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2012: Karma Explained – YouTube

Mind Possession: Mother Kills her children out of fear of losing them

Mind Possession: Mother Kills her children out of fear of losing them.

The Shame of India’s Child Labor

The Shame of India's Child Labor.

Desteni and Equal Money–WTF?

Desteni and Equal Money–WTF?.

Bernard Poolman Censored by YouTube for Talking Equality!

Bernard Poolman Censored by YouTube for Talking Equality!.

New Consumer Protection Act – who are they protecting?

In April 20011 South Africa will see the implementation of the new ‘Consumer Protection Act’. It is considered that in South Africa we have longed lacked a consolidated law for consumer matters. The new Consumers Act (CPA) will deal with consumer rights in the context of – selecting specific products or services, disclosure of information important to consumers, dishonest practices, quality of goods, unsafe or defected products, warnings, effective instructions. This will place pressure on suppliers to up the quality of products to apparently stop corruption in the production of goods.

I see the Elite business owners of South Africa existent due to a capitalist system which functions on the polarity between of consumer stress and the other polarity which looks like apparent ‘. Therefore have you noticed how in the capitalist system they will aim to clamp down on the corrupt – however corruption is never stopped. All that happens is the public shift their attention onto someone else while the Elite continue making money. As mentioned previously the Capitalist System functions on debt and Fear. If Debt and Fear did not exist, money would not be so easily created and moved. The elite know that man functions on Fear, therefore all that the government have to do is to take a consumer’s fear such as ‘products that are of bad quality’ and shift the point to an apparent solution which will alleviate the tension that has been created in the past few years. Now consumers will feel better for a while because apparently this new law does something – creating the perception of problems within the capitalist System being alleviated. Does it really? Who will pay the price for this law forcing small businesses to get new licenses and upgrade their equipment? Who will suffer are the small business who will now have to close because their products do not meet the CPA standards.

The Business Elite of South Africa simply improvise and upgrade their products to fit in with the law – they already have the money to be able to do this. So the question is – will the real corrupt people as those who generate large sums of money selling useless products as part of mass productions – be affected? No – the Elite business owners know what they are doing and have the resources to shift into a new stance to still be able to make large sums of money. They did not get rich from not getting to know how to manipulate the system and people.
The small business owner will be affected by this and the government knows this. The government as I mentioned is interconnected into and as the economic system of the country which is interconnected with the Elite business owners. Therefore such a law exists to shift the energy and focus of people from one fear into a point people will be satisfied with – while in the meantime the rich get richer of the basic fear which drives consumers. Those who control the money know that money moves based on the experience of people based on Fear. So create enough polarity as fear with the opposite polarity as the solution which makes people feel good – and they keep the Money System functional. At the same time this new law ensures that the small business that cannot ‘make the grade’ in light of this new law – are removed so that the bigger business survive – due to their ability to adapt to the new laws.

Soobramoney C. (2011, March 09). Bring it on, say Consumers. Post, p 10.

Woman killed by train in fleeing from police.

I was reading a newspaper article on illegal immigrant who had been living as a vagrant together with about a hundred other vagrants – who was killed by a train after the police arrived to chase them from where they were living ‘illegally.’

The SAPS (police) spokesman was quoted as saying that ‘the police cannot be blamed for such an incident. Yes the police and the governments who allow for the existence of poverty and the human race who allow for the existence of rich/poor can never be blamed for anything that happens to the lives of the beings who exist on this planet. The fact that all live is born here Equally from the physical does not matter to the human. We have come to accept and allow that lives are dispensable if and when they interfere with the rich remaining rich and the survival of the middle class. Therefore an incident like this reflects the following – that as the human race we do not care about each other – we care about making money. We do not care about the Abuse and Death in the name of Money as long as it is not a rich person or a person who contributes to the capitalist system that is dying or being abused. The only time we pay attention to the death of someone due to circumstances which are based in greed and protection of the wealthy is when it entertains those who read the newspaper.

Therefore those who read the newspaper and only feel curiosity and hopelessness – are actually responsible for the death of the person/plant/animal about who the article is written. Why? Because as long as we allow the Economic/Capitalist system which exists so that we can Live – as it currently is and merely read with a slight feeling of ‘shame; for the being – we are directly observing Abuse for our Survival. This is obviously what the Capitalist system is designed on – the Abuse of Life on this planet so that most can say ‘I survive’. Therefore a blind eye is turned against the reality of what we read in the newspaper. We do not see these events as direct, accountable actions which we are accountable and self-responsible for – we see these events as somewhat sad but really not our fault. The connection has not been made between the event and our participation and acceptance of the world systems.
So this immigrant dies and no-one is to blame. The focus of the article is to evoke our emotions and feelings and to get us to feel fear and trepidation about the system – and was not written from a perspective of how this really happened, and what can be done to correct such world problems, globally as a sustainable solution that will stop such events from happening again. The short term emotional response leaves the reader somewhat apprehensive and now the being thinks about how this lady died from a shallow perspective – meaning: you will read the article and you will have an emotional reaction. Thoughts will come up in your mind which allow you to ‘wonder’ for a brief moment how this could happen to you and your family and how to prevent this. We do not for a moment actually look behind the veil and see what the real problem is as the world systems – we only view the incident through a filter, which allows us to quickly process how to prevent our lives from turning out that bad, that we have to live in squalor, fending for our lives, moving from park to park just to be able to sleep and not get robbed/raped, avoiding both criminal and police, After all, in the end being chased by the police could result in jail or even death. That is why in this article as in most articles the police take a back seat and proclaim they are not responsible. This is specifically placed so that they do not have to walk hand in hand with the public but create the perception of being behind us, watching and chasing us and doing so secretly in the name of something else. Therefore implying that they will destroy us if the need be to protect the wealthy and then proclaim – that they were not responsible – therefore ‘you had it coming.’

What happens inside you when you read these type of articles? Inside oneself you decide that you will keep your job, no matter what strain it places on you. You will pay your taxes (the fear of going against the big man) and you will abide by all the rules given to you by your government. That way you will remain safe and keep yourself and your family from being chased, abused, murdered, raped, sold or killed. The actual fear that is driving people is impulsed from the media –that is why the real story of why that woman died will never be told. The media, governments, criminologists etc will never use their clever advisors, cabinet members or researchers to actually dissect the world problems and see the causes for the problems, find direct sustainable solutions, find management teams to implement them and stop the madness. Therefore it will be you and I who see the problem and recognise the solution who will write about what we realize, place it for all to see and stand together as one voice. Through this we create waves of awareness which will eventually allow all to see and realize– that the way we live now and what we accept is not cool. If your child grows up to be that woman living on the street, running for her life just to be hit by a train rather than have to be caught by the police – would you shrug the event off? How many of your children would have to become that woman, to die tragically for you to pay attention and not just read the newspaper article for the sake of amusement?

If your answer is – ‘well it won’t happen to my child – I protect my children’. Then ask yourself the question – who will become that woman in the current capitalist system – oppressed through the system of labour and profit – so that your children are protected one day as adults in the system? I suggest always place yourself and your children in the shoes of those who pay the price so that the rest of humanity can chase our desires. My blogs will expose world events as they really happened. The cause, the consequences, the actuality of how our existing Money System directly and indirectly creates the abuse and suffering of millions – which is why as solution I suggest the implementation of an Equal Money System.