we become for this life time – and you will find that each human has tendencies, abilities and personalities specific to themselves. This is not unique or spiritual in anyway -it is simply the ‘end product’ of you as your pre-design. Some people have been pre-designed to live specific lives and have specific abilities, while having for example health problems. Others have high intellect, physical health, but emotional insecurity. Some are good at what they do within their careers -and some people find it difficult to fit into the system designs of their world such as society or the money system. If you observe your own personalities and physical problems or strengths you will see that some traits are similar to what other people experience and some traits are even similar to your friends and families’ personality and physical/behavioral designs. Whatever the experience – all of who we are as the human is pre-designed as who each become within consciousness. Again to gain a  better understanding of this I suggest if you haven’t already – to watch the History of Mankind Series.


Continuing – each human is designed as part of the Universal Mind as Consciousness and how it interacts with itself as a functional system called ‘Consciousness’.  The Design of man was specific as each human become a mind consciousness system, dependent on thinking, feeling and emotions to generate energy for the mind to exist. Our greater purpose within consciousness was designed specifically – so that each human plays a role within – what was existed as the Soul Construct. The Soul Construct as mentioned in the history of mankind series played a role in how heaven functioned and how heaven directed beings on Earth for energy.


So – let us look at the design of people who have supernatural experiences: Having just mentioned the pre-programmed design of each human, let us take a look at people who experience mind shifts as the supernatural. As mentioned previously, the demon dimensions were assisted through the support of the dimensions and specific humans assisting within self awareness and self forgiveness, to no longer accept themselves as ‘demonic’.  In 1998 Anu decided to no longer have dimensional beings have access to humans, therefore it would no longer be necessary to have guides present when beings wanted to communicate with humans. Instead he inserted into the minds of psychics and channels – specific placements which were recorded messages that would ‘speak through the channel/medium/psychic. This way heaven as the masters could control what messages humanity received and thus would simplify ‘afterlife communication’ so that guides and angels would not have to accompany and direct any conversations that happened between the afterlife and humanity. That is why you will notice that all channeled messages have always been the same.


Here is a document which expands on this point:




Psychics/channels/mediums were none the wiser that they were no longer communicating with their guides/angels/masters/gurus.. Realize that ‘seeing’ as experienced by psychics/channels/mediums is but a mere projection from within the person’s mind – showing them a picture in the mind through what was referred to as ‘the minds eye’. I was also pre-programmed to see dimensional beings through the ‘minds eye’ or as some would call it ‘the third eye’ for seeing the spiritual realms – which worked according to the placement of a picture that a demon or guide or angel would place within the mind of the ‘seer’ which would then be projected by the mind of the ‘seer’ forward into the persons eyes – so that what is being seen by the channel/psychic/medium is a picture presentation of the room and the dimensional being in the room. Therefore the psychics/channels/mediums were always seeing through the mind according to what was being projected by the dimensional being/guide/demon into the ‘mind’s eye’.


Demons particularly enjoyed playing with the seeing of channels/psychics/mediums because they could project an image of themselves into the mind of the being according to how they would like to be seen. This I have also experienced – having a  demon show itself as a kind pretty Victorian ghost lady, innocently smiling at me and the next minute the demon shifts the picture and I am faced with a hideous black demonic form. I have had many frights and also many laughs, as I was being shown by my guide how he could play with Interdimensional seeing to illustrate how demons could direct the seeing of people.


So to continue to the human mind and its programming. The Soul construct as I explained previously (in conjunction with you watching the history of man series) – even consisted of those people who would see, as discussed ghosts/apparitions and the supernatural. This was part of the distraction and entertainment created to keep humans pre-occupied with the possibility of a god and there being more to the physical. This within the mind of the ‘experiencer’ causes the person to further separate themselves from the physical into the mind, into the picture and energy realities programmed specifically into the minds of humans. As I mentioned previously – not all humans were designed the same. Each human was pre-designed specifically according to who they were to become within the soul construct. Therefore not everyone was designed the same within ‘seeing’ the supernatural. Some humans, like myself were designed to become mediums/channels/psychics. Within the area of ‘the supernatural’ some humans were designed to experience mind/alternative realities, energies, UFO’s etc. These humans would constantly feel like they are within some ‘supernatural experience’ and through their life tend to become obsessed with some supernatural cause such as UFO watching, ghost hunting, astral traveling, healing, spirituality, meditation etc. In this the design functioned to keep humanity asking questions through collective observation and feeding of the entire construct of the supernatural – thus keeping humans trapped in the mind as ‘realities’ to further encourage the energy addition that goes with any form of mental realities. This has become so acceptable for us to live in our mind, that we have completely disregarded the physical reality to the point of the current state of the world. To the average human abuse and starvation for example are ‘believed’ to be beyond their control or beyond their direct responsibility – because each human is trapped within the mind as their own personal bubble. Therefore we do not see what we are actually allowing in this reality, because each one prefers the mind bubble we have created as our individual freedom, that we do not want to take responsibility for the world and the world systems that cause immense suffering so that the rest of us may eat and live, while participating and remaining in our mind realities.


Continuing – while the dimensional access to earth was shut off and later the demons assisted and removed from the earth dimension – humans through their own desire and pre-designing still continued experiencing ‘the supernatural’. Humans were still creating and reacting to events that were being experienced through mind projections and entity creations. I am not going to go into detail with regards to how humanity manifests events through the collective thoughts – as this is a vast topic which shows you the interconnectedness of the human mind and how this shapes through thinking our reality – thus creating continually events, which are then seen as being supernatural.


To stick to this topic of entity creations and the participation therein: people that have been designed  as a personality who experiences energy attacks/ magic/astral dimensions etc – I suggest to realise the following. Your pre-design has been to keep you within the mind and subject to how the mind interacts with you based on your pre-design. Therefore let us use the example of ‘but I felt someone touch my hair’. Prior to the demon dimensions being assisted and prior to the dimensional beings no longer having access to – demons and guides could interact with people through experiences such as ‘someone sitting on my bed,’ or ‘someone tugging at your hair’. What happens now and this I have experienced often, is the mind using imprints of previous moments projected into your experience now, based on what you should be experiencing according to your pre-design. Therefore if you are interacting with say for example someone who you believe is able to curse you with magic, and your fear is directing you within the background – then the mind as your pre-design to create this experience will take a previous moment where it felt like ‘someone tugging on your hair’ when you were a child for example – and will in one moment generate the sensation within your scalp of something tugging at the scalp, which in the mind is equated to the experience of ‘someone is tugging on my hair’. The thoughts within your mind will then take you to the most likely scenario – based on that which you believe could or is already happening to you – which in the case of someone looking for spiritual events – will think – ‘it could be a spirit’.. This is how the mind participates not only within your pre-programming creating any experience by simply generating physical feelings, but is also able to ‘provide more reasons for you to fear something – by having discussions with you as you. In the end you are compounding the experience by talking yourself into further belief about what is happening. All that the mind does is shift you from one mind set to another because you have already accepted yourself as a spiritual person which for example ‘can be affected by other people and their energy’. Therefore it is simple for the mind as it already shifts us from one state of being to the next every day. When one is happy and then shifts to sadness because you allowed an event/person to affect you – this is called the human experience and is accepted by all – but we call it ‘human nature’. This is simply the mind shifting you through energy from one polarity to the next. Thus one minute you are experiencing the energy of happy and the next you see or experiencing something, which you have pre-designed to have a negative value and energetically you shift to ‘feeling’ sad. You are reacting to your world and changing yourself to feel differently.


The same goes for the reason given that others can harm you with their words or with energy/magic. You are the one who is allowing yourself to belief that it is possible and using your mind to change the experience of yourself, based on what you believe and think the other is doing to do. The other person is not actually sending beams of love or energy or magic to you. The other person is playing a  role – such as pretending within their own mind to ‘use magic’ by generating energy within their mind through thinking which they then experience physically as ‘magic energy’. I have done this myself for many years when I use to be a Wiccan. ‘Raising energy’ consisted of me generating a physical response to an idea within my mind of energy. I would then look for clues in my world that my use of ‘magic’ was successful and would connect events that were playing out in my world to my ability to use magic. These events were yet again mostly pre-programmed within my world which corresponded with my belief in my spiritual abilities. Thus my pre-programming would always be fueled by the Unified Field, which was designed through gridlines to present life to me a certain way. Then when my magic would not work – it was seen by me as something I did not do right – simply put – the pre-programmed event was not in place for me to say ‘ ‘yes look my spells worked this time!’.


Therefore you change you according to what is happening inside you as the mind. Now realise the following – some will say to me ‘yes but I was not thinking about a ghost’ until I felt something tug my hair’ therefore how can you say I created it?’ The mind consists of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels – therefore what exists within you as the mind is multi layers of programming as fears, judgments, personalities, mind realities, future projections, ideas, past memories etc. Therefore in any given moment the mind is reacting to your world based on what happened in the past and what it fears or hopes will happen in the future. Your pre-design is already telling you that you are spiritual and that spiritual things happen to you. If that was not the case you would not be on this forum attempting to convince me that you are a spiritual soul and have had many spiritual experiences. See how your own pre-design is giving you feedback on itself and then using your own fears to explain your design? To specify: When you experience the tugging on your hair – let us say in relation to a time that the dimensions no longer had access to earth and the mind was closing in on itself and fully becoming the pre-design of each being:  let us say you now feel the tugging which is the mind having captured that feeling in time and re-creating it. The mind says ‘it must have been a ghost’, because

    1. You were already afraid that something was haunting you
    2. You were afraid of someone using magic against you
    3. You were transforming a fear of yourself and your world, into something you could name and something that aligned with your pre-design as ‘a spiritual person’.


Therefore, I suggest observe the following – what is it that we are doing on this forum – we are not playing games into the mind realities that each are already existent within. We are aligning ourselves back here into our physical bodies, by taking self responsibility for our pre-design and for that which we have already created as  ourselves as our personalities, based on our pre-design we have already accepted – as who we are. In doing this we identify how we designed our experiences and we take self responsibility, through self forgiveness and self correction.


Therefore we as the Desteni group who support people within this process of self honesty – always suggest to people – all-in-all  it does not matter whether your experiences falls in the realm of the dimensional beings or in the time when the dimensions were closed off and the pre-programming of each human took over. The point is that in both situations – we accepted the existence of demons and we allowed the mind to create realities for us to exist in based on our pre-programming. Once you realise that you are simply living in a mind reality, while completely disregarding your physical reality which exists as the abuse of life – then one is in a position to take self responsibility for your experiences, no matter how real, who was involved, whether there were demons, what energy you experience within  you or whom you believe in your world is able to harm you. You take self responsibility for the totality of yourself as the one who is experiencing ALL of this, as well as all the other factors involved, such as the other person. Why do we also then self forgive ourselves as the other person, as the pre-programming of the other person, as the soul construct and as the unified field – because in doing this we are standing one and equal to the total design of ourselves and then the total design of each other as we have all co-created the human mind as it is currently. If we do not self forgive each part of each human existent within ourselves, and simply judge or suppress the other person, which exists in you as for example ‘the abuser’ – then by suppressing, denying this within yourself you are completing the cycle of abuser/abused because you walk away in fear while the abuser exists as you within the totality of consciousness – and will simply keep manifesting in your world as new abusive experiences, because this is your design. By taking self responsibility for all aspects of the human, which exist in all of us whether you are aware of it or only aware of it ‘somewhat’ – either way – we stand as the self forgiveness for ourselves and all aspects of ourselves to stop the cycles of abuse we have accepted within ourselves and others. Therefore to look at the other and judge the other for being the abuser or the one that harms me ‘ -is self dishonesty – because the other human – who is also simply reacting to and being directed by their pre-design – is directing the experience at you – because of who you are – in the totality of your design – within the totality of all humans and everything we have ever accepted as ‘human nature.’


Playlists to watch:


History of Mankind Series:



Substance, OBE’s, Scientology and our Thoughts are God

Youtube comment: Energy is matter

My perspective: If we are substance which is all that exists – then why would we be limited to energy which has a beginning and an end? Even at death you as your mind that generated energy for you through the addiction to spirituality -dies – and thus you return to source. In the afterlife you do not exist as energy – here within the physical you exist as energy because you have accepted that you are your mind as polarity. So here we experience ourselves as energy – and then conclude and assume we remain energy after death – who has been to the afterlife to test this?

Youtube comment: God is dead:

My perspective: God exists as the thoughts of man – because it is our thoughts that create reality because we allow our thoughts to direct us without actually looking at what we are doing. Thus god will only be dead when all take responsibility for ourselves as the thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, beliefs, opinions, judgments’ that we allow to direct us.

Youtube comment: I believe in Wicca and the Great ones:

My perspective: The Great Ones were masters created by the White Light – to keep you enslaved to religion. We have found through our investigations into the dimensional existence that all masters, guides, angels were told what to say and how to keep you on your pre-programmed life path – so that while you think you are serving some ethereal mystery – what you are actually doing is remaining in your Wicca bubble – just like people from all religions and beliefs – ignorant of what is really going on here – and unable to stand up for Equal Life – because in being a wiccan with apparent access to these invisible beings (you only experience as feelings and energetics) – you are ‘special’ in this world. Nobody is developing common sense – that the great ones and masters and jesus are not here taking responsibility for us. In fact I suggest look at your reference point of experiences you have during wicca – all self manifested experiences based on energy and feelings that come up inside you. The White Light programmed specific events in your life – that would convince you that the great ones are speaking to you and protecting you. Then you never actually take on the white light about why suffering and abuse is allowed and you will justify why nothing changes because you are addicted to how you experience yourself and the Value you have given yourself as a wiccan. This is dishonesty – because belief is designed around each person’s self interest – not what is actually best for all. If you did what was best for all you would find practical common sense solutions that will serve all Equally – not only you in a bubble of magic, energy, and feelings of power.

Youtube comment: I have felt demons strangling me with anger

My perspective: The demons were released and assisted within the dimensional existence more than three years ago – the experiences you have now – are your own Mind as demon forcing you to a point of being possessed by your own fears, anxieties, angers. The Mind now stands as demon and will possess within their dishonesties. I suggest look at the anger towards self that the ‘demon’ was showing you. Demons have always shown us who we are – as dimensional and mind demons – time to become self honest!
Youtube comment: You deserve agony for comparing Scientology with reality. It is a false religion which is designed just like the Masonic hierarchy – the people at the top have all the money & power/knowledge & the people at the bottom have disinformation about the top & less money. If any of you excuses/humans want the real truth then google “Code To The Matrix pdf download” for a very highly detailed codex about actual history, documentation on inter dimensional life, the Serpents, the others & much more.
My perspective: We never said we were into scientology – so firstly your comment starts off within your assumption and lies that you have made up to suit what you are trying to do in these comments. You don’t take the video into consideration and how this information supports us to become self honest about what we have allowed – you want your opinions and beliefs to be justified – because it makes you feel special. ‘You deserve agony’ – this shows you who you are and how you actually experience you.
Youtube comment: want find the real answers – gostudy Scientology.
My perspective: That is merely your opinion. If self is Here as the cause of what exists – then we suggest we all become Self-Honest to stop what we allow, Self Forgiving to stop the cycles of what we allow, Self-Directive to stand as directive principle of what we allow and develop common sense to see what is best for all – SEE NO BELIEFS OR THEORIES REQUIRED. No Separation required where you go into a belief or mind set to try and survive. Direct self here as the physical as breath – That is Real.

Youtube Comment: DesteniProductions worships Satan and is a New Age Movement.

My perspective: ASSUMPTION: You have never met satan so you would not know if he had an agenda, You have never properly investigated new age movements so you are merely repeating what you’ve heard other people say. You have not actually investigated what DesteniProductions are saying – thus you immediately jump to conclusions based on your ignorance and fear – I suggest before commenting take out all the satanic new age crap you read about – and develop some common sense skills to actually discuss the topic.

Youtube comment on OBE’s:

My perspective: We have found in our investigations into the afterlife and interviews with dimensional beings – that Astral traveling and Out of Body Experiences are travels into the realms of the Mind.. That is why you will always experience the same light and points related to your own past, deceased loved ones, desired travels and points you have not dealt with – this is not actually the afterlife – otherwise you would have seen what really exists as the ‘design’ of the white light.
For example looking back at the out of body experiences I used to have: they were about me seeing a deceased family member who I found it difficult letting go off. The near Death Experiences are points facing physical pain or trauma where the Mind Takes you into a dimension of itself – where you go to – where you experience life changing experiences – these experiences are not real – they are mystical or metaphysical in nature and generally leave the person feeling closer to some personal or spiritual purpose. The experience leaves the person confused about what has been or where to go to from here because it deliberately distances you from what really exist in this world – and you start looking at the deeper meaning to life. There is no deeper meaning, the mind takes you into the point of deeper consciousness as a means of locking you further into the current world system design based on Consciousness. This is how your Mind Consciousness System is re-uploaded with new information as to how you will live out your pre-programmed design.

Youtube Comment: Ai jai jai, it is such a pity too see people falling over their own feet. Portals have been open for many, many years. Maybe you guys should do a bit more research before you are all led into the palm of satan. Satan can disguise himself very well and this is just proof of that. Well one thing is certain. No amount of darkness can hide a single spark of light ! And please don’t believe everything you “see or channel”. It is very clear that you are all very young souls, please do some research!!!!

My perspective: You see now this point fascinates me – you start out your comment as if You are an authority on investigating things for yourself – and then immediately show that you use the biggest ASSumption of them all – to support your OPINION – – SATAN. Have you actually met Satan or are you merely repeating what you’ve read in books??? So now that we understand your starting point of deliberate deception let’s move on: If you have studied the research on DesteniProductions you will find…

That the research into the afterlife, Channels and Portals has shown that no actual Dimensional Access was ever allowed – because beings had to be directed according to their pre-programmed lives – and thus no being was ever actually allowed out of their body – all OBE’s were beings going into their Minds. How do you know that your ‘Portals’ (Channels) have never left their bodies to investigate the actuality of the dimensions – look at your words:
your reference points are: Soul, Spark of Light, Satan – this indicates that your channels were fed information through the white light placements – to only repeat information about the light, love and self consumed spirituality. Channels were told what to say and were never shown how the dimensions or this physical really works. This is how you take a self honest look at the information you have been given – and what is REALLY going on in the world.
What exists in the world was directed by the White light and managed by those dear masters and guides you love so much. The Dimensions were the management section of your pre-programmed life here – that is why heaven never stopped abuse and suffering – heaven as the masters and ascended beings controlled the pre-programmed lives of beings here to further exists within Mind consciousness – to support heaven as ‘Energy’

Youtube comment: We are Energy

My perspective: Currently we exist as Energy which is a limited system that has a beginning and end and requires our participation through polarity – this you have indicated in your own comment – by mentioning the high and low experience as an example – without ACTUALLY considering the consequence and implication of what you are saying. Consider this: why would ‘who we are’ be limited to an energy system that is bound to how we create energy through our minds? The Mind dies at death and the research you have looked into is not able to see what happens after death. So you are ASSuming that because you are an energy system now – that this is who we are after death. Common sense: how can we be a limited system – as who we are? And according to your research: When who we are is not understood beyond death? Surely who we are is not an energy system dependent on the energetic addictions we rely on as the Mind, supported within this world as CONsciousness? I mean Life is not energy surely because then life would require a battery and then it would not be life it would be energy. Substance as who we are as all that exists, surely cannot be limited down to a singular limited polarity expression as Energy? That would mean that people who don’t require energy as the Mind, who remain stable as the Breath – who are Authorities within stability here as Breath as consistency – over rule Life? Common Sense tells us that a point exists where energy is not required, because who we are as substance is constant.

Youtube Comments: Mind Possessions and christianity

Youtube comment: Demons can only be relieved through the power of god; I know this because I feel him within me!

My perspective:

yes it is called mind possession, keeping you and the participant entertained and glorified in your ego’s – yet you’re not willing to let go off the same god that would allow such a freak show without actual solutions that support all equally so possession of the mind may stop – such as self forgiveness – which we have tested stops possession as the person stops it themselves – no words like GOD or JESUS required – therefore no possession to god energy required

Youtube comment:  ‘You need to get to know Jesus’

My response: 

what you’re not getting is that ‘I don’t have to know Jesus’ because I AM HERE. SELF-forgiveness is how I support me within self honesty and self direction. Any external attempt to guide self through a deity or belief (a belief is an idea that will never be in the physical as an actuality, but only remains a belief within the minds of humans) – is dishonest as it is not who I AM. Use common sense for a moment if you are able to string a sentence together that does not contain jesus or god or hope.

My experience with Demon Possession

(17 May 07)     Possession:

My name is Andrea and I want to share with you briefly my experience of demon possession. I had a demon follow me for most of my life. I of course was not aware of this at the time but after I was released from the demon about two years ago I actually was able to do a very fascinating thing. I was able to communicate with the demon and hear from him when he started following me and influencing my life. This was done simply put after the demon had released himself from his application through forgiveness and is now just another being working  in the dimensions (heaven)to assist us here on earth. More can be read about the transformation of heaven to be able to assist the demons at desteni-universe.co.za.  I suggest firstly referring to the FAQ section to understand the words used in the articles.

It started soon after my father died at the age of eleven, when all aspects of my life and ‘personality’ started changing drastically. The demon used my father’s death to turn my thoughts against ‘God’ and created a relationship (unknowing to me) to the stark reality that a lot of children face when they experience such a loss. The grief that I experienced as most children do was encouraged by him with specific words and extensive thoughts. From that point on I questioned religion, God and the meaning of why we even bother being here when we’re going to die lonely, miserable deaths. A couple of weeks after my father’s death his closest friend and wife came to give my mother their condolences. That evening after everyone had gone to bed I sat in the lounge chatting to my father’s friend. Next thing the demon integrated into this man and he out of the blue started fondling me. You can imagine my shock. This event of course spiraled me even further into a darker side of my personality as it was clear to me that not only can God not be trusted but neither can people. So the demon was preparing me to distance myself from God and all of life by showing me the ‘evil’ side of God’s people. That indeed people who were supposedly from God’s creation were nothing but evil, supposedly dressed as Christians. So my dislike for religion (especially Christianity) increased ten fold.

As the years went by I went into a quieter, emotionally unstable personality. During my high school years I found myself becoming distant from the other children and seeking different values to theirs. Things that they considered precision I laughed at like boys, religion and education.  This of course had a lot to do with how the demon was influencing my thought processes and my beliefs. I saw things clearly from the perspective of religion and how people are slaves. I understood many things which when discussed with other children caused them to label me as ‘weird’. I asked them (which the demon admitted he did through me) why do they go to church when people die horrible deaths all in the name of God. Now as you can see that is quite something coming out of the mouth of a 17 year old? When I finished school I was very much anti religion already yet I found paganism quite an interesting concept. I met somebody who was a Wiccan and together we delved into the art of magic and speaking to the dead (Ouija board). This became my life, a devotion to God’s, Goddesses and creating spells to punish people that did us wrong. The funny part of it was that the demon told me he was the only being that I had ever spoken to on the Ouija board, due his ability to block all other beings. You see this demon was no ordinary demon, he was quite powerful and his ‘mission’ was simply to create a world for me in which my focus was always on him. He had the ability to control my actions to such a degree that all decisions that I made were under his control. Any job that I took would fail and I would be unemployed again, sitting with my friend, playing Ouija board. This was due to me losing interest quite quickly and always resisting doing well in a job, therefore I never remained there for long. The resistance was in the form of chronic fatigue, dyslexia and the inability to focus. When I did finally find a two year job it was on a secluded farm where my main focus was just to work, with very little interaction with people.

After two years I met a guy and moved in with him. This of course was not so much to the liking of the demon as he saw me as his possession, so he decided it might be a good idea to control our relationship as well. The relationship became abusive to the point that I was constantly under verbal attack and sometimes physical. The demon would integrate into him and start accusing me of the strangest things, and then the next moment he was fine again. Sometimes he would become violent, picking me up by my neck, throwing me up against a wall and then minutes later my ex would not remember what he did. This strange behavior went on for about three years and finally I allowed the demon to possess me just to get away from the pain and fear. You must realise that while all this was going on the demon kept me in a semi hypnotic state, therefore ‘getting out’ wasn’t an option.

 The demon openly admitted to me that he was jealous and that the ‘other’ man was only there to pay the bills. He presented himself to me as a God and I believed that he was going to take care of me in this world. In my controlled state all of this of course made complete sense. We shared an understanding about this world and had decided to walk this world together. It was however not easy for him to watch the other man having to provide for me as he did not want him in my life. So day after day he would ensure that I hated this man by created the abuse and also ensuring that he was the one that I loved. Strange to hear a person talk about loving a spirit I know but if you can imagine you and me but without physical bodies, that is what demons use to be, not creations of the ‘devil’. I was able to see and hear him as he was in the form of an apparition. I had a serious contempt for humans and related completely to this demon’s experience of himself. However once things became too much in the relationship with my ex I decided to leave and it was the effect of having a possessive ex-boyfriend and a possessive demon that I finally allowed myself to be fully possessed. This was very gradual but by the time my ex decided to do something and take me for an exorcism I was sitting on my bed day in and day out possessed by this demon. When my ex would visit I would sit there naked speaking as the demon (in a man’s voice), I had fully given up and was allowing this demon to speak for me. I was often picked up by this demon, held by my neck and flung across the room. He could strangle me until I passed out. Intercourse and molestation happen often, hence the fact that I could not even leave my house. If my mother or ex spoke to me the demon would speak in his voice and mostly tell them to get lost. Often he would integrate into me and attempt to slit my wrists. I would be walking and he would drop me to my knees, standing over me laughing. I would experience intense headaches if I attempted to not interact with him. He was able to integrate fully into me and speak to people as well as walk around in my body. He could put me in a comatose state if he did not want me leaving home or if he did not want me talking to people he would put me in a trance like state. As I mentioned he was able to integrate into my ex and stand there yelling at me, then seconds later my ex could not remember what he had done. If I did not do what he told me to do he could make me vomit or pass out. If I left my house he would make me feel so ill that I would go back as soon as possible. Luckily for me my ex realized something was wrong and convinced me to go for an exorcism.

 At the exorcism the people who worked on me saw him and some experienced his effects, even before I told them what he looked like or how ill he could make you. This of course was very entertaining to the demon as exorcisms are not very successful (the demon just moves on to another body). However at the time it assisted me as I made the decision to ‘release’ myself from the demon. It was not an easy process for me as the effect of being controlled for so long stayed with me. Therefore about six months after this I yet again communicated with the demon as I one day realized he was still with me, yet keeping his distance. I had difficulty relating to people as they all seemed unaware of what is going on in this world. A demon had access to more information than you can even imagine as they could read minds and read energy therefore having unique insight into this world. Therefore having discussions with this demon were mind blowing.

I again allowed for him to step back into my life and it was quite a story to not allow myself to get killed by this demon. Realise that I could sit for hours talking to this demon as long as I always stayed only with him. Occasionally if I was not careful around him he would pressurising me into committing suicide as he wanted me to live with him dimensionally. Once it was a close call.  When I was going for my ‘exorcism’ he told me that he would cause us to have a car accident. On the way there a truck driver looked me straight in the eyes before attempting to push us of the road. At any stage I could feel his body energetically, a mass of energy with arms, a face, torso, legs. He could appear at any given moment as any apparition and many people who can see sprits would ask me who this being was that walked beside me. I have given you the basic outline of what happened, you are welcome to e-mail me if you would like more details. Until I discussed it with him I was also of the opinion that molestations and job losses were just things that people do to one another. Unless you have experienced possession yourself what I am saying sounds like a young lady who needs counseling hey? As impossible as it sounds, being picked up by dimensional hands and flung across the room is not something I would call issues with teenage traumas. What you must realise is that demons are beings like you and I that have become de-manned. Anger, sadness, grief are but a few ‘emotions’ that drive beings once they’ve passed over to become the angriest most furious of beings. So when the dimensional beings worked with them dimensionally (remember time doesn’t exist in the dimensions) you have quantum understanding and corrections. All compounded ‘issues’ existing in these beings was released dimensionally, which was not possible before as the white light did not allow it, leaving demons to roam free.

Like I have mentioned in the beginning of the article myself and the people I work with work extensively with beings from the dimensions of which some use to be demons. This is how I was able to get all the details from the demon himself. Your question to me might be; but how can heaven cleanse the demon dimension? This was not possible before because of the white light, demons were left to do what they want because it creates more fear which in turn creates more enslavement of man kind. I use the word creates because now even though they no longer exist the mind consciousness is able to become any application that is possible. Consciousness as pre-programmed systematic response can not fathom heaven standing up as we have been pre-programmed to exist in the soul construct. All it took was for us and heaven to see our own enslavement to the white light and consciousness system and from there stand up. Not all beings made it when heaven stood up as many of the older spirits would not give up their perceived power. Once the beings in heaven realized to what extent they were controlled and they released themselves (not an easy process) they were able to assist the demons. This has been quite an extensive process for all of the dimensions (heaven). In the FAQ section of the web site you can read about our creators (the Annunaki), the white light and the soul construct. Feel free to discuss this with me some more.

The experiences that I had with this demon were rather fascinating and now that I have the ability to talk to him he explains to us (we work with demons that have been released as I have mentioned) how demons use to work and why. So if any of you have had similar experiences and require assistance please feel free to speak to me. If you are not sure if you have been demon possessed but you suspect so I can speak to the being (if any) and find out. Often people don’t realise they have had demon involvement in their life as they don’t even realise the extent of demon possession. I am not religious, I work however with all beings in heaven (we speak to them through an interdimensional portal). I speak to the dimensional beings in ‘heaven’ as it is now (a lot of changes have taken place) as they are now working with us to assist man kind.   

 For the videos in which I explain in more detail ‘The possession’ visit Youtube and do a search on Andrea – or visit www.desteni.co.za for the video listing