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The Energy Experience

The Energy Experience.

Has the Demonic Mind been projected into the Human Psyche – Demonology Forum Perspective

Has the demonic Mind been projected into the Human Psyche?

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What we found in our research into the afterlife through the Portal was ‘as above so below’ meaning that heaven existed of the energy that was generated through consciousness. Therefore humans were designed as mined consciousness systems to through the process of thinking, feelings and emotions – generate energy within and as the systems which both triggered, directed and acted as transference systems to the interdimensional existence, as heaven. Therefore heaven could exist as the energy generated through the mind, through and as ‘consciousness’. Demons were beings trapped within and as the secret mind experience of the human, which was experienced by themselves before death as they were faced by their own thought creations. Therefore in the afterlife beings were literally trapped into and as their own thoughts, either because of who they were before they died or because of a traumatic death – either way the demonic mind shows the secret mind of what the human really exists as when it is in full demonic application! Therefore the demonic nature did not get projected into the human psyche, but rather existed parallel to the human existence here on earth. Demons could possess humans and humans also posses other life forms for the energy that is experienced by the person within the point of interaction. What we are seeing is the acceptance that people use that demons are responsible for their own secret mind thoughts and behaviors, which has been manifested by each human through continual participation in thinking, emotions, feelings and the addition to energy, through which humans will ‘possess’ themselves.

Is it necessary for me to know about the mechanics of my Mind Consciousness System Designs to be able to Direct Myself – Demonology Forum Perspective

Is it necessary for me to know about the mechanics of my Mind Consciousness System Designs to be able to Direct Myself?

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I would be interested to know more about the

SunetteSpies wrote: mechanical systematic design

of the MCS.

I would also be interested to know how the MCS(s) were first “downloaded” into humans and also how they relate to DNA in terms of being passed on generationally (if they, in fact, were/are). If the systems are somehow downloaded from each parent to the child, what are the mechanics behind their combination in terms of the system the child (unborn fetus?) comes to inherit? Also, are we each doomed to the physical reality of being copies of our parents in terms of there is a limit to the extent to which we can “differentiate” ourselves from them in terms of tastes, mannerisms, etc.? I guess what I’m getting at is: does anyone know how far I can take it in becoming a unique expression of my DNA from a starting point of what’s best for all (rather than the starting point of an inherited MCS)? If I could perhaps understand the mechanics of the system I would know “what I’m up against,” so to speak, in terms of what “programs” are in place and if/how their existence within me has effects (unconscious, subtle, etc.) or limits my process

Please note that we do not go into the specific system and pre-programmed designs for each human or each person participating in the Desteni material – as this would take hours. We have done some system perspectives/interviews, however we decided to rather focus on making it possible for each person to learn how to work within and with their own pre-programming as that which you have already accepted and allowed yourself to become. Therefore it is not necessary to give the ‘behind the scenes’ perspectives for each person, but rather to make it possible for you to work with your own self accepted personality designs.

Therefore on this forum and the Introduction to Desteni forum we focus on assisting each person in effective writing – in which you take apart your own system designs which manifested as your personality and your thoughts/backchat. Then one is able to see how you have designed yourself, how you live it, how you abdicate self responsibility, how you justify it and the observable patterns within which you exist. We have designed the Desteni I Process courses as a structured layout for each person to learn the tools to work through the conscious, subconscious and unconscious designs. For those who are not able to take the courses, we support on the forums, by taking points and walking them step by step, through to self responsibility and self change.

Therefore you don’t need to see the ‘unseen’ designs, because you are already living and behaving as the manifested system design. It is all there for you to write about, apply self forgiveness and self corrective statements.

I have also experienced pressure on the top of my head and a sort of feeling of energy flowing through my body recently: I would like to know is there a diagram related to the structure of the MCS as manifested within the body? Are there points throughout the body and if so do they relate to the chakra system or perhaps the chinese medicine meridian system?

I suggest go through the articles section, where you will find Venos’ documents on the Mind System, structural resonance etc. The Chakras were plug points, designed by the creators, within the soul construct and have therefore no other purpose that what it existed as within the transference of energy, which was then used by the demons. Again the only practical point to consider here is the following:

When you start experiencing this energy movement from your head – what ‘thoughts’ did you participate in before the sensation/energy movement started? Your behaviour, personality and thought participation will indicate to you why the energy as sensation is happening. You are accessing thought constructs in that moment which according to your pre-programming would have resulted in specific energy movement. For example – by focusing on the existence of energy as a specific experience – you are already giving permission to yourself through the physical – to have specific energetic responses. It is the same as energetically allowing the experience of ‘sorrow’ to overcome oneself. You have already connected a feeling as a physical reaction to the thought about energy movement. Therefore your physical body is responding to the thoughts. This does not mean anything unless you continue allowing yourself to respond to the energy movement which happens in the first place because you have directed it so. Therefore we focus on stopping the definitions of chakra, energy, etc through writing and self forgiveness – so that we are no longer directed by any pre-programmed designs.

Also, and sorry for all the questions, but I would also be interested in learning more about demon posession as it related to chakra-sucking. Specifically, I am under the impression that I may have invited possession as I still feel very physically not-balanced (unstable) in terms of I have difficulty walking around like I literally stumble around like a crazy person. I mean I am pretty used to it- I have not felt right for what I feel like was at least 4 years of being influenced by entities (still not really sure what the fuck happened.). Here is a link to a document that most closely describes my experience. “Soul loss” also comes to mind in describing my experience for the past few years. I have often felt literally like my feet aren’t touching the ground and even now I have considerable difficulty being conscious in terms of directing my body comfortably in physical reality. I often stumble. I feel like I can actually feel where my body grew wrong where there were entities sucking on my chakras. I’m pretty sure I have bending-of-the-spine and I know my knees have not taken this instability well (Again, I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground for years).

I suggest watch the History of Desteni and Demons series on the demonology web site (or read the transcription), in which an explanation is given that demons were assisted years ago interdimensionally and therefore there are no more demons. Any movement of energy is now happening on an individual level, where you have programmed your physical body to ‘run out of energy’. This again could be based on the idea you have about demons or for most people it has become an acceptance of ‘running out of energy’. Therefore again through writing I suggest explore how and why you allow yourself to feel tired, feel drained, allow the physical to slump. This could be a pattern beginning from when you were younger – which you in a specific moment attributed to demonic/entity activities – instead of taking self responsibility.

When I worked with patterns of depression and tiredness, I looked at when I created this for myself, physically, and what it was that I was running away from within my world, that caused me to rather say I am tired’ or ‘I have been sapped of my energy’ than to live.

If I knew more about the constructs (soul, chakras, universal unconscious) I might be able to direct my body back to finding balance. I literally always clench my jaw, stumble around, etc: It’s really fucked. I haven’t always been like this. Is entity possession possible now? If not, when did it stop being possible? What happened to the demons? The same with the other dimensional beings: in what ‘form’, so to speak, do they exist now?

I have felt a sort of flow like the MCS is flowing inside me as this system of energy: I would like to know is there an actual entity within me that could properly be called a MCS? How does one remove/eradicate the system? Or is it a matter of strategically breaking it down through walking through points that are released through SF through Self-Honesty?

Anyways, that’s all for now, if I think of any other weird experiences to share, I will. Would appreciate any links to videos if anyone has a perspective on any of the above.

No entities or demons, the movement inside of you is you as the mind creating experiences. I suggest observe your starting point within your question about demons, as it is based on the idea that you read somewhere about entities/demons being responsible for how people experience themselves.

So… I feel like I may have invited possession and if I knew more about the “physics” behind it and the exact date the demon was removed from me, I might be able to help myself more effectively, here, in the physical. I would also like to know, if possible, the mechanics behind what I have seen called “cords of attachment” i.e. cords between peoples so-called energetic bodies that connect their chakras and allow one person to “suck” energy from one person to themselves: Was this phenomena real in the time before the removal of the chakras?

‘I feel’ – yes you will notice that your interest in the white light/soul construct is based on the desire for accumulation of knowledge and information – for the purpose of participating in the mystery which surrounds your physical self created experiences. I suggest let us get started with identifying the name of your demon. Let us identify at what age you started experiencing fluctuating energies. What does your demon look like inside and with you that saps your energy, leaves you tired and causes you to focus on energetic movements instead of breathing, taking self responsibility and writing yourself to freedom?

With regards to your back – I suggest to support yourself physically, while working with self forgiveness, by going to a Chiropractor, Kinesiologist or someone who works with physical alignments.

Spiritual attacks – Demonology forum perspective

Forum perspective on the following thread:


It is at this point of self realization within how one has given value to states of energy possession as being real and special – that one is able to stop and apply self forgiveness for placing oneself into and as ‘energy experiences’ as the Mind interacts with itself as energy – to stop and get back into this physical reality.


To each person, and this I have experienced myself – their specific addiction is apparently unique to them – be it how they participate in relationship-love, their specific religion or the energy from an experience such as anger/resentment. It all comes from and exist as an energy entity you create and participate in as an energy entity that exists eventually around you, which beings interpret as ‘another being’.


I have walked through all of these experiences – demon possession and entity creations. I have also created entities after I for myself realised that demons no longer existed:  One night when i was sick I felt a friend of mine who is the DesteniProductions Portal – SunetteSpies – come to me and sit on my bed and talk to me. I was very sick and had been to hospital earlier that evening due to an infection that spread into my kidneys. I felt the bed sink where she sat and was sure that she had left her body and come to me. A few days later I asked her if she came to me, to cross-reference the experience and she says no – she looks at the moment and explains that I had created this moment with my mind – even down to me physically feeling that someone was sitting on the bed next to me. This I created with my mind because I feared dying and wanted someone to comfort me.


So to explain this physical experience in more detail: Have you had an experience while coming out of a dream where you feel like you are falling off a cliff or are falling of your bed? You physically experience yourself falling – and for a moment as you are being pulled out of sleep into wakefulness – fear rips through you – as you are convinced that you are falling – just to realise as you open your eyes that you are actually doing so in a  state of dreaming. These experiences feel physically real – and I am sure if one observes your life experiences you will see many such points where the mind shifts you into a dimension of itself in which you have ‘experiences’. These experiences  we give value to as having some paranormal or spiritual meaning. Before the demon dimensions were supported about 4 years ago, many such experiences were demons interacting with humans or pre-programmed events within the Unified Field. To understand what I have just explained I suggest watching the History of Mankind Series. I will add the link to the series at the end of this document.  This will assist you in having a background reference point with regards to the design of consciousness and the unified field.


Dimensional/Mind Shifts:


Within our pre-programmed design, we as who and what we have been pre-designed to be within this life time within ‘consciousness’ are combined factors from our design within the soul construct, together with the parental/DNA programming. These factors determine who we become for this life time – and you will find that each human has tendencies, abilities and personalities specific to themselves. This is not unique or spiritual in anyway -it is simply the ‘end product’ of you as your pre-design. Some people have been pre-designed to live specific lives and have specific abilities, while having for example health problems. Others have high intellect, physical health, but emotional insecurity. Some are good at what they do within their careers -and some people find it difficult to fit into the system designs of their world such as society or the money system. If you observe your own personalities and physical problems or strengths you will see that some traits are similar to what other people experience and some traits are even similar to your friends and families’ personality and physical/behavioral designs. Whatever the experience – all of who we are as the human is pre-designed as who each become within consciousness. Again to gain a  better understanding of this I suggest if you haven’t already – to watch the History of Mankind Series.


Continuing – each human is designed as part of the Universal Mind as Consciousness and how it interacts with itself as a functional system called ‘Consciousness’.  The Design of man was specific as each human become a mind consciousness system, dependent on thinking, feeling and emotions to generate energy for the mind to exist. Our greater purpose within consciousness was designed specifically – so that each human plays a role within – what was existed as the Soul Construct. The Soul Construct as mentioned in the history of mankind series played a role in how heaven functioned and how heaven directed beings on Earth for energy.


So – let us look at the design of people who have supernatural experiences: Having just mentioned the pre-programmed design of each human, let us take a look at people who experience mind shifts as the supernatural. As mentioned previously, the demon dimensions were assisted through the support of the dimensions and specific humans assisting within self awareness and self forgiveness, to no longer accept themselves as ‘demonic’.  In 1998 Anu decided to no longer have dimensional beings have access to humans, therefore it would no longer be necessary to have guides present when beings wanted to communicate with humans. Instead he inserted into the minds of psychics and channels – specific placements which were recorded messages that would ‘speak through the channel/medium/psychic. This way heaven as the masters could control what messages humanity received and thus would simplify ‘afterlife communication’ so that guides and angels would not have to accompany and direct any conversations that happened between the afterlife and humanity. That is why you will notice that all channeled messages have always been the same.


Here is a document which expands on this point:




Psychics/channels/mediums were none the wiser that they were no longer communicating with their guides/angels/masters/gurus.. Realize that ‘seeing’ as experienced by psychics/channels/mediums is but a mere projection from within the person’s mind – showing them a picture in the mind through what was referred to as ‘the minds eye’. I was also pre-programmed to see dimensional beings through the ‘minds eye’ or as some would call it ‘the third eye’ for seeing the spiritual realms – which worked according to the placement of a picture that a demon or guide or angel would place within the mind of the ‘seer’ which would then be projected by the mind of the ‘seer’ forward into the persons eyes – so that what is being seen by the channel/psychic/medium is a picture presentation of the room and the dimensional being in the room. Therefore the psychics/channels/mediums were always seeing through the mind according to what was being projected by the dimensional being/guide/demon into the ‘mind’s eye’.


Demons particularly enjoyed playing with the seeing of channels/psychics/mediums because they could project an image of themselves into the mind of the being according to how they would like to be seen. This I have also experienced – having a  demon show itself as a kind pretty Victorian ghost lady, innocently smiling at me and the next minute the demon shifts the picture and I am faced with a hideous black demonic form. I have had many frights and also many laughs, as I was being shown by my guide how he could play with Interdimensional seeing to illustrate how demons could direct the seeing of people.


So to continue to the human mind and its programming. The Soul construct as I explained previously (in conjunction with you watching the history of man series) – even consisted of those people who would see, as discussed ghosts/apparitions and the supernatural. This was part of the distraction and entertainment created to keep humans pre-occupied with the possibility of a god and there being more to the physical. This within the mind of the ‘experiencer’ causes the person to further separate themselves from the physical into the mind, into the picture and energy realities programmed specifically into the minds of humans. As I mentioned previously – not all humans were designed the same. Each human was pre-designed specifically according to who they were to become within the soul construct. Therefore not everyone was designed the same within ‘seeing’ the supernatural. Some humans, like myself were designed to become mediums/channels/psychics. Within the area of ‘the supernatural’ some humans were designed to experience mind/alternative realities, energies, UFO’s etc. These humans would constantly feel like they are within some ‘supernatural experience’ and through their life tend to become obsessed with some supernatural cause such as UFO watching, ghost hunting, astral traveling, healing, spirituality, meditation etc. In this the design functioned to keep humanity asking questions through collective observation and feeding of the entire construct of the supernatural – thus keeping humans trapped in the mind as ‘realities’ to further encourage the energy addition that goes with any form of mental realities. This has become so acceptable for us to live in our mind, that we have completely disregarded the physical reality to the point of the current state of the world. To the average human abuse and starvation for example are ‘believed’ to be beyond their control or beyond their direct responsibility – because each human is trapped within the mind as their own personal bubble. Therefore we do not see what we are actually allowing in this reality, because each one prefers the mind bubble we have created as our individual freedom, that we do not want to take responsibility for the world and the world systems that cause immense suffering so that the rest of us may eat and live, while participating and remaining in our mind realities.


Continuing – while the dimensional access to earth was shut off and later the demons assisted and removed from the earth dimension – humans through their own desire and pre-designing still continued experiencing ‘the supernatural’. Humans were still creating and reacting to events that were being experienced through mind projections and entity creations. I am not going to go into detail with regards to how humanity manifests events through the collective thoughts – as this is a vast topic which shows you the interconnectedness of the human mind and how this shapes through thinking our reality – thus creating continually events, which are then seen as being supernatural.


To stick to this topic of entity creations and the participation therein: people that have been designed  as a personality who experiences energy attacks/ magic/astral dimensions etc – I suggest to realise the following. Your pre-design has been to keep you within the mind and subject to how the mind interacts with you based on your pre-design. Therefore let us use the example of ‘but I felt someone touch my hair’. Prior to the demon dimensions being assisted and prior to the dimensional beings no longer having access to – demons and guides could interact with people through experiences such as ‘someone sitting on my bed,’ or ‘someone tugging at your hair’. What happens now and this I have experienced often, is the mind using imprints of previous moments projected into your experience now, based on what you should be experiencing according to your pre-design. Therefore if you are interacting with say for example someone who you believe is able to curse you with magic, and your fear is directing you within the background – then the mind as your pre-design to create this experience will take a previous moment where it felt like ‘someone tugging on your hair’ when you were a child for example – and will in one moment generate the sensation within your scalp of something tugging at the scalp, which in the mind is equated to the experience of ‘someone is tugging on my hair’. The thoughts within your mind will then take you to the most likely scenario – based on that which you believe could or is already happening to you – which in the case of someone looking for spiritual events – will think – ‘it could be a spirit’.. This is how the mind participates not only within your pre-programming creating any experience by simply generating physical feelings, but is also able to ‘provide more reasons for you to fear something – by having discussions with you as you. In the end you are compounding the experience by talking yourself into further belief about what is happening. All that the mind does is shift you from one mind set to another because you have already accepted yourself as a spiritual person which for example ‘can be affected by other people and their energy’. Therefore it is simple for the mind as it already shifts us from one state of being to the next every day. When one is happy and then shifts to sadness because you allowed an event/person to affect you – this is called the human experience and is accepted by all – but we call it ‘human nature’. This is simply the mind shifting you through energy from one polarity to the next. Thus one minute you are experiencing the energy of happy and the next you see or experiencing something, which you have pre-designed to have a negative value and energetically you shift to ‘feeling’ sad. You are reacting to your world and changing yourself to feel differently.


The same goes for the reason given that others can harm you with their words or with energy/magic. You are the one who is allowing yourself to belief that it is possible and using your mind to change the experience of yourself, based on what you believe and think the other is doing to do. The other person is not actually sending beams of love or energy or magic to you. The other person is playing a  role – such as pretending within their own mind to ‘use magic’ by generating energy within their mind through thinking which they then experience physically as ‘magic energy’. I have done this myself for many years when I use to be a Wiccan. ‘Raising energy’ consisted of me generating a physical response to an idea within my mind of energy. I would then look for clues in my world that my use of ‘magic’ was successful and would connect events that were playing out in my world to my ability to use magic. These events were yet again mostly pre-programmed within my world which corresponded with my belief in my spiritual abilities. Thus my pre-programming would always be fueled by the Unified Field, which was designed through gridlines to present life to me a certain way. Then when my magic would not work – it was seen by me as something I did not do right – simply put – the pre-programmed event was not in place for me to say ‘ ‘yes look my spells worked this time!’.


Therefore you change you according to what is happening inside you as the mind. Now realise the following – some will say to me ‘yes but I was not thinking about a ghost’ until I felt something tug my hair’ therefore how can you say I created it?’ The mind consists of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels – therefore what exists within you as the mind is multi layers of programming as fears, judgments, personalities, mind realities, future projections, ideas, past memories etc. Therefore in any given moment the mind is reacting to your world based on what happened in the past and what it fears or hopes will happen in the future. Your pre-design is already telling you that you are spiritual and that spiritual things happen to you. If that was not the case you would not be on this forum attempting to convince me that you are a spiritual soul and have had many spiritual experiences. See how your own pre-design is giving you feedback on itself and then using your own fears to explain your design? To specify: When you experience the tugging on your hair – let us say in relation to a time that the dimensions no longer had access to earth and the mind was closing in on itself and fully becoming the pre-design of each being:  let us say you now feel the tugging which is the mind having captured that feeling in time and re-creating it. The mind says ‘it must have been a ghost’, because

    1. You were already afraid that something was haunting you
    2. You were afraid of someone using magic against you
    3. You were transforming a fear of yourself and your world, into something you could name and something that aligned with your pre-design as ‘a spiritual person’.


Therefore, I suggest observe the following – what is it that we are doing on this forum – we are not playing games into the mind realities that each are already existent within. We are aligning ourselves back here into our physical bodies, by taking self responsibility for our pre-design and for that which we have already created as  ourselves as our personalities, based on our pre-design we have already accepted – as who we are. In doing this we identify how we designed our experiences and we take self responsibility, through self forgiveness and self correction.


Therefore we as the Desteni group who support people within this process of self honesty – always suggest to people – all-in-all  it does not matter whether your experiences falls in the realm of the dimensional beings or in the time when the dimensions were closed off and the pre-programming of each human took over. The point is that in both situations – we accepted the existence of demons and we allowed the mind to create realities for us to exist in based on our pre-programming. Once you realise that you are simply living in a mind reality, while completely disregarding your physical reality which exists as the abuse of life – then one is in a position to take self responsibility for your experiences, no matter how real, who was involved, whether there were demons, what energy you experience within  you or whom you believe in your world is able to harm you. You take self responsibility for the totality of yourself as the one who is experiencing ALL of this, as well as all the other factors involved, such as the other person. Why do we also then self forgive ourselves as the other person, as the pre-programming of the other person, as the soul construct and as the unified field – because in doing this we are standing one and equal to the total design of ourselves and then the total design of each other as we have all co-created the human mind as it is currently. If we do not self forgive each part of each human existent within ourselves, and simply judge or suppress the other person, which exists in you as for example ‘the abuser’ – then by suppressing, denying this within yourself you are completing the cycle of abuser/abused because you walk away in fear while the abuser exists as you within the totality of consciousness – and will simply keep manifesting in your world as new abusive experiences, because this is your design. By taking self responsibility for all aspects of the human, which exist in all of us whether you are aware of it or only aware of it ‘somewhat’ – either way – we stand as the self forgiveness for ourselves and all aspects of ourselves to stop the cycles of abuse we have accepted within ourselves and others. Therefore to look at the other and judge the other for being the abuser or the one that harms me ‘ -is self dishonesty – because the other human – who is also simply reacting to and being directed by their pre-design – is directing the experience at you – because of who you are – in the totality of your design – within the totality of all humans and everything we have ever accepted as ‘human nature.’


Playlists to watch:


History of Mankind Series:



‘Going to Church’ is consensual Demon Possession

This morning I drove past a church at the end of a service. People were streaming from the box shaped building back to their cars. The look I observed in their eyes could be perceived as that of spiritual contentment or even enlightenment. What the being had actually allowed while sitting in the church for two hours listening to the consistent drone of the minister – was consensual possession.

What you observe at first as you drive past the churchgoers is that they appear content, and that within the church they gained some form of insight, grounding, self-awareness. However if you look again at the persons eyes you will notice the following: their eyes are showing their level of information possession they just underwent within the church environment. To become religious and decide you want to belong to a religion in the first place indicates that one requires going to a place once a week where you will be told who you are and what you are here to do. You are informed of a higher purpose and a higher power watching over you, while your dark thoughts are explained away as being the cause of ‘worldly evil’. Throughout the sermon you have given permission to the institute of the church and the minister to fill your mind with information while you listen and allow yourself through a state of awareness as your belief to be possessed by and through this information. Going to church is a form of demon possession – where a religious person places themselves on a seat within a building where all the chairs are focused to the front of the building where the minister will speak from. The words are mostly empty and if one is self-honest you realise that the biblical stories of water being parted and men slaughtering each other means nothing to you. You cannot use it in your life and you most certainly are not able to change any of it. You are told from childhood to listen to these stories because apparently it is of great importance that you hear the words or else you will be condemned to hell.

Now during demon possession one will hear voices in your mind. These voices are often indicative of violent, malevolent ideas based in anger, self-content and hatred of others. To sit inside this ‘religious’ building where you are told stories of biblical history based on violence and war – is how one allows yourself to be filled with the thoughts of a demon called ‘the church’. There have been no actual improvements to man due to the church or any religion for that matter. If religion was valid it would no longer exist and man by now would have been a self honest, capable, self responsible being who considers the harm that is done to one another due to our collective actions and allowances in this world. If religion was valid it would have existed as a platform to educate people in how to stop any development of human nature (the spiritual nature of man) that is harmful. Instead you go to church and you listen to stories – thus invoking the voices of an old demon into your mind reminding you to conquer, separate, take what it yours and deny through the existence of class and religion all those who are not as fortunate as you.
The church exists as a training ground for the mind possessed where your perception of yourself and that of your family once you leave the church is that you have now done something really fantastic and that by listing to the words of the minister you have yet again for another week saved your soul from eternal damnation. The fact that you when you set your feet outside the church – back into the world where the money system causes immense suffering and contradicts the words of jesus as ‘do for others as you would do for yourself – is not considered. Ten steps from the church you return to the abuse, starvation, war, separation in the name of the ego of man.

So as you pass the church-goer on the street you see when you look into their eyes that they are now possessed with knowledge and information from the bible for another week. Most likely they will not live the words preached within the demonic training ground – they will remember most of it and when the opportunity presents itself they will tell others about how fantastic Christianity/religion is and repeat the words of the minister. This apparently makes for a strong spiritual person – one who is able to sit in the church-box for two hours, take in the words of the minister, go home and continue with their lives and at the most convenient times repeat to others what was said in the bible. So this is an example of mind possession as the church goer. You sit and stare at the minster while possessing yourself with his words because of your level of belief in the god which he represents.

Let us now compare the possession of a church goer to that of demonic possession by a supernatural being intent on taking over your mind and controlling your actions – as has been documented throughout history, and recognized by the church itself. When one becomes possessed by an actual demon you might at first start listening to the voice of the demon in your mind. He/she will explain things to you that make sense, things which you perceive to be common sense or even coming from within you or your guide/angel/god. In some cases the demon will then present your greatest fear to you while building a relationship of trust with you, convincing you that the voice itself will help you when your greatest fear arrives. Then the demon possesses the being’s mind because by now the being is listening to the voice while having their fears activated in the form of a physical possession. Now the being is thinking about their fears and usually these fears are coming from the subconscious and unconscious. The demon would simply amplify the emotions, thoughts, feeling and memories already existent within the being until the being believes the voice and is transfixed by the voice which speaks as the fear thus controlling the being. There is also a sense of trust within the person being possessed by a voice – because the person believes that their mind won’t lie to them.

Within the church the person listens to the minister as the voice that represents the all-knowing, while experiencing the fear contextualized from what the minister is saying. This the minister is impulsion through his words. You see religion and especially the church was well designed in its origin. At the start of Christianity and the church – The church wanted to control people into behaving specifically according to a code of conduct which would be at the center point of human development. The church became more powerful as it represented the only one who could:

1. communicate directly with the creator/god
2. absolve you from your evil deeds/sins
3. and ensure you a place in heaven – which is was proclaimed was where god as the creator lived.

No one knew what happened to you after death, therefore the number one question that came up within people was ‘what happens to me after death and how can I prevent my soul or that which remains of me to not be lost or dammed? Therefore the church was seen to be the steadfast governing body with regards to laying down the rules of human conduct. Philosophy and the belief in a god intertwined and man started seeking for reason and purpose through religion/belief/spirituality. In today’s time people still desire to be saved and feel like there is an answer to all their questions, while not pissing off the big guy in the sky. Therefore people will as intelligent as we claim to be –still sit in a church every Sunday starting at the minister allowing themselves to be possessed with knowledge and information. How does possession function generally in terms of the state of mind through which a being is controlled? Dimensional beings would actually exist within a person’s body however it was through the control of the mind that the demon was able to possess someone.

The church uses consensual possession to ensure that people remain trapped within hope. Therefore when you enter the church you allow yourself to be infused and inundated by ‘the holy spirit’. What is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is an energy created through belief based on an idea. It is your belief in the existence of a holy spirit which you possess yourself through before you sit down in the church. So when the church goer sits down they are already prepared mentally by feeling the energy called ‘the holy spirit’ which each person creates by themselves as a physical feeling generated by the mind.
That is why for most this varies – the religious ‘nut’ as some might call them – will completely allow this energy to fill them up as they generate the feeling to its fullest extent. One could call this the equivalent of allowing an orgasm to build up inside your body. The feeling of the holy spirit within you works on the same principle – you have an idea about your level of belief and where you are in your world which will allow you to go as deep into your religious belief as you are able to. For those who have to focus on work, activities or family care might not push this energy to its extreme. Those who proclaim themselves to be in love with god – will for example eat, breathe, live for god – and they will generate the feeling of his presence to the extent where their possession is extensive.

So continuing – the person in the church is now allowing for the religious information to evoke a sense of possession within them according to their religious conviction. Each one will allow the minister’s words to control and impress them to a certain degree. Some will take the minister’s words extremely seriously, analysing every word and arranging bible study groups just to dissect the bible. Some sitting in the church are merely there because this is all they know. They grew up being Christian and have come to accept that you don’t question your god or Christianity. They will utilise the words presented by the minister only as long as they don’t actually have to live it. Take for example a husband and wife sitting in the church. The husband likes watching porn while the wife experiences jealous thoughts towards any woman that looks at the husband.

None of the words spoken by the minister will make a difference to the actual living experience of the church goer. Some might even go as far as interpreting and filtering the word to fit into their life style. The husband that watches porn will tell you that god gave him his hormones and gave the porn star her beautiful breasts – therefore he gets to enjoy this. Surely the physical reality as it already exists is there for him to enjoy as god’s creation. The wife will explain that the sermon did cover some very valid points about not being jealous, however her husband is hers and therefore she gets to protect her marriage (which god gave to her) no matter what – which means she can kill other woman with mental daggers – and would expect the other woman to do the same in relation to her husband. It is human nature given to us by god. The contradiction between what really goes on inside people and what is professed through religion is not explained for what it is and therefore not real self honest solution can be presented and applied. No clever scientist or serious Christian – of which there are many – have been able to answer us as to why people accept and allow the exact opposite of what is written in the bible. All that is accepted at this stage is religious possession based on fear, hope, and desire for gods protection. The solution to demon-possession in any form – is self-honesty, self-forgiveness and self responsibility.

Structural Resonance Alignment, Drugs, Esoterics, Patterns and The Secret Mind

Youtube comment: Drugs assist with Esoteric experiences:

My perspective: Esoteric is an experience created by people within Mind Consciousness programming and dimensions – thus when you use drugs it allows you to go into your Mind and experiences the dimensions of the Mind – be self honest – where are all your Esoteric Experiences: In this physical reality with actual physical measurements? No – they all happen in the Mind – with the observer as director of their own experience – through Self-Interest.

Youtube comment: I don’t like your video because of…

My perspective Boy oh boy how the Mind has the tendency of diverting attention away from the actual point – to complete useless crap. I suggest look at how your mind wandered off and found excuses to ‘not like the video’ -see you have been conditioned BY YOURSELF to accept certain things as Valid – based on who you believe yourself to be within the world. Common sense requires of us to stop SELF gratification when we consider a point.

Desteni Forum discussion on: Patterns as Energy Surges.

My perspective: Patterns show themselves in various ways – the way we think, eat, feel, move, walk, talk, sleep – all points that make up who we are in every moment CONtribute to us as Patterns. Thus for each it might be slightly different but essentially we all exist as the same patterns. Energy for example is one pattern all humans participate in – in some way or another.

So the Question you could ask yourself is when did this experience start?
Why did you create it – meaning what was happening within you at that point – for you to allow the experience.

Do you see the point of standing one and equal as yourself – HERE – which means energy is not who we are – because we are here already? Thus energy movements are merely patterns we have already created within the past. It might have at some point contributed to you feeling a surge which assisted you in a moment in feeling good or it might have come from fear or pain – in which the surge of energy provided you with a sense of enlightenment or relief.

I suggest find the point where you created it and then stand Equal to the point of yourself within stability – to do this I suggest Self Forgiveness on the points through which the patterns was created e.g.: the fear or the need for upliftment – until you remove the point with SF until you Remain here constant.

Desteni Forum question: Do we think astrology is relevant now?

My perspective: Here is a link to an article written by Alice A. Bailey on The Astrology of Heaven in the times of Revelation

From the Article you will notice that astrology was a chart to show how one’s life fit into and plays a role within the greater unified field design. I suggest watch the videos on Mind Consciousness and the Unified Field. Also take a look through our FAQ on this topic.
Now the gridline placements for each being within our pre-programmed design was removed from within each person. The gridlines within earth according to which each being experiences their lives and moved within this world – was removed. All pre-programmed designs such as blueprints were removed. Now what is left is how we have all already accepted ourselves to be The Mind – because we have already conditioned ourselves to live as Patterns. So what you will find now is that people are not directed through pre-programming any longer. This will obviously have an impact on points such as Astrology because now you won’t have the usual reference points to work with within the Unified Field and the Gridline structures. Each being although still acting out conditioned Patterns will start acting according to two points (I am using basic common sense to write about this) – either beings will allow themselves to become more consumed by their nature –which means humans will become more corrupt, more self centered – remember this is the nature of man – and what we accept and allow within ourselves has a consequence – of which the consequence is we become what we accept – Oneness and Equality.

The next point is people who start applying themselves according to what is best for all – and in this realising that we are to stop our accepted self conditioning to stand one and equal to life.


My perspective on: The Secret Mind and dreams:

This is the Secret Mind – and the secret mind influences your conscious and subconscious thoughts – in how you will actually go out and participate with woman. So I suggest with the Secret Mind to do SF on these points because they are not just out there – happening in your dreams – but an actual part of your mind that runs in the back ground which contains the unspoken desires and hates and needs.
If left unchecked I found the Secret Mind will influence you and months down the line you meet a girl/guy and next thing you are suggesting rape games or mating games to her – without you even realizing what you are doing or where it is coming from. And because you were willing to suggest it to her – you see it as acceptable or normal – as a point of ‘I directed this thought it is MY self expression’ This is the Secret Mind directing you – because these are the points we are afraid of yet desire at the same time – because we are addicted to the rush, the abuse, the fear.

I suggest look inside yourself and look at the points where you are secretly addicted to fear, submission, domination, fantasies, role playing, love games, relationship constructs (you belong to me/I belong to you) etc – these will indicate to you where you have already accepted the Secret Mind by allowing certain aspects to already exist within your day to day life and how you communicate with people or how you would act in a relationship.

Youtube comment: Why exist in the physical, when who we are is ‘the soul.’

My perspective: The soul as you understand it – was a pre-programmed white light placement. I suggest read through our FAQ on the Desteni Forum. Right now we exist as the Mind consisting only as that which we have been pre-programmed as. Thus to amalgamate with Substance as all that is, we stop the Mind of programs and amalgamate ourselves here with the Physical Reality. So those who continue to exist in the Mind will not amalgamate with life as all that is.

Instead you will after death remain in your bubble of thoughts as your thoughts – see the physical is not thought or mind. Therefore after death we either remain here within the physical reality, as substance – or you remain in your Mind reality as your thoughts. The physical reality is already showing us what we have become one and equal to by allowing us to completely become the mind – this you can see happening in the world. This happens because nobody is willing to take responsibility for themselves, stop their self programming as that which we accept ourselves to be – our thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, attachments, judgments, desires, wants, self interest. Once we amalgamate with life – we stand as Equality and Oneness – because by stopping the mind you realise yourself as one and equal to this physical reality.

Then you understand that self honesty brings you to a point of standing equal to what you allowed. This purification through self forgiveness allows us to see ourselves as Life. Life is not the Mind – and the physical reality is showing us the consequence of existing within the Mind. We all tacitly agree to exist here as the mind – thus we all agree to disregard what is real – which is the physical reality – I mean look at it – we have separated ourselves according to the ideas and values we created with our minds. In the physical reality nothing is more than or less than. Life does not regard anything more than or less than – so man has a long way to go before we grasp life. Until then we walk the consequence of our separation from what is real.

Youtube comment; We will solve the world problems with vibrations and energy.

My perspective: I suggest look at the experience of vibrations for yourself. You create it because you read or heard about it somewhere and how it makes the participant FEEL GOOD and decided you wanted to participate in energy and vibration. You are not Life yet because you are subject to having to create and participate vibrations and energy. None of us are life – because if we were – we would not be subject to some grand experience that makes us FEEL SPECIAL. I suggest develop some common sense. Instead of walking the road of Self Responsibility – you want to experience only what will give you that energetic rush of good feelings. The feelings that come from saying to people – look at me I have a certain vibration about me – and the other person goes wow – you’re so in tune with yourself – and they leave you alone. That is why higher consciousness and spirituality and light and love exists – so that NOBODY has to actually become self honest. I mean you immediately ASSUME that the world problems are due to a lack of Live vibrations – REALLY? When I look at the world problems I see it is a DIRECT OUTFLOW of what happens when the humans who exist here CONSUME and LIE and DECEIVE and exist in their MINDS where they create FEEL GOOD ENTITIES – that tell them how special they are – while the world reflects what we really accept and allow. You proclaim Love – yet you conveniently immediately say well all I have to do is focus on vibrating and my energy – while you continue to contribute to the world as it is because the current moneys system continues to cause people to and nature to suffer and die. Tell you what how about you stop the current moneys system – responsible for billions suffering with your vibrations? Are you ready to put your vibrations and energy to the test – by really self honestly looking at how you are going to practically change the world systems with vibrations and light?


Structural Resonance Alignment Session on: Perfection:

I was doing an SRA session with someone last night and we were working on the point of ‘Not wanting to communicate with other people. The first justification we noticed was ‘because they might control my freedom of movement or they don’t know enough to assist me. In this we looked deeper at the point and what opened up was:
The actual reason for not participating with people is not because ‘they are not good enough – but is the experience of yourself in your Secret Mind’ as the Opposite Polarity – which is not being able to keep up with what others are able to do. Thus: Feeling Left behind. Then the point was discussed where one feels left behind because you are deliberately holding yourself back. Why: because of seeking in all things the point of perfection – which again comes down to the Secret Mind experience of seeking perfection actually in Self – but projecting it outward as: I will only go into experiences where I see the outcome is what I see as my idea of ‘perfection.’

We then discuss the point of Personality traits of Aloofness that goes hand in hand with holding yourself back from expressing – which is basic accepted pre-programming. We looked at the point of Self Acceptance. Because in looking for points of achievement and perfection in others which reflects in how you actually don’t accept yourself – then the core point were working with is Self-Acceptance – so everything again always comes back to self – because even though a pre-programmed unconscious pattern is being experiences –the experience still participates in the pattern by not accepting Self – and thus the cycle of separation is maintained.

We discussed the point of letting go of points of perfection that are ideal states of self that will be experiences if something falls into place – or else the being does not move – does not express. With Muscle Communication we tested from a list of possible priority points that ‘Fear of Self-Expression’ was the Priority Point. We discussed the point of: is you stop giving your world values and accept everything as equal then you participate with all things as equal – and in this you stop the cycle of perfection and attainment. The point was understood. Next point that opened up was: If I walk in the garden and I am content with me, no needs, and no expectations – then I realise that I am walking as an Equal to all things because I am with everything as me and thus ‘content (no movement of separation).’ If I am in a group of people and experience no movement, no loss, no hope for an experience – then it means I am Here, because all things support me in that moment as my equal –I AM HERE. If I am sitting there hoping there will be an outcome according to an idea of perfection – then I am not HERE because I don’t realise myself as all that exists in that moment.

Self-Acceptance – if you are in any environment, any space, any situation, with any being – and you are quiet – it is because as you move yourself you are realising yourself within and as all things and people – you are not expecting or viewing them as less than or more than – because you are them. So when you stop craving an outcome I realised it is because you already stand Equal as yourself to the environment you are in – and thus all points is you – therefore how can you seek anything. This was a very interesting point. W discussed the point relevant to the point of ‘Fear of Self-Expression’ – but this is a basic summary of what we discussed.

Youtube Comment: i have “friends” and a “life” that i have to keep going until I’m at least an “adult”

My perspective: What you are saying is that you are postponing the inevitable point of facing Self. And in realising that Self-Honesty is here as who you are, you are making the statement that you will use excuses to not be self honest now – which means you will use the same justification later on – to not take self responsibility for who you are – because then it will be ‘but I have to get through work and my relationships.’
I suggest realise that in complaining that one has to use drugs to cope with being at school and with your friends, is you giving into the world as it is and coping – instead of realising that the world we complain about will not change if we don’t change. So by coping through using drugs you remain a contributing factor to the way the world is. You are as you are now, tacitly agreeing to the world remaining the same – because instead of applying yourself at school and around others – in self-honesty and self responsibility – you are ‘going with the flow’ as it has always been – and thus agreeing to everything that is here.

And the point I mentioned of facing self, is the realization 5 years down the line that you are still who you allowed yourself to be when you were 17 and nobody is going to support you, because you don’t support yourself.
I suggest look at the point of hopelessness: In each human is an inherent lack of self trust and self direction. Each has a point of ‘but somebody will change the world’ – this is the construct of hope – which keeps all locked into the same consciousness pattern. I suggest write about what it is that you see has to be done by each person to stop within ourselves the way the world is currently. From there you will see that because hope is a mind fuck and does not really exist other than a belief within one’s mind – therefore you are what is Real – you as the physical, walking, talking participating and when you realise you are here you start to realise your actions and words are molding the reality . So unless we stop – nothing changes.