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Stimulate the US Economy by Legalizing Industrial Hemp

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via Stimulate the US Economy by Legalizing Industrial Hemp.

2012 Oh boy – the Capitalistic System!

In the City Press Newspaper – 15 January 2012 – an article by a person called ‘Maya’ – whom one would assume is a ‘financial adviser’. Her article in this newspaper is called: ‘Maya on Money’ and her introductory paragraph reads as us:

“Recently I was asked by a radio show to give five reasons why people should sit down now and plan their finances for 2012. Thinking about money when you have just come out of a very expensive month is always a challenge but hopefully this will provide some motivation.”

Financial advisers are not there to support anyone in finding effective solutions to the problems we all face on a day to day bases in the Money System. They lock you further and further into the Mind into survival patterns, to ensure that you keep being ok with how the Capitalistic System functions and to make peace with your life and your limited choices within the Money System. So let’s take a further look at her article, which to me was a blatant attempt at making sure people don’t really come out of the Money Problems we face as Capitalism, but to make sure you survive and live to ‘spend’ another day. I have underlined the specific words she used in admitting how corrupt the entire system is and also underlined the words she used to manipulation the reader with – words such as hope and motivation – to ensure that people keep justifying and accepting the way things are as our current Capitalistic System.

Her article:

As you can see the article is split into 5 reasons why you should plan your money problems – sorry I meant your “finances” for 2012.

We have the first category which is:

It reads:

“1. Beat the January Blues.
That first week or two back at work is always tough, so take some time to plan your next
holiday – it will give you something to look forward to. Part of that plan is working out
how much you can afford and how you are going to save for it. You will enjoy the holiday
a lot, more if it is already paid for.”

Why have we created this cycle of misery in which we work hard year after year just to pay off our debt to be able to live simplistic lives? Why have we come to accept that we will all be depressed come January because we have to go back into the cycle of slavery to the Elite/Capitalists? Why can we not live in a world where we change the Value of Life so that we live to express not live to survive? What is the enjoyment really for us living in a world where we have to plan how to deal with our debt we make because we want to express ourselves and live? Is this life? Even the ‘advisor’ admits that we are stuck in this pattern of knowing we have to focus the rest of the year on how to raise funds and pay of our debt – which means she knows all are trapped in the same patterns around money – and she even gives you advise how to continue remaining trapped in your cycle within capitalism.

Next point:

“2. Be ready for Christmas 2012.
Most of us are dreading the bills – a reminder that our festive season budget was well
and truly blown. Make it
a New Year’s resolution not to get into debt next festive season and start putting some
cash away. It can be as
simple as taking a jar and writing XMAS 2012 on it to collect all your coins over the
year. If you collect R2 coins
you will be surprised how much you collect in a year. My husband is with FNB and used
their ” Bank your change” savings account. Every time he made a purchase it was rounded up
to the nearest R5 and the change was paid
into the savings account. For example if he spent R63 an amount of R65 was debited and R2
paid into the savings account. He saved R1900 a year.

Other than the fact that all of her advise is old and that you can find this ‘save your pennies advice’ in any woman’s magazine year after year after year, I would also like to add that her husband did not save anything because either way he only has so much money to his name whether he used it that day or months later. Tricky, tricky – how the capitalists lie! My first perspective on point one also ties in with this point – why do we have to juggle debt and worry about our survival? Also – Christmas has never been about Jesus, but about a day in which Capitalists impulses naïve people to buy lots of stuff because they believe in an invisible guy in the sky – so get rid of belief systems that have nothing to do with this physical reality and already people will stop feeling the need to cling to old rituals that are actually only motivated through Capitalism/Consumerism.

Next point:

“3. Bankrupt the debt collectors.
Debt is such a waste of money, make a resolution to get out of debt and rather than paying
interest to the bank, use it to start saving. Get on top of your debt so you don’t end up
being farmed by debt collectors where they turn you into an annuity income for life! The
only way to get out of debt is to plan your finances. Start a budget and cut back.

She is missing the point (or is she?) of Capitalism as all eager Capitalists do. Capitalism is designed to function according to debt. So you cannot on the one hand tell people to cut back on their debt while still supporting a Capitalistic System. If we force the Elite to receive less money from our pockets then they will find new ingenious ways of forcing us to give them money – its call tax increases, general cost increases, the production of expensive products, petrol cost increases, inflation, hidden costs, engineered obsolescence, false advertising and the list goes on. Do not be fooled to think that the Capitalists care – they will find a way to make their money even if it means leaving billions of people to starve every day so that they can control the cost of food and necessities. The entire game of Capitalism first of all plays off people’s fears of survival, therefore obviously Capitalists and ‘financial advisors’ are not interested or motivated to find solutions to debt, poverty and suffering because the entire construct and existence of poverty and suffering creates the polarity friction point necessary to drive the rest of humanity through fear of survival to make/desire more money.

Next point:

“4. Stay married.
Money is the number one reason marriages break up. Surveys show that people are more
comfortable talking
about sex than money, but money problems bring far more marital stress. Sit down with your
spouse and look
at your finances and be honest about what you can afford. Also set goals and dreams – if
you get buy-in you will achieve your goals together. Avoid financial ruin and your
marriage will last.

Interesting that she says ‘avoid financial ruin and your marriage will last’ – implying that if people’s relationships and commitment to each other is determined by money then love is not real and the relationship commitment was not real. Also – why should our lives and our expressions be determined by Money?

Next point:

“5. Grow Wealth not stuff.
We tend to fill our homes with lots of useless stuff. Open your wardrobe and look at all the
items of clothing you
have bought and worn once, or not at all. Look in your garage at all the gadgets you bought
and never use. These items are wealth destroyers.

Any person who has studied the basics of how Consumerism functions will know that products are designed firstly according to all the desires, fears, obsession, wants and needs of humans. Human thinking and psychology is studied to understand how we buy and what we buy according to our base programming. Therefore the design of products is specific to target and trigger specific emotions, feelings, fears etc. within people. So – first of all you cannot just suggest to people to look at all the stuff you bought that you never use – without offering them a solution on how to face and defuse the hidden layers that caused you to buy on ‘impulse’. The capitalists will always find ways of impulsing people to buy more stuff – so without understanding the minds connection to what people do, one cannot fully support people to not just buy stuff.

Within the DesteniIProcess for example, we work with the hidden layers of the Mind from which one is impulsed or triggered into acting, speaking, thinking, feelings, fearing – without one truly knowing where these reactions/drives came from.

A solution: Please read the section of my blog which deals with the FAQ videos and articles on an Equal Money System and see the practical considerations and design behind why I say an Equal Money System will stop survival based living which will allow all the Equal opportunity to Live as a full expression of ourselves here in this physical reality.

Is Inequality only in the Eye of the beholder?

Is Inequality only in the Eye of the beholder?.

Looking at Art–what is going on up there?

Looking at Art–what is going on up there?.

Desteni and Equal Money–WTF?

Desteni and Equal Money–WTF?.

The ‘Feel Good’ times

The ‘Feel Good’ times.

U.S. unemployment rate declines to 8.6%

2 December 2011 Current Events: Business News

In November, the U.S. unemployment rate declines to 8.6%, its lowest level in two and a half years. Employers add 120,000 jobs in November. These improvements in the nation’s economy come at a time when the European debt crisis appears to be getting worse.

Unemployment is a consequence of the current Capitalist System and exists as a vicious cycle which will never end unless we change the Money System. In an Equal Money System ‘unemployment’ will not exist as all people will receive an income from birth until death.
Equal Money FAQ playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL292BB9D0CAFAF6BE

Why an Equal Money System?
It is our understanding that most of the suffering that is currently being experienced on earth is caused by human beings denying other human beings equal access to living resources. This has probably been going on since the very beginning. Though over the ages the system in which we exist has specialized in becoming ever more ruthless. The inequality and the absolute disregard for life that we’ve come to embody as a specie, is now placing us at a crossroads: will we stop and start honoring each other as equals or will we close the cycle and put an end to the human journey?
What we suggest is to have a platform established that will allow for human beings to take a break from the madness. This can be done through establishing an equal money-system, whereby every human being on earth will have a right to an equal unconditional income – from birth to death. The equal money-system would be aimed at removing fear and survival from the equation called ‘life’. This will establish a level of equality in which we can start to learn what it means to live together and how to trust each other.
Simplistically, money is the tool the system is using to perpetuate its control over human beings.
We say money can be used for good – if we understand how it works and then change the rules. Then we can come to a new agreement about how we want to live, where everyone is equally taken into consideration.

How will people be motivated in an free society in an equal money system
FAQ how will people be motivated in an EMS? In a free society? That is purely a question of character in fact, I mean, your statement in terms of who you are, in terms of motivation will indicate your character. Your value will indicate who you are and therefore you must consider this question very carefully. Because if you require money to motivate you, you are in fact making a statement, that you exist as greed.And that because unless you get money you will not move. That means you are completely and utterly subject to the system of profit and loss and because of that greed you do not care about life. So stop, breathe deeply and consider the following: lets remove money from society completely and start to look at what the function of life pertains or is here on earth. We require shelter, equipment, cars, food, all kinds of things and within that most people have not found what they truly love. Now start looking at what you really like, what you truly love. Within that context start to look at, why do you not allow what you love to be your motivation, because then your motivation will be pure motivation. And the love that you have and you a exercise to the benefit of others, as your motivation will make love manifest and proof that work in fact. And as Kahlil Gibran said, is love made visible, then all the stories of love that now exist in this world will get a total new view. We will no longer be controlled by love for money, but we will do what we love and from that perspective be proper examples for our children and you’ll be able to really appreciate what is made, because it will be made well and you’ll be able to see the love within the way it was made. You can go back in history and you will find things that were made by hand and through the hands of love and you can appreciate that those things do carry value, because the way it was made in whether it was made with a machine, wood, whatever it is, or food that is prepared, carries with it the very essence of the being or the person that made it and that is how one would like to live, truly experiencing what it means to be multiple beings in a reality, where you treat each other as equals. In that very recognition you will be motivated to not be left out from the society, but to be part of it through giving and therefore you would receive. And the words of Jesus will be made visible everywhere and therefore we will live heaven on earth. For more on astoundingly different approaches to life, read our blog books monthly, here are some links.

But if everyone has equal money, who will do the work that is required to sustain society?

Here I suggest we be very specific. Currently we have a system that consists out of uncountable jobs and tasks that need to be performed. This number of jobs and tasks is based in the starting point of the current money-system. Which is that everyone has to do a task of some sort to gain access to money, without which one cannot exist in this world. Thus if we go and look what is the nature of many of those tasks and jobs, we will see that they don’t necessarily exist to support human beings physical existence and the quality of life on earth. Instead, we will see that for instance a corporation is formed to sell a certain product that – if one is self-honest – it can easily be seen there exists no need for the product they are selling. Though the existence of such products and services is justified through the need for employment – where it becomes quite irrelevant if the product or service provided has actually any relevance to the quality of life on earth, as long as there is a market for such products and services that allow the corporation to make money and be a source of income for its employees, without which they would be unable to survive in this reality.
Take a call center job for instance: many companies employ call centers to increase their sales. But if we now look at those companies: they are merely trying to sell a product because they need to survive as a company to generate income. Many companies are actually quite deliberate in this, where they will emphasize the need and the importance of their product, knowing full well what they’re saying is not true. So the employees of such a company together with the employees of the call center are performing a task that is not actually contributing in any way to the quality of life on earth – or at least where the quality of life on earth is not seen as having any priority.
In an equal money-system such jobs will no longer be necessary to be done. Because the only reason why they exist is to generate income. We’re not even talking about those jobs, tasks and professions in the current system that are harming and destroying life on earth. Of those jobs and tasks that currently generate an income that allow people to survive in this reality, there are many. (e.g. cutting rain forests, hunting for animal fur or ivory, weapons development and trade – one merely need to consider America’s military spending to understand the vastness of this arena – ; soldiers to be trained for war and killing – would anyone join the army if they had no need for the income? – ; alcohol trade, etc.)
Now, let’s look at the kind of arena’s, tasks, jobs and professions where it can easily be seen that they are critical to the quality of life on earth.
• The manufacturing of clothing
• The building and maintaining of housing & living infrastructure
• Energy production, such as electricity
• Providing clean drinking water
• Sewage system building and maintenance
• Agriculture/Food production and distribution
• Education and schooling
• Health care
• Organization/Administration
• Computer and software
• Research
• Etc…
So what many argue is: who will do those necessary tasks? why would anyone be motivated to do anything? Let’s look at it this way: do people require to be payed to have the motivation to wash themselves? No, because most understand it is necessary to be done as a matter of hygiene and also because they enjoy doing it! So here we have an example of an action that is based on understanding and that is not done out of profit, because it’s part of ‘taking care of oneself’. Though, to wash yourself, you would actually require water that comes out of your tap. And because you live in a community and you understand that everyone would benefit from having water, you understand that it would be far more effective to have one coordinated system of providing water for everyone, instead of each individually having to sort out their water-issues by themselves. So within the community you come to an agreement as to who will take responsibility for making sure there is water. This is basic common sense. It has nothing to do with profit-calculations, but with looking after oneself in the understanding that ‘what is best for all, is best for me’. The same procedure can be applied to any requirement that would then form a public service.
With the current technology that is available – it would not even be necessary that everyone does a job. Because the jobs that exist would not be based on the need for income but on the understanding of what is best for all.
To practically arrange this, would require a ‘Dual-Money-system’ – because the first step is to have the basics of society organized, which would result in a Labor-system. This would then be the physical support for the entire society. To manage the access to the basic goods and services the Equal money system would be introduced: simply, everyone receiving the same amount of money unconditionally – that would allow for a regulation of the distribution of basic goods and services. Meaning, this money one would only be able to spend on what is agreed to be the necessary requirements to live a dignified life, such as: proper housing and electricity, water, food, clothing, education and health care. Those that are actively involved in the labor-system would receive an extra income. This income would be the same for every participant according to the time-units they have worked, regardless of the nature of the activity.
Note that with what we’ve established thus far – everyone is already taken care of.
Now the labor-income will be a different type of money, that has no restrictions with regards to what it can be used for. Thus a space is created for anyone wanting to engage in providing certain goods and services, that are not strictly necessary – but that many would regard as desirable in some way. This space will function as a free market within the equal money-system. People performing a job will have access to a greater variety of goods and services according to their preference. Note that, even though there will be a difference in private wealth resulting from this arrangement, actual poverty will not be able to exist, as each one has a dignified minimum, which is according to each one’s equal right to live a decent life.

Where Ends Meet – The Retirement of an outdated Money System
By Anna Brix Thomsen 04/12/2011


Have you ever seen those advertisements for retirement companies – you know, the ones that are showing happy men with silver stained hair and tanned with huge smiles standing on the golf course? Or the older couple sitting on a balcony in the sunset drinking margaritas and playing scrabble? Do you also dream that it will be you one day – walking barefoot in the sand with no worries and a loaded bank account?

Well, most likely that is never going to happen. And in this article, we are going to expose why – and how you can do something about it yourself, here and now, without having to slave away for years until you get the payoff of retirement.

Did you know that in order to even get a retirement fund, all you have to do is to work the next 20 – 40 years in a job you will most likely hate or change every couple of years for less pay as you wait for that retirement fund to kick in? All you have to do is to give 40 – 60 hours pr. week working and many more hours commuting in cramped subways or on packed highways for then to go home to sleep, only so that you can be ready to go to work again in the morning. You can then go out drinking in the weekends to get all the anger, that you’ve built up towards your boss, colleagues and yourself, ‘out of your system’. You can even go on holidays once in a while to really reload so that you can manage to spend one or ten more years slaving away.

Is this really what we live for? What we give our lives for, each and every day slaving away in jobs, one more horrible than the next? We even make ourselves believe that what we are doing is wonderful and purposeful and satisfying, just so that we can push and force ourselves to keep going.

So – what if we did not have to work and live these exhausting lives where we have to lie to ourselves and everyone around us? Later we shall discuss how this is in fact possible.

An estimate from the European Union shows that the working population will fall by 50 million between 2008 and 2060, where the amount of people over 65 will have increased by 67 million. At the same time the fertility rate is decreasing, which means that the smaller younger generations will be responsible for caring for a large group of elderly people.

According to an analysis made by Russia Today, it is estimated that in Britain 7 out of 10 people cannot afford to retire on their pensions. And thus if the elderly are forced to remain on the job market because they cannot afford to retire, less young people are able to get into the job market. Subsequently there is in the US there an estimated 24 % youth unemployment rate. This is the same country where the richest 400 Americans, has more money than the bottom 150 million people combined. The lucky few can obviously afford to retire whenever and wherever they wish to do so. Depending on our age, our income and where we live, you and I are more likely to have to work literally until we die. Of course none of this is even mentioning countries where there is no such thing as retirement and where people suffer in poverty from the moment they are born.

The solution is not to simply raise taxes on the rich as the problem is within the entirety of our systems and how we’ve allowed ourselves to exist and live accordingly. The problems is a system, where we accept and allow millions of elderly to suffer and to die in poverty through the justification that the few who has all the money, has gotten to that position in life fair and square and that we would do exactly the same, were we in their shoes. To support this belief, advertisements suggest that everyone can win a happy life on an exotic island somewhere, playing golf and sipping cocktails in the sunset if they just believe in it and work for it. Pension funds are created to further legitimize this belief and make it more probable than possible and the problem is that once we reach the age of 70 and realize that it was all one big scam, it is too late. There is no exotic island, just as not all little boys can become multimillion soccer players or NFL stars. Yet these are the fantasies that are instilled and installed into us by the very system that we’ve created to manage ourselves and our lives.

How will the equal money system be implemented
Obviously there will be a process of realization through education, and within that there will be the BIG answer first, which is the Basic Income Grant – that is a BIG answer because that will become quite big, for awhile, and then there will be the Equal Money answer.

The implementation of that is based on the effectiveness of information. Therefore, the effectiveness of our census’ and how the information that is available about every single human, and plant, and animal, wherever it is possible, we can bring it together within a logistical format to establish the level of needs, and requirements, and establish how it will be fulfilled – this will be a gigantic task and will take, initially, extensive planning and management to bring the point together until it is running automatically.

It will include, obviously, the how to store products, how to create products, who is going to do the work, for instance? and who is going to be the doctor, who is going to be the dentist, are the qualifications acceptable? Is the approach one that is effective?

I mean, what will happen to a doctor that no more needs to work for profit, or needs to sell particular medicines just because they make more profit? and now they have the choice to choose the best for the patient, and do what’s best for the patient. Being a doctor will change completely from what it is now.

Lawyers will not exist, because there is no point to it – you don’t have to laws anymore – lawyers exist because of the amount of laws there are; just like criminal exists: the more laws you have, the more criminals you have. So the less laws you have, what do you have? Less criminals.

I mean, that is the clever thing about the Chinese philosophy of the Tao. So, study a little bit of Lao Tzu’s work, because that will really help you to see that that has been one of the oldest, shall we say, practical living statements, ideas, that has been around, and it’s never been practically applies – it was carrying all the answers that one can work out for yourself if you dare not be controlled by money.

So, we will remove money by having money – Equal Money – and therefore equal power, equal participation, equal choice, and therefore free choice, because the choice that you give to another is the choice you have.

So, join us at the freedom blogs; find out more about what it is Equal Money actually entails.

The Book – Equal Money System FAQ: http://store.desteni.org/inventory/arosouw-bernard-poolman-what-the-faq-equal-money-system

Greed, Mothering, Peace of Mind, the Atlanteans and Lung cancer

Desteni forum question on: Money and working – how do I work in a form of self-expression, without participating in world greed?

My perspective: Interesting question. I would suggest investigate why you like trading. All work in some form or another is trading with a being’s life – but the question I would ask is what is it specifically about trading that interests you – because in your question you are addressing the starting points and within this you will see who you are within working – are you supporting yourself in this world – or are you getting a specific kick out of a specific type of work – to entertain you in your mind and in self interest? I would suggest look at the experience of yourself you are participating in – which you are specifically getting from participating in ‘trade.’

So I suggest clear your starting point with regards to why you would rather specifically work in trade, than a job where you support yourself – because it is within what we give value to – to entertain ourselves – rather than practical support – that we are resonating and creating the world as it is.
Who are you as the symbol of yourself within what you do? If you look at the reason for doing something or the want of doing something – you will see what symbols you are responding to in your world and what symbol you have become and resonate as.
Desteni Forum discussion on: Mother Construct:

Yes I have been experiences similar points as well. I suggest realizing that once you give attention to a construct – that it starts forming and molding you further and further into a pre-programmed design. I suggest look at where you have tendencies to allow the construct that is pre-existent within you – to direct you in your daily life – notice how new patterns are emerging – some you might even recognize from what your own mother use to do, or your siblings are manifesting.
I forgive myself for accepting within me a mother construct which direct me in responding to people and situations pre-determined ways.
I forgive myself for desiring to be seen as strong and competent.
I forgive myself for wanting my opinions to be seen as valid in this world.
I forgive myself for wanting to project an idea that my opinions as ‘how my environment should be’ – as designed within the mother construct – is valid.
I forgive myself for fearing touch.
I forgive myself for judging my sexual expression as demonic possession (lol).
I forgive myself for perceiving my expressive nature during sex, as being strange – but I realise that this expression is possible due to the allowance of touch, letting go, skin on skin, and completely letting go into and as the physical. Therefore sex in itself is agreement between two beings (or however many) to completely let go and explore the physical.
I forgive myself for wanting others to support themselves, from a starting point of wanting them to appear strong and capable to ‘take care of themselves.’
I forgive myself for seeing intimacy between a man and woman as a weakness.
I forgive myself for perceiving cuddling and caressing as dependencies.
I forgive myself for interpreting cuddling and caressing as a weakness -because it is two people dependent on each other for attention, energy and reassurance.
I forgive myself for allowing the construct to ‘interpret’ certain moments and behaviors I observe in people as the following:
I forgive myself for allowing the pre-determined perception that Cuddling is a drawing on of the other person’s energy.
I forgive myself for allowing the pre-determined perception that Hugging is a moment in which two bodies embrace as if in need to place their bodies together in a meaningless gesture.
I forgive myself for allowing the pre-determined perception that kissing is vampirism in which two people are sucking the life out of each other.
I forgive myself for allowing the pre-determined perception that holding hands is like hugging – a pre-designed placement of body parts that actually has no relevancy other than an energetic charge through physical dependency.
I forgive myself for allowing the pre-determined perception that giggling together is a sound resonance participation in which two people are locking each other into a design of dependency and ‘like-mindedness.’
I forgive myself for allowing the pre-determined perception that sex is about two people getting a big rush out of experiencing sexual pleasure – which is done by all beings on this planet habitually -without anything else for us to actually enjoy or experience.
I forgive myself for allowing the pre-determined perception that my enjoyment of sex is habitual or systematic and that I am doing it because it is an accepted form of expression which I have come to justify as ‘what I really enjoy doing.’
I forgive myself for allowing the pre-determined perception that men and woman require specific needs within an agreement.
I forgive myself for allowing the pre-determined perception that touching is a moment in which I let go and become vulnerable and am thus in a position of allowing the other person to see me with my guard down (god down = the mind).
I forgive myself for allowing the pre-determined perception that I am to be strong and able and not experience myself as weak – in this I react when hugging people – because in this it reveals about me that I enjoy intimacy and am gentle.
I let go of the pre-determined mother construct and all its manifested points within me as emotion, feelings and ideas around: touch, sex, companionship, money, playfulness.
I let go off the reaction to being hugged.
I let go off the idea I have that sex is difficult.
I let go of the idea that sex is systematic, and allow myself to explore sexuality anew as an expression within the physical.
I forgive myself for reacting when somebody hugs me and for allowing the thought in that moment that we are hiding within each other by hugging and that it is clear for all to see.
I forgive myself for reacting when I smile intimately at another in front of people and for allowing the thought: they can see me as being gentle, what if they take advantage of this.
I let go of my defenses and allow myself to unconditionally allow myself to express me as I have always done and stopped doing because my relationships/agreements became complicated.
Lately I have been expressing myself more with regards to intimacy and within this have caught myself going into the thought – that ‘what if my expression is from a place of construct/system design and not who I am.’ Writing about this point assisted me to look back at the moment where I questioned my expression and to see that I have been questioning myself because in my last agreement, when I would express me, my partner would ask me: why are you doing that? This over time created conflict within me about my expression and I pulled back and became quite and responsive/expressive according to what I thought would please him. I realise now that the physical release and enjoyment and reactions to my expressions I have experienced In the last week – is due to me existing in a mother construct in which I question my own expression and hold back because I am waiting to be taken into a discussion on why I express myself.
I forgive myself for compromising on who I am as self-expression as life, as a child – because I wanted to save my relationship.

Desteni Forum discussion: How do we find the solutions?

I find that answers are HERE, as the practical common sense solutions for all Equally – otherwise how else could it be the answer if it does not stand equal and one to what is here? Anything else is a mind fuck.
I mean you could ask a question and a bird could chip but what did that actually mean? Did you abdicate directing yourself here within practicality – to an external confirmation before you direct yourself here according to what is best for all?
The purpose of this forum is for us all to share practical solutions. In this obviously we have to look into what is already here and what will have to change AS OURSELVES – for actual change to take place that will stand Equal to that which we have already designed – so that we change within the understanding of what we have allowed thus far. The solutions will step forth as ourselves, moving and directing and changing ourselves here in the physical: so in some ways change is simple – because in basic common sense you are able to see: if each person stops waiting for a god and takes responsibility for themselves – then already many of the self created delusions will stop. If we change the money system to an equality money system – many of the problems will stop. All of these examples ‘seem; simple – yet we have to implement them as ourselves – because if we remain as the symbols of self interest and greed – that we have always existed as then nothing will change.
So I suggest communicate your insights on the forum and let us all develop our common sense and self honesty as what is best for all – together – it is new to all of us. We have always existed as programs, thus to now walk the change that is required, will take ‘working together’ – to assist each other in common sense and self honesty. If for example you ask a question and you have an insight – how do you know you are not interpreting what you experience according to your own conditioning and programming? Thus we share insights here until what emerges is actual solutions within the context of what is here.

Youtube question on: Have you Astral traveled:

My perspective: All information within the unified field has been and is uploaded through the unconscious mind – thus when a being ‘Astral Travels’ within the Mind – they are accessing downloaded information from within the unconscious mind. Ask yourself the question: if some of these beings who apparently are able to Astral travel and observe ‘real events’ – not actually seeing what is going on? They always present the experience within some spiritual or worldly context in which they observes that which they now are able to present according to what is already acceptable – the actuality of what exist is never experienced – or else the being would probably be shocked into actual participation in what is best for all. Astral travelers continue traveling in their world of selective information because it serves them in what they consider acceptable to know about this reality. The Astral traveler that tells you they see beings of purpose and light and events playing out within the context of some higher purpose/meaning – you know they have no real access other than what they have been designed to interpret.
Astral traveling is also a movement and placement of a being according to their time line, because in them roaming the unified field within their unconsciousness mind – they are being positioned into their next placement within their time line – so that they continue on their life path as pre-determined within the system. That is why you will find that people who Astral Travel will (as I discussed above) only experience specific points relevant to what will keep them within a specific progression of themselves, as what already exists here in this world.
Time lines and astral traveling:
So let’s look at the basic common sense behind real time experiences and astral traveling. A being would normally move through this reality and when they activate symbols within them according to their time line grids – they will then be directed into the next experience of themselves. Within Astral traveling you are being symbolically moved and activated in your mind while you travel the unified field map within your mind. Thus you are still being directed and placed according to your ‘life path’’ within the system – but this happening inside the mind of the astral traveler.
Desteni Forum question: Why should we do forgiveness and release ourselves from the Mind, if who we really are is Atlanteans?

My perspective: I suggest watch the video done on Structural Resonance Alignment. It is our accepted design as Mind Consciousness Systems – through which we have become the resonance of ourselves. We all resonate as these Mind Programs and through resonating, we create this reality. We all exist as the resonances of our Minds and are unaware of the level at which we create reality. It is within the living symbolic resonances that we exist. Thus it seems as if we are merely people living on a planet -unaware of how the world is created but:

We exist as Mind Consciousness symbols, resonating and Impulsing as symbols and through that reality as symbols is created. We interpret reality according to our pre-programmed understanding of what is here and through that align ourselves as symbols one and equal to that which we interpret – forming new symbols, as ourselves which we then live out – similar to the basics of ‘machine language.’
So I suggest let go of the idea that we are beyond what is here, because apparently once we were ‘Atlantean.’ It is through our resonant Impulsing that we exist and create the world – thus we suggest self forgiveness and self honesty to stop the symbols we create and accept within us.
I suggest watch the recent videos on Multi-Dimensional Resonance Symbols. Then watch the videos on Why Self Forgive and why self honesty.

Youtube Comment: Why do you guys at Desteni smoke, don’t you know smoking causes lung cancer?

Science versus common sense:
Investigations into Mind Consciousness Systems at Desteni has shown that cancer and illness are designed within Consciousness – so for example anxious and angry people -create disease resonantly within them – these might be the same people who smoke to ground themselves. If you do not see dimensionally or take into consideration that non-smokers can get cancer or illness -then I suggest to not proclaim your opinions copied from what science says – as common sense insight.
Taken from: http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=12143
The Spitefulness of God

In Accepting God – you’re accepting the World the way it is and the way it works.
In Accepting this World the way it is and the way it works – you’re Accepting God.

In Accepting the Evil Nature of Man as Sinner – you’re Implying that God deliberately Created the Evil Nature of Man.

To Imply that Choice is the Cause for the ‘Fall of Man’ i.e. the Choice between Good and Evil – Implies that God is limited to Man’s Choice and in fact – that Choice is More Powerful than God.

Which means – Man is More Powerful than God – because Man is apparently the One with Choice.

To claim that God is ‘all-knowing’ – would Imply that God already knew what each one Individually was going to Choose.
Which then Implies that God Lied when he gave Man ‘Free-Choice’ – because he already knew what each one is going to Choose.

And in this Implying – that he Created each Individual with a Pre-Ordained Choice = which isn’t Free and thus not Choice at all.

So in this all – there seems to be the Biggest Lie in Plain-Sight:
If God exist – this World is just a Big Computer-Game – Like ‘Sims’, and Nothing you Ever Do – is Real.
No-one actually ever Starve.
No Child actually ever get Abused.
No-one actually ever get killed in War – Because the way you live, whether Good or Evil = has no effect on what will Happen to you as you are just a Prop in ‘God’s Simulation’ and God is Playing a Game like a Naughty Evil Child.
Feeling Nothing for any Part of the Game – only Enjoying the Thrill, like in ‘Carmageddon’.

If no God exist – You Actually have a Chance and You Actually have a Choice.

But you’ll Find:
If you ‘Believe in God’ or any other ‘Higher-Power’ – you Immediately have No Choice.

Even in the Accepting of this World and Nature as the way it is – You’re Accepting some form of ‘Higher-Power’ = and therein you are Immediately Limited in your Choice.

Desteni forum discussion on: Peace of Mind

My perspective: None of us effectively direct ourselves in this world, to stop our Mind and actually bring about practical solutions. Everybody calls themselves able to or willing to do what is best for all – and then talk about it on the forum, but don’t actually apply themselves within basic common sense, self honesty, self forgiveness and self responsibility – let alone take that to the world in effective application – equal and one to the system that already exists.

That is why he says that people have the tendency to ‘go into peace of mind’ – because look at what happens – you feel you are entitled to peace of mind, just because you are able to say it. Peace of Mind only exists when ALL are FREE, all have food, all have Equal Opportunity. So why do you proclaim to have peace of mind?

Youtube question: Would self-forgiveness be necessary to apply when I were to feel enjoyment and happiness?

My perspective: Question: Are you enjoyment as an expression of yourself, not controlled and directed by external events and people – or is it subject to what you experience? That is separation through systematic dependency on external events that impulse you through programming – thus we suggest self forgiveness to stop our conditioned programming, until we are the directors of self here as what is best for all – within self honest self expression. Then self is authentic in expression.