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me doing a headshave .. inspired by faceworldfaceoff 😉

I’ve got inspired to do this video by this one… from the people of
So i decided to to a video of my own headshaving to share it with the community.
I tried to talk in english in the video, so more people can understand what i’m saying, but i’m sorry .. i’ve got not soo much practise the in speaking english .. so sorry for all the mistakes i’ve made concerning this
anyway .. enjoy!
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The Resonant Seed 4

Many years ago – it was in the eighties- I had an discussion with one of the Princes of the Royal House of Great Britain – its Royal Houses that lived many hundreds of years ago – through another Medium
and, that was the point, he called himself The Black Sheep of the Family because he wouldnt fall into the Predetermined Lines of the Royal Family
and he mentioned an interesting thing, he says, he said to me – and I was at that stage just into this that was 20 years ago – said to me:
Remember: Everyone Shit the Same Way
One wouldnt think that would be very important, but if you really look at-it, it is Really Very Important that shows that Everyone is the Same Seed,
Everyone Consist-out of Exactly the Same Composition – What was the Part that Fucked with us? Its whats going on as Consciousness In the Mind – thats an Machine
that Can be Manipulated but the Basic Genes of this Reality – even Monsanto is having Great Trouble, they dont want everybody to know, they try and cover-it up all the time as they Manipulate Seeds what happens?
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt – Mayor Crop Failures take place, where whole crops are lost,
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The Resonant Seed 3

The Question that Each must Ask-Themselves is: at the very least if we continue with the Current-Existence in the Way that it is Unfolding within the Secret-Mind where Everything is happening in-Secret in Each Person individually = it is Predictable that Inevitably we Will Cause each-other Harm.
If we Decide that were going to Change-This, we obviously have a Problem: We have no-idea what Life-is; we Have, though, the idea What it Means to Program Realities into Consistency and Trustworthiness I mean we can see-it all around us where a Program Runs Effectively = it can be Trusted. So therefore if we would Program-Ourselves into Trustworthiness = well be able to Trust each-other; then we can start to Consider if Life Exist and if Life ever Should Exist. At the moment, I would Suggest that Life should not be a Consideration as-such because its Indeterminable What it will-Be, because one Cannot-yet Even Exist within a Programmed-Reality with Consistency.

First Step thus is to Exist in a Programmed Reality with Consistency which isto do with the Structural-Resonance Alignment; First the Alignment to Understand How youve Become What You Are, and then the Alignment with Programming-Yourself to a State of Stability where you can Be Trusted; Where you are Equal in Ability; Where your Life-Needs, the Basics that is Required by You in the Physical, is met so that you do-not have-to go-into a Condition called Fear. Fear Only-Exist either due to Lack which is Real or due to Deception and Lies which is Not-Real, which happens in the Secret-Mind. The Moment you know youre Lying, you start to Fear that youll be Caught-out and then you live in permanent Fear of That happening because you see it-Happens around-You.
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The Resonant Seed 2

What does it Prove, what does Mathematics Prove? All the Relationships within the Gridline thats Already Here isnt it; What does your Science do, what is Science?
Science is a Combination of Mathematics and Language, Symbols, Words, and the Studythe Observation of the Relationship within the Gridline. To what extent can one Actually Manipulate the Gridline? The Only place where you can manipulate the Gridline in its Manifested-Form, is in The Way Everyone Interact which means, it is In the Systems.

What is Not-Predetermined Within this Reality? The Education-System is Not-Predetermined, the Government-System is Not-Predetermined, the Money-System is Not-Predetermined, the Cultural-System is Not-Predetermined; The Way we Co-Exist is Not-Predetermined but What We Consist-Of = is Pre-determined.

So if we take What we Consist-Of and we start to have a Look at it, we also Notice that: Even our Language is Not-Predetermined, but Weve Made-it Predetermined. The Meanings of our Words are Not Really Predetermined weve Made-them so. Our Physical-Reality of our Physical Fleshthe Fact that we are Teachable, that means that we can Take Symbols and Do Something With-It, and Create Civilizations and Interactive Co-Existence; But if we take it Back to The Physical-Itself What do we know about The Physical: There is Certain Things thats Pre-determined: You have to Eat, you have to Breathe, you have to Shit, you have to Piss. Do you have to Have Sex? Is That Pre-determined? It Is. You will Not Stop-That.
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The Resonant Seed 1

Lets look at the Basic-Layout of the Grids. The Grids youll See Everywhere, its Always Based in a Cross. You have the Four Directions. You have it Within You above, below, in and out. You have it in the Four Seasons it forms a Grid; In your Astrological Charts: In and part of Time. Watch Mathematical Alignments Everything is on a Grid.
You can Plot Everything that happens, How it happens: on a Gridline, where the horizontal-Line is Time and the vertical-Line is Events according to-That you can plot or program Reality. So if You control Time and you Place the Events on the Time-Line, you Roll-it up into a Bundle what do you Have? A Seed isnt it?

What is a Seed but Compressed-Time, thats Pre-Programmed that will Unfold and so it-Grows. Now imagine this: have a Look at Nature. Nature consist out of what? Lots of Seeds, isnt it, that Repeats-itself. So the Seed becomes the Fruit which is the Seed = which is a Closed-Circle. And Each Seed Represents Time with Events Pre-Programmed, thats Rolled Into a Capsule = a Time-Capsule. We call it Life but is it Life? If you Really Look at it: It Seems very much like Something thats Repeatable, Always the Same, can be Trusted because its so, which means its Program its not Life. So, In the Seed that is Presenting-itself there is a Substance, a Life-Force.

Now the Question is: Is the Life-Force Trapped as this Events-in-Time Process? Is the Events In Time Itself the Life-Force? Because have a Look at your Life as a Human. You Are the Result of what?
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Walking with Joe Part 1

A walk with Joe Kou looking at points of Self Honesty VS Self Judgement. Come with me on a wintry night’s stroll in Upland, California as I expose my secret mind

Shave your Hair for Equal Money

Shave your Hair for Equal Money
With Equal Money How do you Recognize at what, in What State You are? If you cannot Find-it Within you to Allow Equality for All, What do you Know? Youre Existing as Self Interest and as a System. The System Always Exist in Fear because the System is Defined According to Particular Parameters that You are Existing-as within an Action/Response Pattern that youre Programmed as – so, you cannot See your Existence beyond the Action/Response Program because the System Cant, the System Only See itself. So when youre Responding from the Perspective of saying: Oh Equal Money cant Work and That is Socialism, or That is Communism or you give it some Name to place into a Category, so that you can Justify Why you do not have to Consider what Equality In-Fact, in Action would Mean – and then youre still Just a System and You will Not Take Action because you have Certain Rules, youre Not Willing to Give-up, that are System Rules – its the Same Point that were Facing with Shaving Hair, I mean Shaving Hair is simply an Action One Take, which will Indicate whether One will for Instance be Able to Stand within the Equal Money-System or Not – because, Are You Willing to Give-up Your Self Definition which is Systematic to Stand within a Reality where All is Equally Supported? Or Do you Regard your Own Self Definition as so Important that you Demand your Free Choice? Which means: You Demand to Remain the System that You are and is Unwilling to Realize that its going to take Steps within which You have to Challenge Yourself – which is gonna be Difficult, I mean, youre going to have Resistance to the Change, thats what the System is going to do because the System Fear to Die. As long as you have that Fear of Death of that Definition of Yourself = Youre Still Fearing Death, You are Not Free from Death. Once You are Free from Death and Birth as Life whether youre Existing in one form or another -meaning it Physical or Metaphysical then it doesnt matter, but in All Realities of Your Existence, You will Always Do Whats Best for All and therefore You can be Trusted with Life. If you cant do that in One Reality = You Cant Do it in the Next, You cant be Trusted with Life, Your Self Definition is More Important than Anything-else, I mean: There is No Point to even Argue with You because: Youve already Decided youre Not Going to Support Life – and when the Real nitty gritty cracks come to bear, youll be Unable to Stand. So All Actions Taken is simply a Preparation to take One to the Point of Facing Equality in its Absolute Form where Youre going to have to Trust Each-Other in All Ways Worth to Consider it.
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